Cards : Upcoming

Below you will find all of the upcoming card decks here at Shizen TCG which are either complete (made but haven't been released) or incomplete (work in progress). Any decks that have been listed here are no longer subject for claiming or donation.

Recently Made

Do not take from these as they aren't released yet!

Upcoming Week's Releases

Deck Votes
Black Truffles 14
Grapes 14
Badlands National Park 9
Scottish Red Deer 7

Top 5 Donators

The data below shows only the decks that are already made.
Member Decks
saya 81
Mio 55
Aki 25
Kayori 25
Bun 16


Color Deckname #/$
Chocolate Blanford's Foxes (blanfordsfoxes) 20/1
Sienna Cape Foxes (capefoxes) 20/1
Black Chinese Red Heads (chineseredheads) 20/1
Sienna Corsac Foxes (corsacfoxes) 20/1
SandyBrown Crab-eating Foxes (crabeatingfoxes) 20/1
Peru Desert Cardinals (desertcardinals) 20/1
DarkKhaki Grevy's Zebras (grevyszebras) 20/1
Maroon Hissing Cockroaches (hissingcockroaches) 20/1
Burlywood Meerkats (meerkats) 20/1
Burlywood Mountain Zebras (mountainzebras) 20/1
Black Red-capped Cardinals (redcappedcardinals) 20/1
Burlywood Red-crested Cardinals (redcrestedcardinals) 20/1
Chocolate Scottish Red Deer (scottishreddeer) 20/1


Color Deckname #/$
Chocolate Arches National Park (archesnationalpark) 20/1
RosyBrown Badlands National Park (badlandsnationalpark) 20/1


Color Deckname #/$
Black Black Truffles (blacktruffles) 20/1


Color Deckname #/$
DarkSeaGreen Durians (durians) 20/1
DarkSlateBlue Grapes (grapes) 20/1