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Posted on September 11, 2021

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Hey guys! Higher or Lower, Card Claim and Melting Pot can now be played. Again, I'm sorry for the late update. My plate is so full these past few days with both of my kids and my hubby getting sick. I wish to give an update at exactly every Saturday, but life just don't permit me as much since August.

Anyway, I will be signing off from Shizen indefinitely. I will still be reachable through Discord if you guys have any concern! That being said, I will be passing Shizen's management for the mean time to my lovely TCG sisters, saya and Mio. Please don't be too hard on them when reporting any errors as I will still be the one to solve them especially back-end-wise. Also don't directly send your reports to me, you are still free to post them on our #error-report channel since I will be checking the server from time to time.

But why, Aki?! My first grader will be starting his home-school for this year tomorrow (Monday) and I'd like to fully dedicate my time on Stack. Honestly, I've decided to close down Shizen since I won't be able to juggle myself between Shizen, Stack, home-schooling and mommy duties. So I'm thankful that saya and Mio are willing to help me out with this hurdle! Otherwise I'll have to give up with Shizen. Stack's website is currently on its way to completion so those who want to use the script will be able to check out the documentations there, report bugs, and get technical support.

Don't worry guys! I will still be around, I just won't be able to make decks and other management stuff. I will come back eventually when Stack is on the go for its beta release. The development is already taking too long and I know a few who are very much eager to get a hand of it so they can start up their TCGs. This won't be a good bye! I just need to clear my head from Shizen to give way to Stack!

Closing Notes

That will be all for today from me! Next week's update will be handled by either saya or Mio, let's take the transition one step at a time! Thank you everyone, and God bless us all! With much love, Aki~! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

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