Cards : Shizen Set

These cards and decks are dedicated to the entirety of Shizen TCG such as holidays decks and event cards. Do keep in mind that although the event cards are all worth 0, the holidays decks and such on the other hand are just like regular decks. You can collect the event cards from the latest update it was posted prior your join date up to any succeeding event cards. For further details, please head on to the information page.


Deck NameDeck Color#/$
Valentines 2021Salmon20/1


Deck NameDeck Color#/$
Grand OpeningBurlywood20/1
Halloween 2020Chocolate20/1


Deck NameDeck Color#/$
Christmas 2020LightSkyBlue20/1


Deck NameDeck Color#/$
New Year 2021DarkOrchid20/1

Event Cards