Halloween 2020

The Halloween 2020 deck is a collaborated or themed deck to celebrate the first Halloween event of Shizen TCG. It is composed of images from the different kingdoms that shows the symbols of Halloween. The deck has been donated by the following members: saya, Asche, Ramona, Mysti, Lina, Joey, rian, Suza, april, Kayori, Kupo, Lex, Gem, Mio, ranka, Aki and Nicolie.


Deck/File Name: Halloween 2020 (halloween2020)
Made/Donated by: Aki / Various Color: Chocolate
Released: 2020-12-05 Masterable: Yes
Wished by: Lina
Mastered by: Mysti, Kayori, Mio, Caitlin, april, Kupo, Aki, saya, Lex