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Posted on September 05, 2020

Members: andrea — Welcome to the TCG!
Masteries: Aki (dunes, mainecoons, seaturtles, tigers); Bun (peonies); Ets (bismuth, rainbow, stars); Hotaru (cherryblossoms); Joey (axolotls, redspiderlilies); Kayori (bismuth, horses); Kupo (lavender, stars); Lex (arcticfoxes, redfoxes); Lyn (autumn, clovers, pumpkins); Megan (pumpkins); Mysti (bettafish, koi); Nicolie (autumn); saya (venusflytraps); Whitney (stars); Zenit (blackcats) — Keep up the good work!
Level Ups: Asche, Ets, Hotaru, Joey, Kayori, Kupo, Lyn, Megan, Nicolie, Ramona, Whitney, Zenit (Seed > Root) — Good job, congrats!
Games: Weekly, Set B

Because I'm a little lazy busy, I get Liffy to manage the weekly updates. Sometimes Liffy can be very playful... or mean, she mixes things up and around. So, if you see something wrong, just let me know via Discord, okay? Thank you! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Oh and by the way, since it's currently midnight where I live, I won't be able to edit this post to bring you a more decent update until later today. So please wait for me for further updates! I'll keep everyone posted on Discord once this placeholder has been edited. Tata~!

Behold the placeholder that won't vanish this time, hahaha. There's nothing much for the last week actually so I'm not sure if I should edit the placeholder or not. Except that Shizen is finally running pretty smooth, aside from the layout change of course that some of us were having a tough time viewing the site (which has been fixed immediately).

Of course I have already mentioned the first upcoming event for the TCG which is Halloween and there hasn't been any suggestions so far. ^_^; I'm gonna start coding the basic trick-or-treating if I don't get anything this week. It will be a great help if I'll know what you guys may want to see for this event.

Closing Notes

That will be all for today's update, I'm sorry if it's a bit short hahaha. I'll see you all on September 12th, minna~! (´∀`)♡

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. JunI wish for 3 choice cards from any White decks!   
  2. Lyn and tazzyI wish for 3 choice cards from any Orange decks!   

New Releases

Click here for your deck release pulls.
Sorry, there are currently no active games to this date from the weekly and bi-weekly sets.
  • 200913 Amber
    - Deck Release (2020-09-05): deserts04, deserts05, grandopening09, grandopening10
    - Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): arcticfoxes03, arcticfoxes04, snowflakes11
    - Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): autumn11, autumn12, pumpkins17

  • 200911 Whitney
    Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): pumpkins12, pumpkins19, venus03
    Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): snowflakes11, snowflakes12, arcticfoxes12
    Deck Release (2020-09-05): grandopening02, grandopening03, sphynxcats02, sphynxcats09

    Thank you!

  • 200910 Lex
    Deck Release (2020-09-05): deserts12, grandopening13, marguerites14, sphynxcats15
    Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): whitetigers02, whitetigers03, snowflakes04
    Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): tigers05, tigers07, lava06

  • 200910 Asche
    - Deck Release (2020-09-05): grandopening10, grandopening09, sphynxcats07, sphynxcats14
    - Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): tigers08, tigers13, redfoxes01
    - Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): arcticfoxes03, arcticfoxes04, whitetigers01

  • 200909 saya
    - Deck Release (2020-09-05): deserts03, deserts04, grandopening01, grandopening02
    - Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): lava01, lava02, redfoxes11
    - Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): snowflakes18, snowflakes19, whitetigers01

  • 200909 Zenit
    - Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): arcticfoxes01, whitetigers04, whitetigers16
    - Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): redfoxes02, tigers01, tigers09
    - Deck Release (2020-09-05): deserts14, grandopening02, sphynxcats03, sphynxcats13

  • 200907 Ariad
    Maybe the Halloween event could be Halloween-themed sprites hidden on various pages that we click on for ""treats"" (rewards)? Or maybe that is the basic trick-or-treating that you're already making haha.

    - Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): arcticfoxes13, snowflakes02, whitetigers06
    - Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): lava06, butterflies14, butterflies17
    - Deck Release (2020-09-05): grandopening02, grandopening10, marguerites10, sphynxcats19

    Thank you!

  • 200906 Lyn
    - Deck Release (2020-09-05): deserts18, grandopening09, marguerites05, marguerites11
    - Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): redfoxes03, redfoxes15, dunes02
    - Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): arcticfoxes16, arcticfoxes02, whitetigers07

  • 200906 april
    - Deck Release (2020-09-05): grandopening09, grandopening10, deserts04, marguerites01
    - Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): lava19, venus12, venus19
    - Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): arcticfoxes13, snowflakes13, whitetigers13

    Thanks! I just wanted to say, I don't have any ideas for the Halloween event, but I'm looking forward to it! :D

  • 200906 Kupo
    - Deck Release (2020-09-05): grandopening15, grandopening16, marguerites01, marguerites07
    - Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): autumn09, autumn12, koi01
    - Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): whitetigers01, whitetigers02, arcticfoxes09

    Thank you!!

  • 200905 Hotaru
    - Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): redfoxes05, redfoxes07, deserts04
    - Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): arcticfoxes08, arcticfoxes09, snowflakes02
    - Deck Release (2020-09-05): deserts13, grandopening13, marguerites13, sphynxcats13

    Thank you <3

  • 200905 andrea
    Deck Release (2020-09-05): marguerites05, marguerites16, deserts03, deserts20

    [EDIT: 2020-09-12]
    Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): arcticfoxes12, arcticfoxes13, snowflakes06
    Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): deserts05, deserts07, butterflies06

  • 200905 Megan
    - Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): snowflakes01, arcticfoxes02, whitetigers02
    - Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): butterflies04, butterflies10, autumn13
    - Deck Release (2020-09-05): deserts10, deserts12, marguerites02, marguerites06

  • 200905 Kayori
    Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): whitetigers02, whitetigers03, snowflakes01
    Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): venus12, redfoxes07, redfoxes08

    Deck Release: grandopening01, grandopening02, deserts14, marguerites12
    Thank you!

  • 200905 Mari
    Deck Release (2020-09-05): marguerites01, marguerites02, grandopening01, grandopening02
    Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): whitetigers01, whitetigers02, snowflakes01
    Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): tigers01, autumn01, koi01

  • 200905 Joey
    Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): arcticfoxes01, arcticfoxes02, whitetigers01
    Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): dunes15, dunes19, redfoxes04
    Deck Release (2020-09-05): grandopening01, grandopening02, deserts01, deserts02


  • 200905 Aki
    - Deck Release (2020-09-05): grandopening03, deserts01, deserts02, sphynxcats01
    - Maker Pull (2020-09-05): deserts20, grandopening04, marguerites01, sphynxcats02
    - Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): snowflakes06, snowflakes07, whitetigers01
    - Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): autumn16, butterflies05, butterflies10


  • 200905 Ramona
    Deck Release (2020-09-05): grandopening01, grandopening12, marguerites03, marguerites14
    Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): snowflakes01, snowflakes02, arcticfoxes20
    Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): tigers10, tigers11, dunes02

    Thank you!

  • 200905 Nicolie
    Deck Release (2020-09-05): grandopening03, grandopening13, marguerites15, marguerites17
    Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): arcticfoxes07, arcticfoxes13, whitetigers04
    Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): butterflies09, butterflies13, redfoxes09

  • 200905 Bun
    Deck Release (2020-09-05): deserts08, deserts09, marguerites19, marguerites20
    Wishes #9 (2020-09-05): whitetigers04, whitetigers05, arcticfoxes01
    Wishes #10 (2020-09-05): dunes13, dunes16, koi16

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