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Posted on August 28, 2021

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Masteries: Drew (alpacas, bigsur, corals, ducks, fairywrens, ferrets, fujiyama, milkyway, orchidmantis, whitetigers); Emelie (axolotls, croatia, glaciers, gold, lavender, mainecoons, pumpkins, redspiderlilies, riversoca); Eviantus (dunes, pinkbeaches); Kayori (redpandas); Kupo (barnowls, clovers, deadsea, edelweiss, fennecfoxes, fog, geysers, glaciers, orchidmantis, roses, seaturtles, starfish, venusflytraps); Lex (cherryblossoms, deadsea, dunes, forests, milkyway, moon, peonies, seaturtles, silver, stars, venus); Lina (axolotls, comets, croatia, giraffes, gold, orchidmantis, prejoin, slovenia, sunflowers); Mio (classictabbycats, forests, fossils, milkyway, mushrooms, peaches, scottishhighlands); Mysti (butterflies, cherryblossoms, moon, mountains, nebulae, rubybonnets); saya (blackcats, jupiter, lavender, prejoin); shert (nebulae); Sunlit (pomegranates) — Keep up the good work!
Level Ups: Drew (Lichen > Sapling); Lex (Fruit > Ripe); SalyaDarken, Sunlit (Seed > Root) — Good job, congrats!
Games: Weekly, Special, Set B

First of all, I'd like to apologize to everyone for all the shock that I've caused you from my update last week. I just felt that this is the only way I can get everyone's attention. I also hope you all are getting where I'm coming from; the TCG is having some problems with the weekly games, and having to juggle with the codes and individual/manual passing out rewards all by myself is just taking a lot of frustration and stress. Because I really want to get everything working on Shizen, so I can release Stack's beta version to those who need it, I really do.

Also, I wasn't expecting that some of you may view it as abusive, and for that I am sorry. I haven't implemented it or even done this in the first year of this TCG. It's not like it'll be an immediate ban, and I will certainly do my best to avoid banning my members. Shizen is also different from other TCGs, I hope everyone already knows that. So please don't tell me to change it and just do what normal TCGs do because that's what everyone are used to. I want to run a different TCG, so we just need to cope to some degree, even if it'll be a bit difficult at the start.

Anyway, there will be some changes with how I announce things for Shizen. I've included the Twitter back on the site, so I'll be making the short notices in there when something comes up for everyone to see—both Discord and non-Discord players. I hope that you all guys will be looking at it first before doing anything. If the position of the Twitter box is far too down, just let me know so I can move it up before the Weekly games list.

For the mean time though, I've resorted to Shizen's old script for the HoL rewards cron job. I still have to fix what's wrong with the new one, but for now, that'll do. The Card Claim and Melting Pot card piles has been updated now too! I also still owe some of you the rewards for HoL from last week. I will try to give them later tonight when life permits. Also, I still haven't finished making your milestone badges, but was able to hand those that are done. I will continue on them when I can! I'm just pretty occupied since Saturday because I'm helping my sister clean and decorate the house they'll be moving in, so I'm really exhausted. (´;ω;`)

Closing Notes

There will be no monthly update on September 1st, so everything will be on Saturday, September 4th! Which means, the monthly games will be manually updated by Saturday, when I can. Thank you and God bless! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. Lex and DrewI wish for double game rewards from the Set B set!    No need to refresh the rewards page!
  2. AkiI wish for choice cards spelling STELLAR!   

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