Happy Holidays!
Posted on December 01, 2020

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Yup, I know it's too early for the holidays but who is not excited about Christmas? It's just a little sad though, that I can't really feel the spirit of Christmas. All thanks to COVID, a lot of babies are growing up as quarantine babies and kids won't be able to enjoy the birth of Jesus Christ.

The team rotation has been reset for this month of December! You can now start sending your team-related services/activities and invest more points to your newly assigned team. Please avoid sending in your trades, donations, level ups, and masteries when it's the first day of the month and the team hasn't been rotated yet as those points sent will not be counted for your current team's points. I see that there has been a couple of masteries sent for today which should have been invested to your new assigned team. I wasn't home since Saturday and just got back yesterday and today I was out again the entire day so I wasn't able to manage the team rotation as early as I can.

Also, I wasn't able to update the placeholder for this week's update but I managed to update what needs to be updated. Therefore, Yuuchin's cards has been reset for the new week! The monthly games has been updated as well.

Upcoming Event

I do plan to have Shizen a Christmas event but I can't think of any activities to do at the moment. This is pretty short since it's already December, but if you guys have something in mind, feel free to suggest any! I'll try to get them done as soon as I can. We'll probably have the Christmas version of some of our weekly games, just like Halloween. But other than that, I'm open for suggestions.

Deck Votes

Last week, I asked via Discord what you guys think about our weekly deck voting. I am taking those suggestions into consideration and actually I love your feedback, guys! Thank you for helping me decide! I won't be able to change the system as of yet since I'll be focusing on our upcoming event. But I will work on it slowly whenever I get the chance.

Event Achievements

New month, means new event cards! I will be releasing all possible event cards for this month even though it's not yet its supposed schedule. Grab all these goodies~!

Event achievements: ec-december2020, ec-winter2020, ec-christmas2020, ec-40members

Closing Notes

That will be all for today's monthly update! I'll see you all this Saturday, December 5th! Many thanks~! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

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