And we are back! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
Posted on July 24, 2021

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Masteries: Caitlin (islands); Eviantus (geodes); Frankie (tanzanites); Kayori (begonias, bettafish, lavender, rain, whitetigers); Kupo (mars, tornadoes, typhoons, waterlilies); Lina(bwbordercollies, graywolves, tuftedtitmice, sunsets); saya (catmint, cliffs, lemmings); Suza (ferrets, galaxies, obsidians, pinkbeaches, roses, summer) — Keep up the good work!
Level Ups: Eviantus (Sprout > Seedling); Frankie (Seed > Root); Suza (Flower > Fruit) — Good job, congrats!
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We are officially back with Shizen 2.0! The TCG is now being run with Stack 1.0.0 [Beta] and I am so proud with this project. Since the previous database structure doesn't match the beta version of Stack, I had to take a couple of weeks for the upgrade. I am very much thankful for all your patience!

Although something unexpected happened during the upgrade, me getting sick, I am blessed to have members who offered their help to finish things up. If you guys are interested to know what are the additions, upgrades and stuff, here is the list~

  • - Daily login bonus are now automatically rewarded on your member panel when you login, so it's no longer in your Rewards chest.
  • - Unique and total masteries are added on your player status information.
  • - Trading status is also added which lists your current trade points, redeemed points, and total turned-in points.
  • - The Donations tab is also added on your member panel. This shows all your claimed decks and you can send image donations from there.
  • - Trading Rewards form will automatically count how many stamp cards you can turn in based on your current points (it's no longer 1 form per 1 stamp card, yay!)
  • - As for the monthly games, Leaf Fairy has been replaced by the Magical Sprite game instead. Every month, we can vote for members who we think are very much active. Do keep in mind though that as voters, our names is not included on the list of members to be voted for. The game is currently not active as of now and I'm planning to open it maybe around mid-August.
  • - Some of the game prizes have been reduced as well. So you may notice that some of the games no longer have the gold currency being spit out.
  • These so far are the major upgrades, aside from what was in the back-end—which gave me a couple of tears and heartbreaks during the process. I have checked everything myself and so far it's good. But please, if you guys encounter any on-site error, especially in the games, please report them to me immediately so I can fix them as soon as possible.

    All of your information and data as a player are now independent. They were all based on the previous database records you have. So if you think that something is not right, such as your currencies, trade points, card worth, etc., again report them to me ASAP.

    Yuuchin bot is currently not active for now, so please do not trade with the fluffy panda yet! I still have to change the structure of the trade logs when approving your trades. For the mean time, you can use the usual Double Exchange form for random cards if you are itching to get rid of your duplicates.

    ** For the INDEPENDENCEDAY wish by Caitlin, everyone can take a max of 3 cards per deck!

    Event Achievements

    Oh my God, I can't believe I literally forgot Spring 2021!

    Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09

    One-Year Anniversary Event

    Can you guys believe it? Shizen is almost there on her first birthday! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ As a celebration for the TCG, we will be having a small event, which I plan to host for probably two months-time (still being planned though). I will post the event information next update to welcome the month of August.

    By the way, I had to cheat on one of the decks to be released for this week because no one has been voting for it considering it's a pioneer deck. >_> You guys know what deck it is, mwahahaha! Feel free to trade those out if ever you get them on your rewards. And that's it, I will see you all on Sunday, August 1st—will be combining the monthly and weekly update so it's going to be adjusted by one day. Thank you! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

    Wishing Stars

    Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

    1. EviantusI wish for 3 choice cards from any Red decks!   
    2. LexI wish for double game rewards from the Set A set!    No need to refresh the rewards page!
    3. CaitlinI wish for choice cards spelling INDEPENDENCEDAY!   

    New Releases

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    - Wishes #126 (2021-07-24): peaches04, peaches05, pomegranates01
    - Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09

    Finally catching up on old updates. Thank you!

  • Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09
    Deck Release (2021-07-24): vermilioncardinals01, vermilioncardinals02, pyjamasharks03, pyjamasharks04
    Wishes #126 (2021-07-24): rubies01, bettafish01, redspiderlilies01
    Wishes #128 (2021-07-24): sodalite14, acorns04, sodalite15, amethyst15, emperorpenguins12, amethyst16, acorns20, goldfish18, pears02, dandelions19, acorns19, dandelions18, goldfish13, sodalite16, amethyst17

  • - Wishes #128 (2021-07-24): ghostfungi16, ghostfungi17, geodes03, maize02, pollen20, wolves16, nicobarpigeons15, rustyspottedcats04, wolves17, nicobarpigeons16, eclipses01, eclipses03, geodes05, acorns07, rustyspottedcats05
    - Wishes #126 (2021-07-24): rubies03, rubies05, rubybonnets01
    - Deck Release (2021-07-24): eurasianlynxes03, eurasianlynxes14, pyjamasharks01, pyjamasharks02
    - Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09

  • Deck Release (2021-07-24): eurasianlynxes05, vermilioncardinals06, eurasianlynxes07, vermilioncardinals08
    Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09
    Wishes #126 (2021-07-24): mars03, mars04, valentines202102
    Wishes #128 (2021-07-24): edelweiss19, pinkbeaches06, dunes15, pinkbeaches07, pinkbeaches08, dunes16, dunes17, jade19, jade18, tanzanites09, cockatiels14, jade17, tornadoes15, lava03, milkyway11

  • Deck Release (2021-07-24): eurasianlynxes12, eurasianlynxes19, pyjamasharks11, vermilioncardinals06

    Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09

    Wishes #126 (2021-07-24): roses03, roses11, rosehips16

    Wishes #128 (2021-07-24): butterflies05, sunrises05, geodes03, comets19, polarbears08, polarbears11, sunrises07, geodes09, polarbears19, sunrises15, orchids01, lakes03, geodes18, lakes17, classictabbycats03

  • thank you for the update, site looks great!

    - UPDATE Wishes #126 (2021-07-24): redspiderlilies06, redspiderlilies14, bettafish12
    - UPDATE Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09
    - UPDATE Deck Release (2021-07-24): pyjamasharks12, pyjamasharks19, eurasianlynxes12, eurasianlynxes03
    - UPDATE Wishes #128 (2021-07-24): norwegianforestcats04, sphynxcats04, ragdolls04, nebelungcats06, sphynxcats19, nebelungcats20, mainecoons02, ragdolls17, mainecoons20, nebelungcats12, tabbycats05, mainecoons11, ragdolls13, tabbycats07, tabbycats20

  • - Wishes #128 (2021-07-24): fairywrens01, fennecfoxes04, japaneseraccoondogs01, bengalfoxes01, redpandas12, ferrets19, fennecfoxes05, japaneseraccoondogs03, nebelungcats10, nebelungcats03, cherryblossoms02, cherryblossoms03, whitejapaneseraccoondogs01, sphynxcats16, classictabbycats01
    - Wishes #126 (2021-07-24): strawberries01, redpandas13, redpandas15
    - Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09

    welcome back!

  • - Deck Release (2021-07-24): eurasianlynxes02, eurasianlynxes03, pyjamasharks15, vermilioncardinals07
    - Wishes #126 (2021-07-24): roses02, roses04, valentines202102
    - Wishes #128 (2021-07-24): flamingoes19, flamingoes20, eurasierdogs05, caves05, pinkbeaches07, galaxies07, pinkbeaches08, eurasierdogs06, galaxies08, pinkbeaches09, caves07, galaxies10, eurasierdogs07, caves09, flyagarics04
    - Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09

    Thank you and welcome back! <3

  • - Donator Pull (2021-07-24): eurasianlynxes06
    - Deck Release (2021-07-24): eurasianlynxes04, eurasianlynxes05, pyjamasharks15, americancockroaches16
    - Wishes #128 (2021-07-24): cacti06, eurasianlynxes01, sweden01, sweden04, emperorpenguins01, sweden05, eurasianlynxes02, northerncardinals03, eurasianlynxes03, ghostfungi19, cacti07, cherryblossoms17, northerncardinals07, cacti08, cherryblossoms18
    Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09
    Thank you :)

  • Welcome back, everything looks great!

    - Wishes #126 (2021-07-24): pomegranates06, pomegranates02, bettafish01
    - Wishes #128 (2021-07-24): eclipses20, pomegranates05, andeanfoxes11, pomegranates07, pomegranates08, bengalfoxes08, barnowls14, deserts20, bluewhales07, hummingbirds09, alpacas18, cherryblossoms06, eurasierdogs07, axolotls19, graywolves11
    - Deck Release (2021-07-24): eurasianlynxes11, eurasianlynxes15, pyjamasharks14, pyjamasharks06
    - Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09

  • Sorry, guys! I totally misread/misinterpreted... I love the new layout, by the way! <3

    7/25: New decks - eurasianlynxes02, pyjamasharks01, vermilioncardinals02, americancockroaches05
    Wishes #126 (2021-07-24): valentines202104, rubies10, roses05
    Wishes #128 (2021-07-24): bmbordercollies02, rain02, bmbordercollies01, cheetahs15, polarbears10, cheetahs17, rain06, bmbordercollies08, cheetahs19, sunflowers05, cwbordercollies01, forests11, whitetaileddeers04, rosequartz12, yorkshireterriers20

  • - Wishes #128 (2021-07-24): giantscauseway11, giantscauseway12, fjords04, kelp12, kelp20, rosehips07, julianalps14, fjords14, rosehips15, humans08, supercells17, bluebells18, iceland14, humans19, typhoons20
    - Wishes #126 (2021-07-24): rosehips01, rosehips13, pomegranates17
    - Deck Release (2021-07-24): vermilioncardinals05, eurasianlynxes10, eurasianlynxes12, pyjamasharks18
    - Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09

    Welcome back!!! I love the new layout <3 <3

  • Welcome back, minna-san! (*o*)/
    - Wishes #126 (2021-07-24): roses12, roses13, rosehips04
    - Wishes #128 (2021-07-24): bushvipers20, barnowls09, devilstooth04, caves14, kelp01, caves17, barnowls11, devilstooth06, kelp04, barnowls13, caves18, kelp08, devilstooth07, lilacbreastedrollers07, tabbycats05
    - Deck Release (2021-07-24): vermilioncardinals01, vermilioncardinals02, eurasianlynxes01, eurasianlynxes02
    - Donator Pull (2021-07-24): americancockroaches01
    - Maker Pull (2021-07-24): americancockroaches02, eurasianlynxes03, vermilioncardinals03
    - Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09

  • Event Achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09
    Wishes #126: cinnabarmoths01, rubybonnets08, rubybonnets11
    Wishes #128: amber08, amber10, amethyst05, amethyst07, goldfish04, goldfish07, leaves01, mountains17, opals04, orchidmantis02, orchidmantis04, orchidmantis05, orchids04, rubybonnets04, rubybonnets06
    Deck Release: americancockroaches01, eurasianlynxes01, pyjamasharks01, vermilioncardinals01
    Donator Pull: vermilioncardinals02
    Thank you!

  • Welcome back!!!

    -Wishes #126 (2021-07-24): redpandas06, redpandas07, valentines202115
    -Wishes #128 (2021-07-24): winter09, redpandas14, deserts06, deserts07, alpacas03, winter11, snow05, jade05, ferrets04, snow07, harvestmice05, whalesharks11, jade04, whalesharks12, fujiyama14
    -Deck Release (2021-07-24): vermilioncardinals13, vermilioncardinals15, eurasianlynxes01, pyjamasharks09
    -Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09

    Thank you! The site looks awesome!! :3

  • - Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09
    - Wishes #126 (2021-07-24): pomegranates16, pomegranates17, rosehips05
    - Wishes #128 (2021-07-24): christmas202007, pomegranates07, ducks11, bluebells07, pomegranates08, bluebells08, pomegranates09, ducks13, bluebells12, sun13, christmas202008, sunrises19, ducks20, christmas202016, tabbycats15

  • Not sure what pioneer deck means, but I'm going to assume it was American Cockroaches???!?! SOMEONE BETTER TAKE MINE! lmao
    Please let me know if I did this right, and if not message me right away and I'll give the cards back! I LOVE the new layout, by the way! It is gorgeous!

    - !!! This is wrong: eurasianlynxes02, eurasianlynxes05, eurasianlynxes09, pyjamasharks01, pyjamasharks13, pyjamasharks19, vermilioncardinals02, vermilioncardinals07, vermilioncardinals19, americancockroaches05, americancockroaches11, americancockroaches18
    - !!! This is wrong: 3 choice cards from any deck- as per Eviantus' wish: cheetahs15, cheetahs17, cheetahs19

  • Deck Release (2021-07-24): pyjamasharks03, pyjamasharks19, eurasianlynxes02, eurasianlynxes19
    - Wishes #128 (2021-07-24): jupiter16, sun04, dragonsnakes06, supercells13, jupiter03, jupiter19, ayamcemani05, dragonsnakes09, devilstooth01, sun06, supercells11, devilstooth02, dragonsnakes12, ayamcemani14, ayamcemani03
    - Wishes #126 (2021-07-24): devilstooth10, devilstooth18, rosehips12
    Event achievement: ec-spring2021, ec-summer2021, ec-july2021, ec-layout09

    Welcome baaaack <3

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