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Member Card: mc-yasu Status: Active Rank: Seedling (Level 4)
Team: None Card Count: 1225 Collecting: classictabbycats
Birthday: October 19 Joined: January 13, 2021 Last seen: April 19, 2021 at 01:11 AM
Wishlist: alpacas, arcticfoxes, bamboo, begonias, bengalfoxes, blackcats, brownbears, christmas2020, classictabbycats, clouds, deadsea, giantpandas, giraffes, gladiolus, graywolves, hibiscus, koalas, lakes, lavender, lilyofthevalley, mainecoons, maize, marguerites, nebelungcats, nemophila, newyear2021, northernlights, norwegianforestcats, oleanders, pears, peonies, ragdolls, rain, redspiderlilies, seaturtles, sky, snow, snowflakes, sphynxcats, strawberries, summer, sunflowers, sunrises, sunsets, tornadoes, valentines2021, waterfalls, winter, wisteria, zebras

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Activity Logs

April 19, 2021 -----
- Games (Higher or Lower): peaches08, polarbears19, +1 golds
- Daily Login (2021-04-18): tornadoes13, +1 golds
- Deck Release (2021-04-03): greatwhitesharks01, greatwhitesharks02, manedwolves03, manedwolves04
- Deck Release (2021-04-10): tabbycats01, tabbycats02, asianblackbears03
- Deck Release (2021-04-17): rosehips01, rosehips02, eclipses03, eclipses04
- Tree Planting: wisteria20, tardigrades15, bengalfoxes10, eclipses13
- Harvesting 3 Ripe: ghostfungi07, galaxies07, fog11, winter06, +2 gold(s)
- Freebies: carrots12, rosymaplemoths08, lakes14, waterlilies11, mainecoons14, +5 gold(s)
- Memory: koi10, sunsets05, croatia17, plankton10, +2 gold(s)
- Tic Tac Toe (Won): venusflytraps12, newyear202104, begonias04, peonies04, +2 gold(s)
- Lucky Match (Zero): corals06, +2 gold(s)
- Black Jack: sunsets04, sunrises20, edelweiss18, hermitcrabs04, +2 gold(s)
- Liffy's Vacation: tardigrades05, fossils05
- Slots: goldenbrushtailpossums17, plankton14, autumn11, +1 gold(s)
- Card Claim: rainbow02, snow02
- Wishes #91 (2021-04-10): geodes11, peonies14, zebras13, zebras10, bwbordercollies02, lichens17, nicobarpigeons07, zionnationalpark01, lava11, jupiter05
- Wishes #88 (2021-04-03): summer14, polarbears02, winter08, polarbears03, yorkshireterriers05, maize03, winter10, yorkshireterriers07
- Wishes #92 (2021-04-10): classictabbycats07, summer17, classictabbycats09, summer18, polarbears07, winter12, polarbears09, winter13, viruses04, amazonrainforest08, amazonrainforest10, viruses05
- Wishes #93 (2021-04-17): classictabbycats07, summer17, summer18, winter12, winter13, amazonrainforest08, polarbears12, yorkshireterriers08, polarbears20, yorkshireterriers10
- Wishes #95 (2021-04-17): summer19, winter16, polarbears07, polarbears09, winter17, summer20, amazonrainforest10, classictabbycats09, yorkshireterriers09, classictabbycats10, tornadoes02, amazonrainforest12, yorkshireterriers11, viruses20, viruses10
- Wishes #94 (2021-04-17): yorkshireterriers12, amazonrainforest13, polarbears10, polarbears11, yorkshireterriers13, classictabbycats11, winter18, winter20, amazonrainforest14, christmas202001, tornadoes03, christmas202002, classictabbycats12
- Wishes #89 (2021-04-03): amazonrainforest15, amazonrainforest16, yorkshireterriers14, yorkshireterriers15, polarbears13, polarbears14, classictabbycats13
- Random Pack (1): sunflowers04, earth09, flyagarics06, croatia12, tigers16
- Deck Mastery (fujiyama): amazonrainforest18, amazonrainforest19, lightning13, brownbears07, cliffs03, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (nemophila): amazonrainforest20, polarbears15, riversoca13, grasses08, crestedgeckos07, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (pinkbeaches): polarbears16, polarbears17, marguerites18, earth07, edelweiss05, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (riversoca): polarbears18, yorkshireterriers16, bwbordercollies12, champignons04, lunamoths05, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (amazonrainforest): yorkshireterriers17, yorkshireterriers18, edelweiss15, whitejapaneseraccoondogs15, harvestmice02, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (polarbears): yorkshireterriers19, yorkshireterriers20, ducks01, leafcutterbees13, sweden17, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (sky): classictabbycats14, classictabbycats15, summer16, ducks08, orchidmantis09, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (summer): classictabbycats16, classictabbycats17, bismuth17, sweden05, geysers06, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (yorkshireterriers): classictabbycats18, classictabbycats20, harvestmice17, lilacbreastedrollers14, redspiderlilies09, +5 golds

April 02, 2021 -----
- Games (Higher or Lower): christmas202006, christmas202015, +1 golds
- Daily Login (2021-04-02): caves02, +1 golds
- Deck Release (2021-03-27): yorkshireterriers01, yorkshireterriers02, julianalps01, julianalps02, ghostfungi10, giantscauseway05, pearls16, postojnacave20
- War: peaches05, rainbow13, +1 gold(s)
- Tree Planting: lunamoths08, corals14, mantis12, waterfalls10
- Harvesting 2 Ripe: fog06, deadsea09, lavender05, +2 gold(s)
- Freebies: barnowls05, heathers14, clouds08, yorkshireterriers06, carrots05, +5 gold(s)
- Jigsaw: earth06, ghostfungi17, +2 gold(s)
- Wheels (Wonder Lichen): whitejapaneseraccoondogs11, tardigrades20, +2 gold(s)
- Seed Packets: peonies14, champignons03, +3 gold(s)
- Treasure Hunt: lions17, brownbears10
- Card Claim: strawberries03, tornadoes20
- Wishes #85 (2021-03-27): yorkshireterriers03, yorkshireterriers04, tornadoes01
- Wishes #84 (2021-03-27): winter05, winter07, amazonrainforest05, summer11, amazonrainforest06, summer12, newyear202103, newyear202104

March 26, 2021 -----
- Games (Higher or Lower): leafsheeps14, wisteria05, +1 golds
- Daily Login (2021-03-22): cliffs04, +1 golds
- Daily Login (2021-03-26): lichens04, +1 golds
- Daily Login (2021-03-19): leaves02, +1 golds
- Gift: ms-yasu-1mcheetahs
- Deck Release (2021-03-20): sweden01, sweden02, viruses01, viruses02
- Leaf Fairy: clouds09, whitetigers04, olms03, valentines202120, corals15, fog20, ragdolls19, forests14, +4 gold(s)
- Tree Planting: corals02, ferrets12, comets03, fairywrens03
- Card Claim: strawberries15, carrots08
- Harvesting 2 Ripe: honeycombs15, goldfish06, hummingbirds11, +2 gold(s)
- Freebies: amber17, rain14, nicobarpigeons20, sweden12, stars18, +5 gold(s)
- Memory: venus09, lichens03, summer05, winter06, silver10, fairywrens08, maize05, nebelungcats16, +4 gold(s)
- Tic Tac Toe (Won): giraffes07, succulents07, seaturtles03, prejoin17, valentines202114, opals19, islands09, deadsea14, +4 gold(s)
- Lucky Match (Zero): bwbordercollies13, philippines17, +4 gold(s)
- Slots: grasses14, whitetigers04, sunflowers11, goldenbrushtailpossums09, mantis15, honeybees04, +2 gold(s)
- Black Jack: bwbordercollies05, sphynxcats10, saturn03, crestedgeckos07, croatia16, grasses10, succulents06, mars14, +4 gold(s)
- Wishes #82 (2021-03-20): nemophila07, nemophila15, viruses03
- Wishes #81 (2021-03-20): koalas09, koalas11, giantpandas06, giantpandas09, sky10, sky11, sunsets15, sunsets16
- Freebies #5 (2021-03-20): nemophila16, giantpandas16, pinkbeaches16, nemophila19, sky19, nemophila18, sunsets17, pinkbeaches17, pinkbeaches19, nebelungcats03, nebelungcats02, pinkbeaches20, wolves07, nebelungcats10, bwbordercollies10, wolves10, nebelungcats12, bwbordercollies14, fujiyama06
- Deck Mastery (blackcats): nebelungcats13, nebelungcats14, hermitcrabs07, clovers08, mainecoons08, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (graywolves): nebelungcats20, wolves13, crestedgeckos05, crestedgeckos18, amber19, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (mainecoons): wolves19, wolves20, wulingyuan17, horses11, sunrises16, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (nebelungcats): bwbordercollies15, bwbordercollies16, fossils15, autumn10, wolves11, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (norwegianforestcats): bwbordercollies17, bwbordercollies19, heathers19, redpandas20, turquoise13, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (ragdolls): bwbordercollies20, fujiyama07, emeralds13, mars20, bushvipers09, +5 golds
- Trade Points (x1): tigers02, islands18, halloween202001, orchidmantis12 +5 golds
- Trade Points (x1): starfish05, spring10, oleanders09, earth15 +5 golds
- Trade Points (x1): halloween202015, plankton04, cherryshrimp20, bmbordercollies04 +5 golds
- Random Pack (2): oleanders04, bmbordercollies01, wolves03, lunamoths03, northernlights15, bettafish14, amber03, halloween202016, fairywrens15, mantis04
- Deck Mastery (bwbordercollies): fujiyama11, fujiyama13, lunamoths02, earth15, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels12, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (giantpandas): fujiyama14, fujiyama18, virginiatigermoths10, figs03, pumpkins12, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (koalas): fujiyama19, fujiyama20, fujiyama18, kingfishers13, lavender12, +5 golds
- Level Up (4. Seedling): summer03, summer07, summer10, caves14, geysers19, roses11, sky07, +10 golds, +1 vials

March 14, 2021 -----
- Games (Higher or Lower): valentines202117, bushvipers08, +1 golds
- Daily Login (2021-03-14): leaves12, +1 golds
- Deck Release (2021-03-13): maize01, maize02, comets03, comets04
- War: christmas202007, lilacbreastedrollers20, +1 gold(s)
- Tree Planting: sphynxcats09, prejoin01, lunamoths16, corals16, mainecoons06, bwbordercollies11, pears14, bengalfoxes20
- Harvesting 3 Ripe: orchids12, lava13, grasses18, polarbears04, corals14, amber20, cherryshrimp17, crestedgeckos14, +4 gold(s)
- Freebies: orangeclownfish03, spring20, lunamoths02, blackcats01, clouds14, waterfalls11, amber12, turquoise09, oceans09, sunflowers16, +10 gold(s)
- Hangman: winter04, bamboo03, oleanders19, koalas13, +1 gold(s)
- Jigsaw: champignons11, orangeclownfish14, +2 gold(s)
- Wheels (Angelic Fruit): amber16, bigsur09, redspiderlilies12, rubies20, nicobarpigeons11, +4 gold(s)
- Seed Packets: alpacas02, autumn03, +3 gold(s)
- Treasure Hunt: corals16, gladiolus19
- Card Claim: classictabbycats08, nebelungcats01
- Random Pack (2): moon15, starfish18, goldfish13, cliffs06, fossils09, rain04, kingfishers01, oleanders18, heathers15, blackcats18

March 07, 2021 -----
- Games (Higher or Lower): olives20, turquoise01, +1 golds
- Gift (Team Winner - Autumn): valentines202104, valentines202114, volcanoes03, fairywrens08, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels07, amazonrainforest11, classictabbycats19, fujiyama10, goldenbrushtailpossums07, orchids19, +20 golds, +5 vials
- Daily Login (2021-03-07): bushvipers19, +1 golds
- Deck Release (2021-02-27): valentines202101, valentines202102, christmas202004, newyear202109
- Deck Release (2021-03-06): sunrises01, sunrises02, opals10, heathers20
- Tree Planting: nicobarpigeons08, goldfish16, philippines09, redspiderlilies20
- Harvesting 2 Ripe: rosequartz06, nebelungcats04, sunsets06, +2 gold(s)
- Freebies: northernlights18, jade16, sunrises02, winter02, fennecfoxes19, +5 gold(s)
- Card Claim: giantpandas11, polarbears06
- Memory: northernlights09, obsidians07, horses15, turquoise13, +2 gold(s)
- Tic Tac Toe (Won): rubybonnets14, nebulae03, peonies04, mainecoons05, +2 gold(s)
- Lucky Match (One): bluewhales12, honeycombs07, +2 gold(s)
- Slots: cliffs18, earth13, honeycombs20, +1 gold(s)
- Black Jack: sky02, ducks20, olms16, classictabbycats03, +2 gold(s)
- Old Oak: whalesharks04, oceans18, corals05, nebulae03, +4 gold(s)
- Zoology: polarbears08, molds08, orchids16, virginiatigermoths08, +2 gold(s)
- Botany: mantis17, bengalfoxes16, caves06, tornadoes16, +4 gold(s)
- Petrology: deadsea05, galaxies10, milkyway18, wasps11, geysers03, brownbears17, +4 gold(s)
- Trade Points (x1): koi19, silver15, oceans13, fujiyama17 +5 golds
- Trade Points (x1): lapislazuli05, strawberries03, nemophila06, mainecoons03 +5 golds
- Wishes #72 (2021-02-27): norwegianforestcats10, graywolves05, blackcats07, graywolves10, sunsets01, riversoca01, riversoca02, fujiyama03
- Wishes #74 (2021-02-27): pinkbeaches04, pinkbeaches05, sphynxcats18
- Wishes #73 (2021-02-27): pinkbeaches06, graywolves14, pinkbeaches07, pinkbeaches08, graywolves20, graywolves15, riversoca04, sunsets02, pinkbeaches09, riversoca06, riversoca10, sunsets03, nemophila04, bwbordercollies05, riversoca19, sky03, sunsets09, bwbordercollies07, bwbordercollies08, sky05, sky06
- Wishes #77 (2021-03-06): newyear202101, newyear202102, heathers15
- Wishes #75 (2021-03-06): riversoca20, sunsets10, wolves04, wolves06, fujiyama04, bwbordercollies09, pinkbeaches10, pinkbeaches12, sunsets11

February 25, 2021 -----
- Daily Login (2021-02-25): olives20, +1 golds

February 22, 2021 -----
- Daily Login (2021-02-22): wolves05, +1 golds

February 21, 2021 -----
- Daily Login (2021-02-21): nemophila12, +1 golds
- Tree Planting: ducks17, snow02, volcanoes19, lilyofthevalley12
- Harvesting 3 Ripe: tanzanites13, peaches07, quicksilver03, venusflytraps01, +2 gold(s)
- Freebies: obsidians14, slovenia18, orangeclownfish10, harvestmice15, wulingyuan06, +5 gold(s)
- Card Claim: lions09, amazonrainforest17
- Memory: edelweiss16, snow19, rainbow06, lichens03, +2 gold(s)
- Tic Tac Toe (Won): mainecoons17, lightning07, molds19, cinnabarmoths01, +2 gold(s)
- Slots: tornadoes12, wasps10, grasses13, +1 gold(s)
- Black Jack: zebras15, rainbow12, deserts10, silver11, +2 gold(s)
- Liffy's Vacation: goldfish14, wulingyuan19
- Lucky Match (One): spring04, lions02, +2 gold(s)
- Wishes #70 (2021-02-20): strawberries12, orchidmantis17, peacockspiders12, lilacbreastedrollers14, prejoin03, rosymaplemoths09, sky13, clouds14, redspiderlilies06, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels04
- Wishes #69 (2021-02-20): polarbears06, polarbears07, ragdolls01
- Trade Points (x1): waves02, rosymaplemoths02, cinnabarmoths20, orchids05 +5 golds
- Trade Points (x1): bluewhales12, ragdolls07, jade01, waterfalls13 +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (dandelions): lions07, lions14, oceans16, forests19, mainecoons06, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (emperorpenguins): lions15, lions18, rosymaplemoths04, gardenias19, rubybonnets04, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (fennecfoxes): lions20, cheetahs10, peonies15, tuftedtitmice12, carrots12, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (redfoxes): cheetahs11, cheetahs13, gardenias04, tanzanites02, fennecfoxes12, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (redpandas): cheetahs14, cheetahs15, autumn06, giraffes09, horses12, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (rubies): cheetahs17, cheetahs19, peonies19, seaturtles01, bismuth11, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (whitetigers): cheetahs20, polarbears08, leaves04, gardenias03, whalesharks03, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (lions): polarbears09, polarbears10, jellyfish11, alpacas18, ducks09, +5 golds
- Trade Points (x1): lions15, bettafish01, gardenias07, orchidmantis16 +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (cheetahs): polarbears11, polarbears12, brownbears15, tuftedtitmice09, hummingbirds01, +5 golds
- Level Up (3. Sprout): polarbears15, polarbears16, polarbears18, nebelungcats11, summer06, pinkbeaches03, ducks01, +10 golds, +1 vials
- Random Pack (3): amethyst05, molds17, succulents20, deserts13, prejoin10, amazonrainforest02, sky16, wisteria14, giantpandas18, cheetahs02, rubybonnets01, mars07, hibiscus10, silver11, sphynxcats10
- Deck Release (2021-02-20): classictabbycats01, classictabbycats02, honeybees16, honeybees17, leafsheeps10, leafsheeps20, champignons01, champignons03
- Trade Points (x1): jade15, begonias11, gardenias20, northerncardinals20 +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (polarbears): mainecoons03, spring17, sphynxcats12, edelweiss12, polarbears05, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (spring): ragdolls11, ragdolls12, butterflies02, wasps04, silver12, +5 golds

February 19, 2021 -----
- Deck Mastery (gardenias): redfoxes01, dandelions03, sunsets12, lions11, peonies13, +5 golds

February 18, 2021 -----
- Trade Points (x1): sunsets04, saturn15, rainbow05, cherryblossoms01 +5 golds
- Trade Points (x1): clouds14, emeralds02, amethyst17, tigers03 +5 golds
- Trade Points (x1): jellyfish07, rubybonnets03, blackcats06, hibiscus05 +5 golds
- Trade Points (x1): polarbears13, mainecoons01, spring20, honeycombs11 +5 golds
- Trade Points (x1): cinnabarmoths06, whitetigers12, snowflakes17, bushvipers06 +5 golds
- Daily Login (2021-02-18): leaves04, +1 golds
- Trade Points (x1): lions04, philippines03, blackcats08, whitetigers11 +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (horses): whitejapaneseraccoondogs02, whitejapaneseraccoondogs10, oleanders10, sphynxcats04, sunsets07, +5 golds
- Vial Exchange (x2): -4 vials for whitejapaneseraccoondogs13, whitejapaneseraccoondogs16
- Deck Mastery (whitejapaneseraccoondogs): gardenias12, gardenias13, nebelungcats13, obsidians11, lapislazuli06, +5 golds

February 17, 2021 -----
- Daily Login (2021-02-17): starfish14, +1 golds
- Gift (Valentines 2021): olives17, fairywrens11, leaves15, slovenia02, wolves14, lionsmane18, galaxies10, olives05, leaves14, slovenia14, caves19, amazonrainforest13, lionsmane07, orchids11, northerncardinals06, bwbordercollies03, pinkbeaches18, lionsmane12, olives18, nemophila05, +10 golds, +5 vials
- Deck Release (2021-02-13): bwbordercollies01, bwbordercollies02, starfish05, lilacbreastedrollers10
- Tree Planting: slovenia15, lightning05, orchidmantis10, halloween202019
- Card Claim: blackcats10, riversoca11
- Harvesting 1 Ripe: silver20, edelweiss10
- Freebies: succulents01, strawberries13, dunes12, orangeclownfish09, rainbow18, +5 gold(s)
- War: bushvipers10, slovenia01, waves14, bamboo04, +2 gold(s)
- Hangman: glaciers12, leaves13, waterfalls20, amethyst15, croatia06, wisteria17, pears16, amethyst09, +2 gold(s)
- Jigsaw: silver10, caves05, edelweiss18, whitejapaneseraccoondogs04, +4 gold(s)
- Wheels (Lif's Sapling): graywolves19, wisteria11, bushvipers07, rosequartz12, starfish02, lavender07, +4 gold(s)
- Seed Packets: rosymaplemoths09, ragdolls09, wisteria17, saturn17, +6 gold(s)
- Treasure Hunt: koalas04, mantis12, rosymaplemoths18, moon19
- Wishes #67 (2021-02-13): graywolves02, autumn12, bmbordercollies17, bmbordercollies18, autumn14, whitetigers05, whitetigers06, emperorpenguins09, emperorpenguins10
- Wishes #66 (2021-02-13): autumn15, autumn16, bmbordercollies19, emperorpenguins11, emperorpenguins12, cheetahs06, cheetahs08, fennecfoxes04, fennecfoxes07, whitetigers07
- Deck Mastery (bmbordercollies): autumn18, autumn20, goldenbrushtailpossums01, giantpandas11, fennecfoxes01, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (autumn): emperorpenguins15, emperorpenguins16, peaches10, peaches02, rubybonnets12, +5 golds
- Random Pack (3): molds07, gladiolus12, orangeclownfish13, philippines01, leafcutterbees13, clovers12, leaves19, wasps17, tigers06, grasses07, bettafish14, bengalfoxes11, whitetigers03, bengalfoxes17, rubies17
- Trade Points (x1): peaches09, bettafish10, cockatoos02, ragdolls19 +5 golds
- Trade Points (x1): bmbordercollies02, ducks18, sphynxcats09, peonies20 +5 golds

February 07, 2021 -----
- Games (Higher or Lower): mars10, moon08, +1 golds
- Daily Login (2021-02-07): slovenia11, +1 golds
- Gift (Consolation - Spring): peaches08, grandopening09, saturn18, +5 golds
- Tree Planting: ferrets06, geysers07, rain03, goldfish01, sunsets14, nicobarpigeons14, cherryblossoms05, tanzanites04
- Card Claim: whitetigers10, horses12
- Harvesting 2 Ripe: islands09, gardenias10, horses07, tanzanites11, giraffes08, winter11, +4 gold(s)
- Freebies: roses11, northerncardinals01, arcticfoxes06, leaves11, rubies12, snowflakes03, forests04, rosymaplemoths04, cinnabarmoths07, obsidians09, +10 gold(s)
- Memory: lapislazuli20, redfoxes07, bamboo05, nicobarpigeons04, +2 gold(s)
- Tic Tac Toe (Won): sky02, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels10, wisteria13, lapislazuli06, +2 gold(s)
- Lucky Match (Zero): cavalierkingcharlesspaniels02, +2 gold(s)
- Slots: wisteria14, gladiolus02, arcticfoxes10, +1 gold(s)
- Black Jack: amethyst04, koi06, fairywrens05, lilyofthevalley15, +2 gold(s)
- Old Oak: cockatoos18, redspiderlilies09, +2 gold(s)
- Leaf Fairy: hibiscus13, peaches09, graywolves01, figs05, +2 gold(s)
- Zoology: ragdolls15, nicobarpigeons16, +1 gold(s)
- Botany: summer15, amazonrainforest07, +2 gold(s)
- Petrology: venus18, orangeclownfish06, wasps01, +2 gold(s)
- Deck Release (2021-01-30): amazonrainforest01, amazonrainforest02, fujiyama01, fujiyama02
- Deck Release (2021-02-06): pinkbeaches01, pinkbeaches02, roses01, roses02
- Wishes #60 (2021-01-30): whitejapaneseraccoondogs01, autumn05, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels08, autumn06, gardenias01, cherryblossoms09, cherryblossoms10
- Wishes #65 (2021-02-06): bmbordercollies08, bmbordercollies09, nemophila02
- Wishes #64 (2021-02-06): cavalierkingcharlesspaniels11, cherryblossoms11, tigers08, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels12, tigers09, cherryblossoms12, bmbordercollies10, cheetahs04, cheetahs05, bmbordercollies11, autumn07
- Wishes #61 (2021-01-30): tigers13, autumn09, bmbordercollies12, cherryblossoms20, fennecfoxes02, cherryblossoms16, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels14, autumn08, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels13
- Wishes #62 (2021-01-30): whitetigers04, tigers14, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels15, autumn11, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels17, bmbordercollies13, bmbordercollies20, emperorpenguins08, tigers20, autumn10
- Deck Mastery (cherryblossoms): tigers15, tigers16, corals17, brownbears03, pumpkins03, +5 golds
- Level Up (2. Root): tigers17, tigers18, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels18, grasses10, obsidians01, ferrets09, lavender11, +10 golds, +1 vials
- Deck Mastery (tigers): cavalierkingcharlesspaniels19, bmbordercollies14, milkyway01, carrots13, moon17, +5 golds
- Deck Mastery (cavalierkingcharlesspaniels): bmbordercollies15, bmbordercollies16, bmbordercollies07, hibiscus17, begonias10, +5 golds

January 23, 2021 -----
- Games (Higher or Lower): nebelungcats11, cherryshrimp20, +1 golds
- Rewards (Daily Login): redpandas01, +1 golds
- Tree Planting: mars14, islands01, summer08, orangeclownfish08
- Card Claim: redfoxes09, redfoxes20
- Harvesting 2 Ripe: hermitcrabs04, gladiolus01, polarbears05, +2 gold(s)
- Freebies: zionnationalpark17, olms05, honeycombs04, lakes19, virginiatigermoths03, +5 gold(s)
- Memory: mountains15, stars07, milkyway14, glaciers06, +2 gold(s)
- Tic Tac Toe (Won): wolves09, rain05, islands04, lavender02, +2 gold(s)
- Slots: deserts20, fairywrens05, nicobarpigeons02, +1 gold(s)
- Black Jack: fennecfoxes19, venusflytraps06, harvestmice11, waterfalls13, +2 gold(s)
- Liffy's Vacation: amethyst03, deadsea20
- Lucky Match (Two): slovenia07, snow04, grasses10, +4 gold(s)
- Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): edelweiss12, winter15, rain16, northernlights03, galaxies05, marguerites16, marguerites13, mountains12, giantpandas08
- Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): redpandas02, redpandas03, rubies02
- Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): summer01, summer02, sunflowers01

January 18, 2021 -----
- Referrals: virginiatigermoths14
- Gift: mc-yasu, wulingyuan03, summer08, snowflakes14, fennecfoxes01, bluewhales16, +10 golds
- Rewards (Daily Login): cavalierkingcharlesspaniels20, +1 golds
- Deck Release (2021-01-09): cavalierkingcharlesspaniels01, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels02, cheetahs01, cheetahs02, polarbears01, polarbears02, bushvipers03, bushvipers04, galaxies06, galaxies07, nemophila01, sunflowers02
- Wishes #53 (2021-01-09): bmbordercollies01, bmbordercollies02, winter01
- Tree Planting: glaciers16, snowflakes10, barnowls14, rosymaplemoths08
- Card Claim: fennecfoxes08, whitejapaneseraccoondogs20
- Harvesting 1 Ripe: dunes19, snowflakes12
- Freebies: emperorpenguins13, lichens19, lightning03, forests13, hibiscus17, +5 gold(s)
- War: You lost this game.
- Hangman: barnowls01, wasps17, silver02, cherryshrimp03, +1 gold(s)
- Wheels (Tree of Knowledge): galaxies16, redpandas20, seaturtles10, axolotls11, mantis11, slovenia06, +5 gold(s), +1 vial
- Seed Packets: moon05, clovers16, +3 gold(s)
- Treasure Hunt: mainecoons04, venus16
- Deck Release (2021-01-16): wolves01, wolves02, goldenbrushtailpossums06, goldenbrushtailpossums07
- Wishes #54 (2021-01-16): bmbordercollies03, cherryblossoms02, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels03, tigers01, bmbordercollies04, cherryblossoms03, tigers03, emperorpenguins01, autumn02, emperorpenguins03, cheetahs12, cheetahs03
- Wishes #55 (2021-01-16): cherryblossoms04, tigers04, bmbordercollies06, tigers05, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels04, bmbordercollies05, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels05, cherryblossoms05, emperorpenguins04, emperorpenguins05, polarbears03, polarbears04, autumn04, autumn01
- Wishes #56 (2021-01-16): cherryblossoms06, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels06, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels07, emperorpenguins06, cherryblossoms08, emperorpenguins07, tigers06, whitetigers02, sky01, tigers07, autumn03, bmbordercollies07
- Jigsaw: lions10, redspiderlilies06, +2 gold(s)

January 15, 2021 -----
- Rewards (Daily Login): lavender10, +1 golds

January 13, 2021 -----
- Starter Pack: cherryblossoms13, cherryblossoms14, cherryblossoms18, emeralds05, wasps04, rosequartz16, norwegianforestcats17, rubybonnets16, fog12, fog02
- Rewards (Daily Login): sunflowers20, +1 golds
- Tree Planting: gold18, figs09, moon04, bettafish06, islands14, riversoca04, lunamoths16, graywolves12
- Card Claim: gardenias20, horses10
- Harvesting 1 Ripe: zebras16, tigers12, forests16, emperorpenguins02
- Freebies: amethyst20, koalas12, rubies01, volcanoes20, bluewhales11, deadsea20, northerncardinals02, fog11, orchidmantis20, northerncardinals11, +10 gold(s)
- Memory: spring08, lunamoths12, lions17, rain06, +2 gold(s)
- Tic Tac Toe (Won): silver20, bismuth03, rosequartz08, grasses13, +2 gold(s)
- Black Jack: oceans14, barnowls18, bigsur18, deadsea03, +2 gold(s)
- Liffy's Vacation: zionnationalpark11, earth17
- Slots: hermitcrabs20, gardenias02, wulingyuan16, +1 gold(s)
- Old Oak: virginiatigermoths16, nicobarpigeons06, +2 gold(s)
- Leaf Fairy: sunsets08, giraffes10, carrots15, sky02, +2 gold(s)
- Zoology: mantis15, saturn16, +1 gold(s)
- Botany: geysers08, ferrets02, +2 gold(s)
- Petrology: succulents01, volcanoes18, nemophila14, +2 gold(s)
- Lucky Match (Zero): bluewhales14, +2 gold(s)
- Melting Pot: Traded bluewhales14 for tigers02
- Melting Pot: Traded mantis15 for autumn17

Trade Logs

March 26, 2021 -----
- Traded Haylee: my begonias11, blackcats01 for summer04, winter09
- Traded Mio: my caves06, olives20, opals10, turquoise09, turquoise13, valentines202104, volcanoes03, venusflytraps01, whitetigers11 for sky12, fujiyama12, giantpandas04, giantpandas14, giantpandas15, giantpandas17, giantpandas19, giantpandas20, winter03
- Traded andrea: my autumn03, fossils09, milkyway18 for winter19, koalas19, polarbears01
- Traded Emelie: my bengalfoxes11, bengalfoxes16, brownbears17, fog02, spring20 for pinkbeaches14, nebelungcats09, nebelungcats17, nebelungcats18, polarbears19
- Traded Drew: my deserts13, waterfalls11 for koalas17, nemophila13
- Traded Suza: my honeycombs20, orangeclownfish03 for sunsets20, wolves15
- Traded Lex: my glaciers12, glaciers16, valentines202114, tornadoes12, turquoise01 for fujiyama16, nemophila03, nemophila08, nemophila11, nemophila17
- Traded Lina: my tornadoes16, bwbordercollies11, champignons11, olms05 for giantpandas01, giantpandas02, polarbears05, summer16
- Traded Kupo: my pears14, bigsur09 for fujiyama09, giantpandas07
- Traded april: my bamboo03, bengalfoxes20, classictabbycats03, graywolves04, graywolves13, lilacbreastedrollers20, wasps04, wasps10, wasps17 for sky15, koalas08, koalas20, nebelungcats06, nebelungcats15, nemophila20, summer09, sunflowers04, sunflowers05
- Traded Kayori: my cherryshrimp17, galaxies10, honeycombs07, leaves12, lunamoths02, lunamoths16, obsidians07, oceans09, oceans13, oceans18, olives20, orchids12, orchids16, orchids19 for bwbordercollies13, bwbordercollies18, sky09, sky17, sky20, sunsets13, amazonrainforest04, amazonrainforest09, christmas202011, christmas202018, giantpandas05, koalas07, koalas14, koalas15
- Traded saya: my heathers15, rain04, amazonrainforest11, amber12, amber16, amber20, cliffs06 for comets14, giantpandas03, giantpandas08, giantpandas10, giantpandas12, koalas02, nebelungcats07
- Traded Aki: my gladiolus19, heathers15, heathers20, starfish18, sunrises02, bushvipers08, bushvipers19, cliffs18, jade16, kingfishers01 for giantpandas18, giantpandas13, koalas10, koalas16, nemophila09, nemophila10, pinkbeaches13, sky07, sky14, fujiyama15

March 07, 2021 -----
- Traded Emelie: my sunflowers01 for norwegianforestcats09
- Traded Whitney: my cinnabarmoths20, cheetahs02, saturn15, snow02, zebras15 for riversoca09, riversoca13, riversoca15, riversoca16, summer13
- Traded Ria: my succulents20 for wolves03
- Traded Mysti: my molds17, molds19 for graywolves11, wolves17
- Traded Gem: my peonies15 for blackcats03
- Traded Suza: my butterflies02, marguerites13 for blackcats14, blackcats20
- Traded Lex: my hibiscus10 for norwegianforestcats13
- Traded Lex: my hibiscus10 for norwegianforestcats13
- Traded april: my bettafish06, gardenias03 for blackcats09, blackcats19
- Traded Kayori: my graywolves17 for norwegianforestcats16
- Traded Gem: my graywolves19 for fujiyama08
- Traded Aki: my lions15, northerncardinals20, polarbears05, wisteria14, cinnabarmoths01, cinnabarmoths06 for blackcats11, blackcats18, norwegianforestcats06, norwegianforestcats07, norwegianforestcats11, norwegianforestcats20

February 26, 2021 -----
- Traded Yuuchin: my clouds14, edelweiss12, rosymaplemoths09, silver11, wasps04 for graywolves04, blackcats04, blackcats17, norwegianforestcats05, norwegianforestcats19

February 24, 2021 -----
- Traded Mio: my dunes12, amethyst17, edelweiss18 for graywolves13, graywolves19, graywolves06

February 21, 2021 -----
- Traded Aki: my caves05, caves19, ducks18, galaxies05, galaxies10, gladiolus12, leaves11, leaves13, leaves14, leaves19, molds07, obsidians01, obsidians09, peaches09, peaches10, pears16, mc-yasu for emperorpenguins17, emperorpenguins19, fennecfoxes13, fennecfoxes15, whitetigers08, whitetigers11, whitetigers13, whitetigers17, whitetigers18, redfoxes06, redfoxes11, redfoxes12, redfoxes17, redpandas12, redpandas16, redpandas17, mc-Aki
- Traded Aki: my leaves04, lions04, sunflowers07, amazonrainforest13 for dandelions14, dandelions10, dandelions16, lions03
- Traded Gem: my lionsmane18, mc-yasu for rubies19, mc-Gem
- Traded Lex: my bushvipers06, nebelungcats13, snowflakes17 for dandelions09, dandelions18, dandelions19
- Traded Mio: my leafsheeps10, leafsheeps20 for classictabbycats05, classictabbycats06
- Traded Haylee: my honeybees16, honeybees17 for classictabbycats03, classictabbycats04
- Traded andrea: my lilyofthevalley12, forests19 for ragdolls17, spring03
- Traded erin: my emeralds02 for graywolves04
- Traded Emelie: my harvestmice15 for ragdolls04
- Traded Ashley: my peacockspiders12, rubybonnets03, rubybonnets04 for graywolves09, graywolves16, spring13
- Traded Megan: my oceans16 for ragdolls13
- Traded Nicolie: my oleanders10, dandelions18 for norwegianforestcats12, koalas01
- Traded Drew: my snow19, whalesharks03, ducks01 for mainecoons18, ragdolls08, ragdolls10
- Traded Suza: my seaturtles01, orangeclownfish10, gardenias19, peonies13 for graywolves07, graywolves13, spring07, wolves08
- Traded Lina: my brownbears15, leaves04, lions11, quicksilver03, redfoxes01 for ragdolls14, spring02, spring14, spring16, spring19
- Traded Kupo: my hummingbirds01, tuftedtitmice09, tuftedtitmice12, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels04, dandelions09, dandelions14, dandelions18, dandelions20, lilacbreastedrollers14, lions02 for spring06, blackcats01, blackcats05, nebelungcats05, norwegianforestcats03, riversoca03, riversoca05, riversoca07, sky18, sunsets18
- Traded Kayori: my rosymaplemoths02, strawberries12, tanzanites13 for mainecoons08, polarbears20, mainecoons02
- Traded saya: my alpacas18, orchids05 for nebelungcats19, norwegianforestcats18
- Traded Mio: my bluewhales12, obsidians14 for mainecoons07, graywolves19
- Traded Aki: my ducks09, ducks17, lionsmane07, lionsmane12, peaches07, volcanoes19, amazonrainforest02, champignons01, champignons03 for mainecoons05, mainecoons11, mainecoons12, mainecoons13, mainecoons19, mainecoons20, ragdolls06, spring09, spring15
- Traded april: my waves02, wulingyuan06 for spring10, ragdolls03
- Traded Lex: my slovenia18, carrots12, lichens03, tanzanites02 for mainecoons15, ragdolls05, spring01, graywolves17
- Traded Mio: my graywolves19, whitetigers12, gardenias04, amethyst09, bismuth11, deserts10, giraffes09, graywolves13, grasses10, lapislazuli06, koi06, orchidmantis16, prejoin03, rainbow05, succulents01 for polarbears19, ragdolls18, ragdolls20, spring11, blackcats02, blackcats12, blackcats13, blackcats15, blackcats16, norwegianforestcats04, norwegianforestcats15, pinkbeaches11, riversoca14, summer05, sunflowers08

February 19, 2021 -----
- Traded Mio: my hibiscus05 for rubies18
- Traded Kayori: my obsidians11 for gardenias17
- Traded Kupo: my honeycombs11 for dandelions08
- Traded Drew: my tigers03 for lions05
- Traded Ria: my bamboo05, cherryblossoms05, cinnabarmoths07, emeralds05, gold18, grandopening09, succulents01, mc-yasu for gardenias07, lions01, rubies04, rubies14, mc-Ria, amazonrainforest03, fujiyama05, nebelungcats08
- Traded Yuuchin: my grasses10, silver20, wasps17 for rubies13, dandelions17, lions13
- Traded Yuuchin: my dandelions18, lapislazuli06 for graywolves08, dandelions20

February 18, 2021 -----
- Traded Haylee: my giraffes08, mc-yasu for norwegianforestcats02, mc-Haylee
- Traded Amber: my bettafish10, bettafish14, mc-yasu for riversoca08, riversoca17, mc-Amber
- Traded Megan: my venusflytraps06, oceans14, mc-yasu for rubies05, rubies15, mc-Megan
- Traded Mio: my lakes19, nebelungcats11, snowflakes03, snowflakes12, snowflakes14 for redfoxes08, redfoxes16, redfoxes18, bwbordercollies11, pinkbeaches15
- Traded saya: my lilacbreastedrollers10, sphynxcats09, northerncardinals06, orchids11, peaches02, halloween202019, fairywrens11, goldenbrushtailpossums01, croatia06, lavender07, leaves15, moon19, olives05, olives17, olives18 for fennecfoxes11, lions11, rubies03, rubies06, rubies11, whitejapaneseraccoondogs18, whitetigers15, ragdolls02, ragdolls16, sky08, spring05, spring12, sunsets05, sunsets19, winter14
- Traded Kayori: my orangeclownfish06, orangeclownfish08, orangeclownfish09, rosymaplemoths04, rosymaplemoths08, rosymaplemoths18, strawberries13, tanzanites11, wisteria11, wisteria14, wisteria17, mc-yasu for emperorpenguins20, redfoxes04, redfoxes10, redpandas06, redpandas09, redpandas10, redpandas14, redpandas19, bwbordercollies06, bwbordercollies12, redfoxes01, mc-Kayori
- Traded Lina: my grasses07, starfish05, starfish14, brownbears03, cockatoos02, cockatoos18, hibiscus13, leafcutterbees13, silver02, silver10, waterfalls13, waterfalls20, mc-yasu for dandelions09, fennecfoxes14, graywolves03, graywolves13, horses05, horses17, lions19, whitejapaneseraccoondogs07, whitejapaneseraccoondogs08, whitetigers09, whitetigers19, sunflowers07, mc-Lina
- Traded Suza: my lavender02, mc-yasu for fennecfoxes18, mc-Suza
- Traded Kupo: my rosequartz08, rosequartz12, wisteria13, bushvipers07, fairywrens05, honeycombs04, islands09, mars10, slovenia01, slovenia02, slovenia11, slovenia14, virginiatigermoths03, virginiatigermoths14, waves14, mc-yasu for dandelions11, dandelions14, fennecfoxes12, gardenias16, horses01, horses02, horses03, horses04, horses08, horses09, horses11, horses15, rubies07, rubies10, whitejapaneseraccoondogs09, mc-Kupo
- Traded Drew: my deserts20, ferrets06, barnowls01, barnowls18, clovers12, clovers16, corals17, giantpandas08, giantpandas11, islands01, mantis11, mantis12, milkyway14, orangeclownfish13, philippines01, mc-yasu for cheetahs18, fennecfoxes20, gardenias18, graywolves18, horses16, lions02, lions12, whitejapaneseraccoondogs03, whitejapaneseraccoondogs12, whitejapaneseraccoondogs14, whitejapaneseraccoondogs17, bwbordercollies04, wolves12, wolves16, wolves18, mc-Drew
- Traded Mysti: my starfish02, mc-yasu for emperorpenguins18, mc-Mysti
- Traded Nicolie: my fog11, lilyofthevalley15, orchidmantis10, orchidmantis20, tigers06, whitetigers03, mc-yasu for dandelions01, dandelions02, dandelions07, dandelions15, horses06, redpandas11, mc-Nicolie
- Traded Whitney: my grasses13, nicobarpigeons02, nicobarpigeons04, saturn17, mc-yasu for gardenias05, gardenias08, gardenias19, rubies08, mc-Whitney
- Traded Ashley: my mountains15, mc-yasu for rubies20, mc-Ashley
- Traded Emelie: my lightning03, bamboo04, fennecfoxes01, harvestmice11, seaturtles10, mc-yasu for cheetahs16, lions06, lions16, polarbears14, wolves11, mc-Emelie
- Traded andrea: my venus18, forests04, forests13, mc-yasu for whitejapaneseraccoondogs05, whitejapaneseraccoondogs11, whitejapaneseraccoondogs15, mc-andrea
- Traded erin: my fog12, mc-yasu for whitejapaneseraccoondogs06, mc-erin
- Traded samantha: my deadsea20, amethyst03, mc-yasu for riversoca12, riversoca18, mc-samantha
- Traded april: my mars14, volcanoes18, volcanoes20, rain05, wisteria17, mc-yasu for redfoxes02, redfoxes13, redpandas05, whitetigers14, whitetigers16, mc-april
- Traded Lex: my bushvipers10, earth17, geysers07, bmbordercollies02, bmbordercollies07, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels02, lichens19, slovenia15, tanzanites04, mc-yasu for dandelions05, fennecfoxes09, gardenias14, horses18, horses20, redfoxes14, redfoxes19, rubies09, whitetigers12, mc-Lex

February 17, 2021 -----
- Traded Mio: my amethyst15, bengalfoxes17, glaciers06, redspiderlilies06 for dandelions18, gardenias09, polarbears17, rubies16

February 14, 2021 -----
- Traded Mio: my cherryshrimp03, cherryshrimp20, gladiolus01, gladiolus02, hibiscus17, islands04, zebras16, zionnationalpark17 for amazonrainforest11, cheetahs07, emperorpenguins14, fennecfoxes06, gardenias11, gardenias15, graywolves17, dandelions18

February 09, 2021 -----
- Traded saya: my begonias10, carrots13, peaches08, peaches09, bluewhales16, fairywrens05, nicobarpigeons14, nicobarpigeons16, northerncardinals01, ferrets09, lavender11, moon05, moon08, moon17, rain03, rain16, saturn18, sky02, slovenia06, slovenia07, snow04, summer08 for autumn19, fennecfoxes03, fennecfoxes10, fennecfoxes17, redpandas04, redpandas07, redpandas08, redpandas13, redpandas15, redpandas18, horses13, horses19, koalas06, koalas18, mainecoons09, mainecoons10, mainecoons14, mainecoons16, norwegianforestcats14, redfoxes03, redfoxes05, redfoxes15

January 24, 2021 -----
- Traded saya: my snowflakes10 for whitejapaneseraccoondogs19

January 23, 2021 -----
- Traded Lex: my axolotls11, galaxies16, geysers08, hibiscus17, wulingyuan03, mc-yasu for tigers19, mc-Lex, dandelions06, dandelions20, fennecfoxes05, fennecfoxes16

January 19, 2021 -----
- Traded Mio: my bushvipers03, bushvipers04, galaxies06, galaxies07, goldenbrushtailpossums06, goldenbrushtailpossums07 for cavalierkingcharlesspaniels09, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels16, cheetahs09, dandelions12, dandelions13, dandelions18

January 17, 2021 -----
- Traded saya: my carrots15, rosequartz16, rubybonnets16, nicobarpigeons06, northerncardinals02, northerncardinals11, lavender10, riversoca04, figs09, rain06, saturn16, moon04, hermitcrabs20, virginiatigermoths16, lunamoths12, lunamoths16, deadsea20, mc-yasu for cherryblossoms01, cherryblossoms19, tigers10, autumn13, dandelions04, gardenias03, gardenias04, gardenias06, horses14, koalas03, koalas05, lions04, lions08, norwegianforestcats01, norwegianforestcats08, sky04, spring18, mc-saya
- Traded Mio: my ferrets02, giraffes10, islands14, wulingyuan16, zionnationalpark11, bigsur18, bluewhales11, mc-yasu for cherryblossoms07, cherryblossoms15, cherryblossoms17, tigers11, whitetigers01, whitetigers03, whitetigers20, mc-Mio