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    June 14, 2021 -----
  • - Traded Yuuchin: my lionsmane11, begonias20, bengalfoxes10, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels09, cherryblossoms10, cherryblossoms19, clouds16, corals16, emeralds05, emeralds10 for fennecfoxes08, fennecfoxes10, fennecfoxes12, fossils08, fossils10, fossils14, pears10, pears14, redfoxes01, redfoxes02

  • February 21, 2021 -----
  • - Traded Ashley: my whitetigers07, whitetigers12, whitetigers17, wulingyuan01, figs04, figs05, figs13, giantpandas20, lichens18, mountains14 for snowflakes17, axolotls02, axolotls05, axolotls08, bamboo03, ragdolls01, brownbears18, cherryblossoms10, cherryshrimp03, cherryshrimp12, cinnabarmoths04

  • February 19, 2021 -----
  • - Traded Mio: my obsidians12 for axolotls13

  • February 18, 2021 -----
  • - Traded yasu: my rubies04, rubies14, gardenias07, lions01, fujiyama05, amazonrainforest03, nebelungcats08 for bamboo05, cherryblossoms05, cinnabarmoths07, emeralds05, gold18, grandopening09, succulents01
  • - Traded Suza: my brownbears20, carrots06, earth09, earth11, hibiscus17, honeycombs09, lavender18, seaturtles10, seaturtles19, slovenia02 for alpacas17, saturn13, axolotls07, axolotls14, bamboo01, bamboo08, bamboo15, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels02, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels07, cherryblossoms01

  • February 17, 2021 -----
  • - Traded saya: my carrots03, carrots05, sphynxcats02, sphynxcats17, bluewhales06, bluewhales07, ducks03, fairywrens06, fairywrens16, goldenbrushtailpossums12, goldenbrushtailpossums15, goldenbrushtailpossums17, northerncardinals05, tuftedtitmice14, tuftedtitmice16, whalesharks16 for zionnationalpark01, zionnationalpark13, axolotls15, axolotls20, bamboo04, bamboo09, cherryblossoms12, cherryblossoms15, cinnabarmoths15, cinnabarmoths18, clovers04, clovers18, lava18, snowflakes10, ragdolls12, sunsets05

  • February 15, 2021 -----
  • - Traded Drew: my dunes19, waterfalls12, bigsur02, bigsur08, blackcats07, blackcats15, giantpandas05, giantpandas17, harvestmice04, harvestmice13, koalas03, mantis08, mantis16, mantis18, milkyway01, milkyway04, milkyway09, orangeclownfish04, orangeclownfish06, orangeclownfish07, rosequartz17, rosequartz18, rubies04, rubies18, rubies19, summer18, redpandas09, jade01, polarbears01 for axolotls09, bamboo02, bamboo11, ragdolls07, ragdolls15, snowflakes09, snowflakes14, succulents16, succulents18, succulents19, redfoxes06, redfoxes08, redfoxes12, pears19, lightning03, lightning05, lightning13, leaves17, leaves18, gold16, gold19, gladiollus03, dandelions03, dandelions07, dandelions10, dandelions11, dandelions12, dandelions14, dandelions16

  • February 14, 2021 -----
  • - Traded Kayori: my cheetahs15, fujiyama20, graywolves07, mars14, mars19, obsidians02, peacockspiders14, tanzanites17, halloween202006, virginiatigermoths17 for saturn10, saturn20, ragdolls08, axolotls01, axolotls03, axolotls06, axolotls10, axolotls11, bamboo14, amazonrainforest06
  • - Traded Lex: my mars20 for saturn11

  • February 13, 2021 -----
  • - Traded Mysti: my nemophila19, norwegianforestcats17, norwegianforestcats18 for alpacas15, saturn19, axolotls04
  • - Traded Mio: my ducks12, ducks14, emperorpenguins06, emperorpenguins13, honeycombs05, peacockspiders10, peacockspiders14, peacockspiders18, philippines03, philippines09, zebras17 for lava15, lava13, saturn07, saturn08, saturn14, winter12, winter14, winter17, winter20, lightning08, lightning19
  • - Traded Lina: my waterfalls04, waterfalls09, waterfalls14, waterfalls19, waterlilies02, waterlilies14, waterlilies15, waterlilies20, wisteria17, lapislazuli17, bmbordercollies10, bushvipers17, graywolves02, graywolves18, leafcutterbees02, lions09, mainecoons01, mainecoons06, peaches08, pinkbeaches03, rosequartz15, brownbears20 for brownbears09, cherryblossoms07, cherryshrimp06, corals05, corals20, emeralds04, emeralds06, lightning10, lightning15, lightning16, nebulae03, pears09, sky01, sky11, sky12, sky15, succulents05, succulents10, succulents11, succulents12, bamboo12, bamboo13

  • January 30, 2021 -----
  • - Traded Gem: my winter01, brownbears01, brownbears14, honeycombs01, hummingbirds07, northerncardinals07 for whitejapaneseraccoondogs12, gardenias02, tigers16, begonias16, alpacas19, bmbordercollies05
  • - Traded saya: my wolves03 for lapislazuli05

  • January 22, 2021 -----
  • - Traded Yuuchin: my lightning02, lilyofthevalley19, silver08, virginiatigermoths17 for begonias13, redspiderlilies13, tigers02, tigers08

  • January 21, 2021 -----
  • - Traded Megan: my giantpandas15, strawberries15, zionnationalpark20 for redspiderlilies16, redspiderlilies17, tigers09, mc-Megan
  • - Traded Aki: my cockatoos04, cockatoos16, ferrets07, slovenia18, riversoca04, whalesharks18, corals18, fog15, forests02, forests06, forests08, succulents20, tigers06 for lapislazuli08, lapislazuli13, lapislazuli14, lava02, lava03, gardenias10, gardenias15, redspiderlilies05, redspiderlilies12, tigers01, tigers12, tigers20, whitejapaneseraccoondogs13

  • January 17, 2021 -----
  • - Traded april: my redspiderlilies15, hummingbirds08, oleanders18, halloween202019 for whitejapaneseraccoondogs11, whitejapaneseraccoondogs06, figs13, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels17
  • - Traded lagoonaris: my arcticfoxes03, arcticfoxes04, arcticfoxes10, arcticfoxes16, bigsur11, blackcats02, blackcats10, blackcats13 for whitejapaneseraccoondogs15, bmbordercollies10, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels13, gladiolus02, lapuslazuli03, lapuslazuli04, lapislazuli17, rubies04

  • January 16, 2021 -----
  • - Traded Lina: my cherryshrimp01, cherryshrimp17, spring03, barnowls15, emperorpenguins17, fairywrens19, fog10, grasses08, hibiscus09, hibiscus14, hibiscus17, islands14, lakes17, lions07, obsidians10, peonies04, redpandas13, rosequartz04, rosequartz13, sunflowers16, tanzanites02, tanzanites17, venusflytraps13, wolves07 for redspiderlilies02, redspiderlilies13, whitejapaneseraccoondogs16, whitejapaneseraccoondogs19, alpacas09, alpacas11, figs16, figs19, galaxies03, lapislazuli06, nebulae01, ragdolls03, ragdolls04, ragdolls11, ragdolls19, ragdolls20, redfoxes05, redfoxes20, rubies05, winter05, winter10, winter11, winter13, winter19

  • January 11, 2021 -----
  • - Traded april: my bigsur09, bigsur20, lichens05, deserts18, hermitcrabs14, horses11, lavender12, lavender09, tuftedtitmice17 for butterflies11, islands07, rubybonnets10, rubybonnets16, snow07, snow16, arcticfoxes14, begonias15, figs01
  • - Traded Mio: my mars20, riversoca19, sunflowers05, tuftedtitmice10 for milkyway13, rubybonnets02, rubybonnets04, rubybonnets17

  • January 09, 2021 -----
  • - Traded saya: my slovenia10, bushvipers04, caves07, caves17, earth12, wisteria03, sunflowers01, sunflowers03, sunflowers15, harvestmice08, harvestmice17, honeycombs08 for butterflies17, zionnationalpark11, tigers06, rubies09, rubies18, rubies19, redspiderlilies01, redspiderlilies15, arcticfoxes09, arcticfoxes10, arcticfoxes16, lapislazuli02

  • January 08, 2021 -----
  • - Traded Lina: my brownbears02, ferrets03, geysers04, grasses18, leafcutterbees07, leafcutterbees16, riversoca18, sphynxcats06, spring14, spring17, strawberries03, bengalfoxes19, cinnabarmoths08, giraffes03, koalas05, lapislazuli10, mainecoons08, mainecoons16, prejoin06, mainecoons14 for snow11, snowflakes06, snowflakes12, snowflakes18, tigers03, tigers04, tigers07, tigers10, tigers14, whitejapaneseraccoondogs08, figs04, nebulae06, nebulae16, redspiderlilies10, redspiderlilies18, rubies01, rubybonnets03, rubybonnets13, rubybonnets15, rubybonnets20
  • - Traded finnley: my ferrets17 for butterflies09

  • December 12, 2020 -----
  • - Traded Kupo: my harvestmice20, tuftedtitmice08, tuftedtitmice11, saturn02, spring14, spring16, ducks06, ducks16, earth10, earth16, emperorpenguins13, emperorpenguins15, ferrets08, ferrets11, ferrets18, harvestmice06, harvestmice12, hummingbirds20, lions06, lions16, mars08, strawberries09, succulents12, succulents16, venus05, venus09, wulingyuan01 for arcticfoxes17, arcticfoxes19, begonias18, butterflies07, butterflies14, butterflies15, butterflies20, lava04, lava06, lava14, nebulae18, ragdolls14, redfoxes14, redspiderlilies03, redspiderlilies04, redspiderlilies07, redspiderlilies09, redspiderlilies11, redspiderlilies14, redspiderlilies19, rubies08, rubybonnets01, rubybonnets05, rubybonnets11, alpacas07, amethyst06, amethyst16
  • - Traded Kayori: my dandelions17, earth11 for milkyway12, alpacas08
  • - Traded saya: my strawberries09, dunes14 for amethyst14, amethyst19

  • December 10, 2020 -----
  • - Traded Suza: my bluewhales13, pumpkins02 for amethyst12, arcticfoxes08

  • December 06, 2020 -----
  • - Traded Ramona: my carrots09, cinnabarmoths15, clovers19, crestedgeckos04, fennecfoxes11, fossils04, glaciers11, horses03, islands14, jellyfish09, koalas09, orangeclownfish19, seaturtles11, wasps13, waterfalls01, waterfalls18, winter13 for amethyst03, amethyst05, amethyst10, amethyst13, amethyst15, arcticfoxes12, arcticfoxes15, begonias03, begonias05, begonias09, begonias10, begonias17, begonias20, butterflies04, butterflies13, lava16, nebulae07
  • - Traded saya: my autumn05, earth01, graywolves20, nicobarpigeons01, nicobarpigeons04 for emperorpenguins16, emperorpenguins19, snow04, snow06, snow09

  • December 05, 2020 -----
  • - Traded saya: my nebelungcats02 for oceans08
  • - Traded Mysti: my lakes01, lakes18, obsidians01, obsidians02, obsidians15, wulingyuan08 for sunsets18, sunsets19, nicobarpigeons01, ducks16, oceans07, oceans14

  • December 04, 2020 -----
  • - Traded Rheanna: my moon01, orchidmantis04 for ducks06, whitejapaneseraccoondogs18
  • - Traded Suza: my leafcutterbees02, giraffes02, goldfish04, hermitcrabs17, nicobarpigeons06, rosymaplemoths15 for clouds10, clouds18, clouds20, oceans11, snow03, snow17

  • November 30, 2020 -----
  • - Traded Eimii: my blackcats16 for bengalfoxes17
  • - Traded Naomi: my stars08, cherryblossoms01, moon14, tigers03, venus12, venus19 for ducks15, zebras05, zebras13, zebras14, zebras19, bengalfoxes19
  • - Traded Lex: my crestedgeckos11 for clouds08

  • November 28, 2020 -----
  • - Traded Mysti: my hibiscus14, mars09 for emperorpenguins10, giraffes11

  • November 27, 2020 -----
  • - Traded andrea: my lavender10, seaturtles10, seaturtles19 for bengalfoxes16, bengalfoxes20, silver17

  • November 26, 2020 -----
  • - Traded Megan: my brownbears04, brownbears17, brownbears18, stars15, corals02, corals12, honeycombs09, jellyfish04, zionnationalpark11, nebulae05 for ducks19, oceans02, bengalfoxes09, bengalfoxes15, silver01, silver09, silver10, silver11, silver13, silver18
  • - Traded Ramona: my barnowls15, bettafish15, fossils06, fossils11, fossils19, gladiolus01, hibiscus01, jellyfish01, peonies11, plankton08, redfoxes06, rosymaplemoths06, rosymaplemoths15, saturn01 for giraffes07, milkyway02, milkyway20, snow18, snowflakes01, snowflakes02, hermitcrabs20, silver06, silver07, silver16, oceans10, oceans15, clouds06, clouds10

  • November 23, 2020 -----
  • - Traded Zenit: my alpacas06, bamboo02, bamboo11, cherryblossoms06, deserts07, edelweiss08, figs17, giantpandas03, koalas01, lightning14, lunamoths13, lunamoths18, olms01, orangeclownfish08, peacockspiders10, rainbow03, rainbow11 for hermitcrabs06, rosequartz13, bengalfoxes01, bengalfoxes03, bengalfoxes05, bengalfoxes06, bengalfoxes10, bengalfoxes14, bengalfoxes18, giraffes03, giraffes12, giraffes13, giraffes14, giraffes18, islands10, milkyway10, milkyway11
  • - Traded Kayori: my whalesharks08, autumn17, ragdolls09, zionnationalpark09 for emperorpenguins11, emperorpenguins12, emperorpenguins17, hermitcrabs08
  • - Traded april: my cherryblossoms02, emeralds20, harvestmice20 for bengalfoxes08, bengalfoxes11, silver08
  • - Traded saya: my grasses07, autumn18, dunes03, venus08, venus19, sphynxcats08 for milkyway15, giraffes04, giraffes05, giraffes17, mc-Saya, silver03, hermitcrabs17
  • - Traded Lex: my forests08 for hermitcrabs11, mc-Lex

  • November 22, 2020 -----
  • - Traded Lina: my fennecfoxes06, fennecfoxes15, forests08, peacockspiders14, fog14, waterfalls12, waterfalls16 for clouds07, giraffes02, giraffes06, hermitcrabs07, hermitcrabs13, rosequartz20, milkyway07

  • November 20, 2020 -----
  • - Traded Mysti: my amethyst19, blackcats01, blackcats13, bigsur09, tuftedtitmice09 for emperorpenguins14, hermitcrabs09, hermitcrabs14, clouds16, snow06
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