Cards : Claimed Decks

Below is the complete list of our claimed decks. These decks are no longer subject for claiming and/or donation and are already on its way to being made. Make sure to check this list first before sending in a donation.

Category Features Set Donator
Black Black Truffles Fungi Aki
Black Onyx Gems and Minerals saya
Blue Indigo Milk Caps Fungi Aki
Blue Kyanites Gems and Minerals Aki
Blue Otters Animalia Emelie
Brown Termite Mounds Earth saya
Green Ireland Earth Emelie
Orange Guinea Pigs Animalia Emelie
Purple Supernovae Space Aki
Red Chicken Blood Stone Gems and Minerals saya
Red Poppy Plantae saya
Red Pyropes Gems and Minerals Aki
White Frostwork Sky and Weather saya
White Harp Seals Animalia finnley