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What happened cron?
Posted on January 16, 2021    /    Add a Comment

Members:yasu, Haylee — Welcome to the zoo!
Masteries:Aki (bigsur, islands, zionnationalpark); april (cherryblossoms, gold, harvestmice, redpandas, winter); Gem (earth, waterfalls, whitetigers); Kayori (autumn, northerncardinals); Kupo (oleanders, redfoxes, spring); Lex (corals, fog, harvestmice, orchidmantis, rosequartz, saturn); Lina (amethyst, earth, gardenias); Mio (cinnabarmoths, riversoca, wasps); Mysti (zionnationalpark); saya (bengalfoxes, olives, strawberries); Whitney (amethyst, autumn, barnowls, blackcats, emeralds, fog, galaxies, lapislazuli, mainecoons, northernlights, oceans, rubies, spring) — Keep up the good work!
Level Ups:Aki, Kayori, Mio, saya (Sapling > Bud); finnley (Seed > Root); Gem, Whitney (Sprout > Seedling); Kupo (Lichen > Sapling); Whitney (Root > Sprout) — Good job, congrats!
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Wishing Stars

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  1. Hotaru and AkiI wish for choice cards spelling DECEMBER2020!   
  2. sayaI wish for choice cards spelling BIRTHDAYGIRL40!   
  3. Suza and AkiI wish for choice cards spelling HAPPY NEW YEAR!   

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I don't know what happened to Shizen's weekly cron job. XD I just disabled it from my control panel, didn't change anything from the code itself, and it didn't include the bi-weekly game update. LOL. Maybe Christmas and New Year was just too much for the poor code. Anyway, the bi-weekly Set A has been updated (or added to the database, rather) now so you can start playing. o/

For this week, Yuuchin's cards has been reset for Week #09!

Also, I assume everyone would go gaga for this week's update because of our three spell choice wishes! They were supposed to be released last December and last Saturday for the New Year. But since we were on a break last month, they were behind schedule. I'm looking forward to new masteries by the next update hahaha. ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Closing Notes

That will be all for today, gotta look after the handsome baby boy 'coz he just woke up as I was about to finish this update. LOL. I will see you all next Saturday, January 23rd! Tata~!

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