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Posted on October 09, 2021

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Nice to see you all,

Again we are a little late due to some things we were trying to figure in the back

The decks that got released were chosen like this, because we forgot to turn on again the automated release based on the votes, so it ended that we did not know which decks were the most voted ones - the chosen are the oldest deck that never gets voted, and also from the categories that have less decks released.

When taking wishes please do read the instructions, which normally consist in: 2 max cards per decks, if there is a change it will be written in the update. Also please use the forms to get your choice cards when it comes to wishes.

Event Achievements

And another event card is here for you

Event achievements: ec-300decks

Closing notes

So yeah enjoy the games and the new decks and have fun!! And if there is errors, please do not hesitate to poke us abut it in discord's channel errors!

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. aprilI wish for choice cards spelling YARROW!   
  2. Nicolie and finnleyI wish for 5 choice pack from any deck!   

New Releases

Click here for your deck release pulls.

  • - Deck Release (2021-10-09): bioluminescentbeaches03, bioluminescentbeaches19, lightpillars08, lightpillars20
    - Wishes #152 (2021-10-09): acorns15, acorns16, bluebells14, bluebells15, scottishhighlands12
    - Wishes #151 (2021-10-09): flyagarics08, manedwolves19, acorns12, acorns13, scottishhighlands11, whippets04
    - Event achievements: ec-300decks

  • Deck Release (2021-10-09): lightpillars03, lightpillars19, sand05, bioluminescentbeaches11
    Wishes #151 (2021-10-09): eurasianlynxes04, nicobarpigeons13, cwbordercollies05, cwbordercollies07, sodalite03, sweden11
    Wishes #152 (2021-10-09): kelp09, kelp11, sodalite06, cwbordercollies09, cwbordercollies10
    Event achievements: ec-300decks


  • - Deck Release (2021-10-09): bioluminescentbeaches09, hissingcockroaches12, lightpillars15, sand04
    - Wishes #152 (2021-10-09): emperorpenguins16, emperorpenguins17, alpacas16, alpacas18, earth16
    - Wishes #151 (2021-10-09): cherryblossoms02, alpacas12, emperorpenguins05, earth15, emperorpenguins15, rainbow07
    - Event achievements: ec-300decks

    Thank you!

  • - Event achievements: ec-300decks

    - Wishes #152 (2021-10-09): classictabbycats19, classictabbycats20, nacreousclouds01, nacreousclouds02, kingfishers20
    - Wishes #151 (2021-10-09): classictabbycats18, pomegranates05, pomegranates10, rosehips20, geodes13, westernwhipsnakes08

    - Deck Release (2021-10-09): bioluminescentbeaches06, bioluminescentbeaches07, lightpillars01, lightpillars02
    - Donator Pull (2021-10-09): bioluminescentbeaches09

  • I love the event card! Owls!<3

    New releases: hissingcockroaches08, hissingcockroaches11, sand02, sand19, lightpillars01, lightpillars02, bioluminescentbeaches11, bioluminescentbeaches18

    Wishes #151 (2021-10-11): graywolves02, atlanticpuffins10, northernlights18, northernlights16, oceans17, winter02
    Wishes #152 (2021-10-11): northernlights20, atlanticpuffins11, ducks14, pumpkins03, leaves09

    thank you! :)

  • - Deck Release (2021-10-09): bioluminescentbeaches09, lightpillars13, sand02, sand10
    - Wishes #151 (2021-10-09): flyagarics07, africanwilddogs16, christmas202013, christmas202016, emperorpenguins20, africanwilddogs17
    - Wishes #152 (2021-10-09): africanwilddogs19, africanwilddogs20, christmas202017, christmas202020, asianblackbears12
    - Event achievements: ec-300decks

    Thank you! <3

  • Event achievements: ec-300decks
    Deck Release (2021-10-09): bioluminescentbeaches14, hissingcockroaches11, lightpillars08, sand02
    Wishes #151 (2021-10-09): newyear202101, amazonrainforest02, rainbow03, rainbow04, oceans12, waterfalls08
    Wishes #152 (2021-10-09): succulents19, tigers16, tigers19, moon10, moon11

    Thank you <3

  • Event Achievements: ec-300decks
    Wishes #151: champignons16, champignons18, grasses10, grasses13, lilyofthevalley01, whalesharks03
    Wishes #152: bushvipers12, bushvipers13, caves07, caves11, lilyofthevalley04
    Deck Release: bioluminescentbeaches01, hissingcockroaches01, lightpillars01, sand01

  • Wishes #151 (2021-10-09): giantscauseway03, giantscauseway16, supernovae13, blacktruffles09, indigomilkcaps02, sundews08

    Wishes #152 (2021-10-09): sundews12, sundews14, shameplant14, shameplant17, indigomilkcaps06

    Deck Release (2021-10-09): sand03, sand14, lightpillars09, lightpillars12

    Donator Pull (2021-10-09): sand18
    Event achievements: ec-300decks

    Thank you! <3 (The event card is extremely adorable btw!)

    • Event achievements: ec-300decks

    • Deck Release (2021-10-09): bioluminescentbeaches01, bioluminescentbeaches20, lightpillars15, lightpillars17

    • Wishes #151 (2021-10-09): giantscauseway04, autumn09, lavender16, badlandsnationalpark11, badlandsnationalpark12, giantscauseway12

    • Wishes #152 (2021-10-09): badlandsnationalpark06, badlandsnationalpark15, autumn04, autumn11, nebulae08

    Thanks :)

  • - Wishes #152 (2021-10-09): iceland20, andalusianhorses06, andalusianhorses15, sareknationalpark07, sareknationalpark19
    - Wishes #151 (2021-10-09): zhangyenationalgeopark03, iceland16, andalusianhorses05, andalusianhorses09, sareknationalpark03, whitetaileddeers12
    - Deck Release (2021-10-09): lightpillars11, lightpillars19, bioluminescentbeaches04, bioluminescentbeaches16
    - Event achievements: ec-300decks

    thank you! :)

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