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Below is the complete list of my Shizen TCG galleries that I have gained while being a part of the TCG and/or being active by playing. If you think I'm missing some cards or badges, kindly let Aki know!


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Activity Logs

November 01, 2020 -----
- Leaf Fairy: bettafish07, orchidmantis03, spring05, northernlights13, +2 gold(s)
- Games (Higher or Lower): rosymaplemoths09, geysers20, +1 golds
- Gift: mc-Joy, bamboo15, snowflakes19, edelweiss07, redfoxes06, hummingbirds08, +10 golds
- Melting Pot: Traded marguerites09 for bismuth16
- Melting Pot: Traded rosymaplemoths05 for clovers02
- Tree Planting: clouds06, rubies06, edelweiss11, whitejapaneseraccoondogs06, forests07, earth19, orangeclownfish18, plankton03
- Card Claim: northernlights12, bismuth08
- Harvesting 2 Ripe: arcticfoxes08, lapislazuli11, leafcutterbees05, spring18, northernlights14, silver14, +4 gold(s)
- Freebies: marguerites20, hermitcrabs19, venusflytraps07, harvestmice19, rubybonnets11, cinnabarmoths09, wasps11, whitejapaneseraccoondogs17, pears03, marguerites20, +10 gold(s)
- War: You lost this game.
- Jigsaw: axolotls09, mountains05, +2 gold(s)
- Wheels (Love Blossom): silver12, leafcutterbees07, olms08, dandelions08, +3 gold(s)
- Seed Packets: philippines03, giantpandas12, +3 gold(s)
- Treasure Hunt: oceans07, clouds06
- Deck Release (2020-10-31): alpacas01, alpacas02, rosequartz01, rosequartz02, summer01, summer02, sunsets01, sunsets02
- Wishes #29 (2020-10-31): snowflakes13, cherryblossoms01, snowflakes05, alpacas03, alpacas04, northernlights01, nebulae11, northernlights09

October 27, 2020 -----
- Graveyard Shift (Skeleton): +8 candies
- Apocalypse: You lost this game.
- Cauldrons: +2 candies
- Scavenger Hunt: +4 candies
- Jack-o-Lantern (Won): +3 candies
- Live or Die: +5 candies

October 26, 2020 -----
- Starter Pack: nebulae05, nebulae18, nebulae07, virginiatigermoths19, hummingbirds10, edelweiss07, blackcats07, barnowls15, norwegianforestcats09, snowflakes11
- Wishes #26 (2020-10-24): northernlights17, cinnabarmoths05, plankton06, gardenias16, rubies01, rosymaplemoths15, amethyst06, barnowls12
- Wishes #27 (2020-10-24): snowflakes03, cherryblossoms08, amethyst09, snowflakes15, nebulae15, amethyst04, rubies20, nebulae02, rubies05, northernlights03, cherryblossoms19
- Wishes #28 (2020-10-24): northernlights05, lapislazuli01, stars05
- Deck Release (2020-10-24): strawberries01, strawberries02, winter01, winter02
- Melting Pot: Traded blackcats07 for amethyst13
- Melting Pot: Traded rosymaplemoths15 for pumpkins19
- Tree Planting: rosymaplemoths05, pumpkins11, autumn14, lightning09
- Card Claim: lightning07, snowflakes02
- Harvesting 2 Ripe: rubies07, venusflytraps01, virginiatigermoths05, +2 gold(s)
- Freebies: winter11, hermitcrabs10, croatia04, orangeclownfish18, peonies04, +5 gold(s)
- Memory: amethyst09, goldfish16, marguerites06, harvestmice02, +2 gold(s)
- Tic Tac Toe (Won): wasps11, peacockspiders01, leafcutterbees08, rosymaplemoths05, +2 gold(s)
- Lucky Match (One): moon01, fossils01, +2 gold(s)
- Slots: clovers09, riversoca20, gold10, +1 gold(s)
- Black Jack: rain11, sphynxcats20, autumn20, deserts04, +2 gold(s)
- Liffy's Vacation: sphynxcats11, leafcutterbees18
- Old Oak: marguerites09, rainbow07, +2 gold(s)
- Zoology: clovers16, goldfish09, +1 gold(s)
- Botany: snow15, marguerites09, +2 gold(s)
- Petrology: oceans02, venus02, leafcutterbees19, +2 gold(s)

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