Cards : Donated Decks

Below is the complete list of our donated decks. These decks are no longer subject for claiming and/or donation and are already on its way to being made. Make sure to check this list first before sending in a donation.

Category Features Set Donator Maker
Brown Honeycomb whiprays Animalia Jun Jun
Red Red-capped Cardinals Animalia Kayori
Red Red-cowled Cardinals Animalia Kayori
Red Red-crested Cardinals Animalia Kayori
Black Bats Animalia saya
Black Manul Cats Animalia april Mio
Brown Meerkats Animalia Emelie
White Fancy Rats Animalia Emelie
Black Harpy Eagles Animalia Mio Mio
Green Peafowl Animalia Lina
Brown Scottish Red Deer Animalia Gem Aki
Black Dik-dik Animalia saya
Green Giant Sequoia Plantae saya
Cyan Nacreous Clouds Sky and Weather saya Mio
Blue Niagara Falls Earth saya Mio
Green Pythons Animalia Mysti
Brown Fruit Bats Animalia Mio Mio
Brown Dachshunds Animalia Emelie
Orange Eurasian Bullfinches Animalia Emelie
Green Pigs Animalia Emelie
Green Sheep Animalia Emelie
White Long-tailed Tits Animalia Emelie
Green Pitcher Plants Plantae Mysti Mio
Green Sundews Plantae Mysti Mio
Black Tui Animalia Eviantus Mio
Blue Indigo Buntings Animalia Emelie
Orange Rainbow Lorikeets Animalia Emelie
Blue France Earth saya
Purple Grapes Plantae saya
Green Oasis Earth saya
Pink Pink Lakes Earth saya
Green Vineyards Plantae saya
Yellow Galapagos Land Iguanas Animalia april
White Diamonds Gems and Minerals Lina Mio
Black Elephants Animalia Lina
Blue Humpback Whales Animalia Lina Mio
White Ice Earth Lina Mio
Brown Wood Plantae Lina Mio
Blue Neptune Space saya
Blue Hail Sky and Weather saya
Green Italy Earth saya Mio
White Salt Flats Earth saya
Yellow Triton Space saya
Brown Acadia National Park Earth Kayori
Blue American Samoa National Park Earth Kayori
Orange Arches National Park Earth Kayori
Orange Badlands National Park Earth Kayori
Brown Big Bend National Park Earth Kayori
Green Durians Plantae Mysti
White Lilies (General) Plantae Mysti
Orange Seashells Gems and Minerals Mysti