Two decks short ミ(ノ_ _)ノ
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Masteries:Ashley (orchidmantis); Gem (sunrises); Lex (caves, tanzanites); Lina (lakes, obsidians, supercells, wulingyuan); Suza (bettafish, bmbordercollies, caves, chanterelles, classictabbycats, kingfishers, leafsheeps, lilacbreastedrollers, nebelungcats, nemophila, olives, orchids, polarbears, sunflowers, wisteria, zebras) — Keep up the good work!
Level Ups:Lina (Flower > Fruit) — Good job, congrats!

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. KayoriI wish for double game rewards from the Monthly set!    No need to refresh the rewards page!
  2. Lex, Caitlin and AshleyI wish for double deck release!    And everything multiplies~
  3. Kupo and LinaI wish for 10 choice pack from any deck!   

New Releases

Click here for your deck release pulls.

For this week, Yuuchin's cards has been reset for Week #26!

Hey guys, surprise surprise, I'm early for this week's update! First of all, our double deck release wish for this week is two decks short. We're supposed to have 8 decks, but since the current upcoming decks didn't receive enough votes last week, the auto update released 6 instead—which are the decks with the most votes and minimum of 2 votes. I know, I haven't made any new decks yet these past few weeks and I'm feeling so bad about it. I'm not neglecting Shizen, per se, but just can't get the right time to do so! T_T Whenever I'm at it, mommy duties calls immediately until poof, I'm too tired to get on my computer.

Long story short, I can't fully dedicate a time for deck creation since it needs a lot of focus to give you all a beautiful deck. But I will try to do some decks now while my children are still asleep so I can have peace when doing it. I'm pretty sure a certain person and fellow TCG owner knows the struggles I'm dealing with with children and stuff >_> *coughs* I hope you're having loads of rest though, my dear nee~!

Event Achievement

There's not much event for this month aside from the monthly event card. If something comes up, then I can add those later, yes?

Event achievement: ec-june2021

TCG Upgrade

About Stack upgrade, I will have to finish re-coding the games first (I think I have 7 more left to update) before I actually start contemplating on how should I do it as quickly as possible. Because these games are one of the core section of any TCGs so I have to be sure everything works well. I know errors and bugs are inevitable with regards to scripts, but I'd like to minimize it as much as I can before actually getting it live for Shizen. Yes, yes, Aki... also try to minimize being scrupulous, painstaking and perfectionist! LMAO.

Closing Notes

That will be all for me today! I will target to make at least 5 decks now before going to bed. Then will try to proceed with Stack later on when I get the proper amount of rest that I need. Thank you all for all the love and support for the TCG and whatever I'm doing for the community! Stack is getting there, so there's 99% chance I'll release it to the public SOON even though some of the features like member decks and built-in forums are still being made to finish. I will see you all next Saturday, 12th June! Thank you! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ


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  • 210620 april
    - Wishes #116 (2021-06-05): wulingyuan15, wulingyuan18, polarbears14, polarbears18, galaxies08, galaxies12, devilstooth12, devilstooth13, kelp03, kelp04
    - Deck Release (2021-06-05): whitetaileddeers01, whitetaileddeers02, cockatiels01, cockatiels02, eurasierdogs01, pasqueflowers02
    - Event achievement: ec-june2021
  • 210612 Mysti
    Wishes #116 (2021-06-05): fjords07, fjords16, westernwhipsnakes04, westernwhipsnakes10, quicksilver03, quicksilver15, devilstooth04, devilstooth09, supercells12, supercells18
    Deck Release (2021-06-05): westernwhipsnakes09, westernwhipsnakes18, cockatiels07, cockatiels15, pasqueflowers12, whitetaileddeers14
    Event achievement: ec-june2021
  • 210611 Lex
    Deck Release (2021-06-05): eurasierdogs10, lemmings19, eurasierdogs18, westernwhipsnakes15, pasqueflowers13, cockatiels12

    Wishes #116 (2021-06-05): leafsheeps06, leafsheeps11, pears06, pears18, newyear202105, newyear202106, wisteria07, wisteria17, jupiter01, jupiter14

    Event achievement: ec-june2021

    thank you!
  • 210611 Kupo
    - Deck Release (2021-06-05): eurasierdogs04, eurasierdogs08, cockatiels17, lemmings10, pasqueflowers08, whitetaileddeers15
    - Donator Pull (2021-06-05): eurasierdogs19
    - Wishes #116 (2021-06-05): cliffs12, cliffs15, leaves09, leaves10, mars06, mars07, typhoons06, typhoons10, yorkshireterriers03, yorkshireterriers04
    - Event achievement: ec-june2021

    Thank you!!
  • 210610 Naomi
    Wishes #116 (2021-06-05): stars13, stars14, lilyofthevalley03, lilyofthevalley04, mackereltabbycats11, rustyspottedcats18, polarbears02, polarbears03, saturn03, saturn04
    Event achievement: ec-june2021
    Deck Release (2021-06-05): cockatiels19, eurasierdogs12, eurasierdogs13, lemmings20, pasqueflowers16, whitetaileddeers19

    Thank you!
  • 210609 StephJ
    Event achievement: ec-june2021

    Wishes #116 (2021-06-05): cherryblossoms01, waterfalls02, cacti01, nemophila01, tanzanites02, cherryblossoms20, waterfalls20, cacti17, nemophila16, tanzanites03

    Deck Release (2021-06-05): eurasierdogs20, eurasierdogs01, pasqueflowers10, pasqueflowers09, whitetaileddeers13, whitetaileddeers12

  • 210608 Eviantus
    - Event achievement: ec-june2021
    - Deck Release (2021-06-05): cockatiels01, cockatiels02, eurasierdogs01, eurasierdogs02, whitetaileddeers01, westernwhipsnakes01
    - Wishes #116 (2021-06-05): eclipses18, geysers17, northerncardinals11, northerncardinals14, winter08, winter11, cinnabarmoths01, cinnabarmoths04, edelweiss02, edelweiss03
  • 210608 saya
    - Deck Release (2021-06-05): lemmings09, lemmings11, pasqueflowers01, pasqueflowers02, westernwhipsnakes13, westernwhipsnakes14
    - Donator Pull (2021-06-05): lemmings13, westernwhipsnakes15

    - Event achievement: ec-june2021
    - Wishes #116 (2021-06-05): ayamcemani13, ayamcemani14, typhoons02, typhoons07, fjords01, fjords06, lemmings07, lemmings08, catmint13, catmint15

    thanks for the update <3
  • 210607 Lina
    - Event achievement: ec-june2021
    - Deck Release (2021-06-05): whitetaileddeers01, whitetaileddeers02, cockatiels01, cockatiels02, lemmings01, lemmings02
    - Wishes #116 (2021-06-05): tuftedtitmice10, tuftedtitmice14, bwbordercollies05, bwbordercollies06, caves01, caves04, sunsets02, sunsets03, graywolves04, graywolves05

    Thank you for the update! I really like the new event card.
  • 210606 Kayori
    Wishes #116: begonias10, begonias11, bettafish03, bettafish07, brownbears16, brownbears19, silver10, silver11, whitetigers03, whitetigers04

    Deck Release: cockatiels01, eurasierdogs01, lemmings01, pasqueflowers01, westernwhipsnakes01, whitetaileddeers01

    Event achievement: ec-june2021
  • 210606 Ria
    - Deck Release (2021-06-05): cockatiels01, eurasierdogs01, lemmings03, whitetaileddeers08, westernwhipsnakes05, pasqueflowers06
    - Wishes #116 (2021-06-05): fennecfoxes11, fennecfoxes13, fossils03, fossils04, pears06, pears08, redfoxes03, redfoxes10, zionnationalpark10, zionnationalpark14
  • 210605 Gem
    - Wishes #116 (2021-06-05): scottishhighlands03, scottishhighlands14, zionnationalpark08, zionnationalpark10, acorns02, acorns14, croatia05, croatia12, julianalps06, julianalps11
    - Deck Release (2021-06-05): whitetaileddeers03, whitetaileddeers17, westernwhipsnakes12, westernwhipsnakes16, eurasierdogs14, cockatiels20

    Thank you! <3
  • 210605 Makri
    - Event achievement: ec-june2021
    - Wishes #116 (2021-06-05): rosequartz02, rosequartz11, amethyst06, amethyst09, sunflowers03, sunflowers08, cherryblossoms07, cherryblossoms13, gardenias05, gardenias07
    - Deck Release (2021-06-05): eurasierdogs02, eurasierdogs05, whitetaileddeers11, whitetaileddeers12, cockatiels06, cockatiels09

    Thank you!
  • 210605 Frankie
    - Wishes #116 (2021-06-05): rosequartz08, rosequartz09, tanzanites06, tanzanites07, dunes03, dunes04, emeralds01, emeralds02, fossils03, fossils05
    - Deck Release (2021-06-05): cockatiels01, eurasierdogs02, lemmings03, pasqueflowers04, whitetaileddeers05, westernwhipsnakes06
    - Event Achievement: ec-june2021

    Thank you!!