Grand Opening

The grand opening deck is a collaborated or themed deck to celebrate the grand opening of Shizen TCG. It is composed of images from the animalia kingdom that has been donated by the following members: Mysti, saya, Jun, Ets, Joey, april, Asche, Mio, Lex, Nicolie, Erica, Kupo, Aki, Whitney, Lyn, Ramona and Kayori.


Deck/File Name: Grand Opening (grandopening)
Made/Donated by: Aki / Various Color: Burlywood
Released: 2020-09-05 Masterable: Yes
Wished by: None
Mastered by: Mysti, Ramona, Mio, Aki, Kayori, Nicolie, april, Drew, saya, Lex, Suza, Kupo, Zenit, Ria