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About the Layout - Shizen's current layout was inspired by Rizu's mini puzzle TCG; Nurie. The header image used features an orange seashell, which is a wallpaper I've found on Wallpaper Flare. Since this is a mini TCG, I'd like to keep the layout plain and simple so it'll be easy to browse and manage.

Level Badges

Below are the list of available level badges for this TCG. Kindly use the badge from any of these themes that represents the level you are currently on.

Pink Beaches


Snowy Mountains



Link Buttons

Kindly feel free to use the buttons below to link back to the TCG. We do not allow direct-linking here, so if you can (and you must), please upload them to your own server.

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<a href="" target="_blank">I'm a Shizen cub!</a>


If you want to become an affiliate of this TCG, kindly please fill up the form below. Make sure to upload your button that is 100x35 pixels in size and name it after your TCG (e.g. Shizen.png), otherwise your button will not be displayed.

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Below are the list of resources, ideas and help from some fellow TCG owners that made this TCG complete and wonderful as it is.

Aki CORE Trading Card Game Management System [ WWW ]
In The Cards Password gates and slots games * [ WWW ]
Taty Puzzle and memory scripts [ WWW ]
Nina Melting pot and card claim scripts * [ WWW ]
Christina Broadcast (News System) * [ WWW ]
The JavaScript Source Game scripts * [ WWW ]
Coding Help
Rizu Automatic game updater, PHP ideas [ WWW ]
Rheanna Code checking and troubleshooting [ WWW ]
Images and Sprites
Forgandal Currency sprites * [ WWW ]
Glowing Orb Fruits and vegetables sprites [ WWW ]
Cultura Japonesa Tree used for the Tree of Birth game [ WWW ]
Andy Drake Old oak tree for the Old Oak game [ WWW ]
Resources marked with an asterisk (*) are modified by Aki.