November is here!
Posted on November 06, 2021

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November is here!!!

So let's party, and see what happened during last week, well we are entered November, which gives us another Event card for the month, please enjoy it

Next thing is with the new month we are opening also new claims for donations - yes we are a little behind with card making, but there is real life problems with all of 3 of us, and well we do not release cards without Aki's supervision - and she unfortunately is like really swamped by everything going on in her life (she is OK, I did manage to talk to her for a second few days ago.

If there is any inquiries or questions or just comments do no hesitate to reach to us using our discord! I may answer late but I try to answer - and the errors are being worked on!

Event Achievements

And another event card is here for you

Event achievements: ec-november2021

Closing notes

I want to stress again: PLEASE DO NOT PLAY ANY GAMES BEFORE THE UPDATE IS UP! As I already explained few times, the updates are confirmation that the games should work fine, and if we do not update it may be something wrong! I am asking myself if this update is read o,,o

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. HayleyI wish for choice cards spelling PARALYMPIC!   
  2. LinaI wish for choice cards spelling GEOGRAPHY!   

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