Below are the list of resources, ideas and help from some fellow TCG owners that made this TCG complete and wonderful as it is.

AkiStack TCGMS[ WWW ]
In The CardsPassword gates and slots games *[ WWW ]
TatyPuzzle and memory scripts[ WWW ]
NinaMelting pot and card claim scripts *[ WWW ]
ChristinaBroadcast (News System) *[ WWW ]
The JavaScript SourceGame scripts *[ WWW ]
Coding Help
RizuAutomatic game updater, PHP ideas[ WWW ]
RheannaCode checking and troubleshooting[ WWW ]
CaitlinCode checking and troubleshooting[ WWW ]
Images and Sprites
ForgandalCurrency sprites *[ WWW ]
Glowing OrbFruits and vegetables sprites[ WWW ]
Cultura JaponesaTree used for the Tree of Birth game[ WWW ]
Andy DrakeOld oak tree for the Old Oak game[ WWW ]
Resources marked with an asterisk (*) are modified by Aki.