I'm tired of this.
Posted on August 21, 2021

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This is why being a part of Shizen's Discord server is important: I usually post short notices in there if something comes up (e.g. back-end errors, if games are playable or not). I'm going to update the placeholder as well for those who aren't willing to join the Discord server.

Early this morning, shortly after this stupid placeholder has been automatically posted, I've posted a short notice on Discord to wait for my official update before playing any weekly games. I have no idea if you guys read my updates and notices here or just don't care at all. I think I've specifically mentioned early this day to wait for my official update before playing any weekly games because the Higher or Lower rewards weren't sent out, Card Claim and Melting Pot cards weren't updated to a new pile.

Some of the members who are a part of our Discord played the weekly games despite my notice. I'm sorry but I'll have to take actions now. Starting September, I will start monitoring every activities again that depends on my notices. Each member who don't follow whatever short notices I announce either in Discord or Twitter will be banned from the TCG. A Banned status will be added to the members list tabs and I'm pretty sure you guys don't want to be listed under that status.

This has been an issue since last year and I just always let it go, but with things having to be fixed in the back-end right now, it's just difficult to work on it when people keep on playing despite my notices. It's not like I'm not going to update the TCG at all when I say "wait for my update later today," so I really don't understand the impatience to wait.

Again, I'm sorry but this is really starting to irritate me and it's tiring. I hope you guys understand. I don't want to take this action but I'm just really getting tired of it. What's the purpose me of sending out a notice before an official update if some don't even care to follow?

Closing Notes

I have updated the card pile of Card Claim and Melting Pot now, so those who patiently waited can start playing the weekly games. I don't have the energy to send out the Higher or Lower rewards right now so I will be sending them out tomorrow. I will see you all next Saturday, August 28th! Thank you...

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  1. Mysti, Moelle and LexI wish for 10 random pack from any deck!   
  2. sayaI wish for choice cards spelling SUMMERLOVIN!   

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