Posted on May 22, 2021

Members: Moelle — Welcome to the TCG!
Masteries: Aki (flamingoes, ghostfungi, zhangyenationalgeopark); april (clouds, graywolves, hibiscus, jupiter, rosehips, starfish, wisteria); Ashley (saturn, tardigrades); Eviantus (saturn, waves); Lina (strawberries); Mio (bmbordercollies, spiderwebs); saya (eclipses, hermitcrabs, polarbears, sugargliders, supercells, tuftedtitmice, whippets) — Keep up the good work!
Level Ups: Eviantus (Root > Sprout); Kupo (Flower > Fruit); Aki, saya (Fruit > Ripe) — Good job, congrats!
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Hey guys! I'm really, really sorry! Weekend just took my mortal soul again, had our shower broken so we had to have it fixed ASAP and was out all day, yee-haw!

For this week, Yuuchin's cards has been reset for Week #25!

So we have another Russian bot joining the TCG. I may have to update the script as soon as possible. Just in case, June is the soonest that Shizen will be put up into hiatus so I can work on the back-end silently. Again, no exact date yet because I'm still trying to see how my day-to-day schedule might be. Please stay tune for my final and official announcement for the date.

Also last week, I've started cleaning up the member's page, moving inactive players that hasn't been online on-site since January to the inactive list. If you are one of the players that were flagged as inactive and doesn't wanted to, you can just relogin again to activate your account and then set your status to hiatus instead.

Closing Notes

It's starting to rain now here in the Philippines, at least the intense heat of 40C is somewhat being reduced. T_T We're being fried here literally. That will be all for today from yours truly, minna-san! I will see you all next Saturday, May 29th, hopefully! Many thanks~ ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. yasu, Ria and WhitneyI wish for double game rewards from the Weekly set!    No need to refresh the rewards page!
  2. LeeI wish for 5 choice pack from any deck!   
  3. aprilI wish for choice cards spelling CROCUS!   

New Releases

Click here for your deck release pulls.
Sorry, there are currently no active games to this date from the weekly and bi-weekly sets.
  • 210725 Emelie
    - Donator Pull (2021-05-22): acorns03, bluebells03
    - Deck Release (2021-05-22): acorns01, acorns02, bluebells01, bluebells02
    - Wishes #110 (2021-05-22): cliffs03, lingonberries18, lingonberries19, cliffs06, ghostfungi03, ghostfungi04
    - Wishes #109 (2021-05-22): lingonberries16, lingonberries17, atlanticpuffins20, seaturtles09, seaturtles12

  • 210619 april
    - Wishes #110 (2021-05-22): chanterelles13, chanterelles15, scottishhighlands17, scottishhighlands18, wulingyuan04, heathers10
    - Wishes #109 (2021-05-22): chanterelles07, galaxies06, heathers09, polarbears05, scottishhighlands16
    - Deck Release (2021-05-22): acorns01, acorns02, pomegranates01, bluebells01

  • 210605 Mysti
    Wishes #110 (2021-05-22): comets14, orchidmantis12, flamingoes20, comets06, bismuth16, quicksilver13
    Wishes #109 (2021-05-22): zhangyenationalgeopark04, zhangyenationalgeopark05, comets14, comets17, fjords13
    Deck Release (2021-05-22): fjords03, fjords19, pomegranates12, pomegranates14

  • 210530 Suza
    - Wishes #110 (2021-05-22): classictabbycats10, lilacbreastedrollers06, lilacbreastedrollers07, classictabbycats12, nebelungcats01, nebelungcats09
    - Wishes #109 (2021-05-22): lilacbreastedrollers08, lilacbreastedrollers10, nebelungcats18, nebelungcats19, classictabbycats13
    - Deck Release (2021-05-22): bluebells08, bluebells18, pomegranates08, pomegranates18

  • 210528 Lex
    Deck Release (2021-05-22): bluebells03, bluebells10, fjords11, pomegranates19
    Wishes #110 (2021-05-22): lilacbreastedrollers12, lilacbreastedrollers13, oleanders07, caves05, sunrises06, oleanders20
    Wishes #109 (2021-05-22): lilacbreastedrollers14, lilacbreastedrollers19, oleanders12, oleanders14, valentines202102

  • 210528 Kupo
    - Deck Release (2021-05-22): bluebells07, fjords02, fjords12, pomegranates10
    - Wishes #110 (2021-05-22): cockatoos11, newyear202119, nemophila11, cockatoos13, ducks10, ducks11
    - Wishes #109 (2021-05-22): newyear202120, nemophila12, nemophila13, ducks12, ducks13

    Thank you! <3

  • 210528 Aki
    - Wishes #109 (2021-05-22): riversoca14, riversoca20, bushvipers04, bushvipers09, caves10
    - Wishes #110 (2021-05-22): caves11, barnowls02, barnowls05, caves13, bushvipers10, bushvipers11
    - Deck Release (2021-05-22): acorns01, acorns02, pomegranates01, pomegranates02

    Last minute update, LMAO! :D

  • 210525 Lina
    - Deck Release (2021-05-22): acorns01, acorns02, fjords01, fjords02
    - Wishes #109 (2021-05-22): ducks18, ducks19, lions18, lions20, supercells12
    - Wishes #110 (2021-05-22): cacti20, supercells10, lions06, ducks17, supercells11, lions15


  • 210524 Gem
    - Wishes #109 (2021-05-22): maize02, maize14, sunrises04, sunrises12, scottishhighlands13
    - Wishes #110 (2021-05-22): scottishhighlands01, sunrises06, scottishhighlands12, giantscauseway18, sunrises16, giantscauseway08
    - Deck Release (2021-05-22): acorns01, bluebells02, fjords03, pomegranates04


  • 210524 Kayori
    Wishes #110: glaciers18, geysers19, arcticfoxes09, arcticfoxes18, rubies11, redspiderlilies09
    Wishes #109: arcticfoxes20, redspiderlilies12, redspiderlilies15, rainbow15, rainbow16

    Deck Release: acorns01, bluebells01, fjords01, pomegranates01
    Thank you!

  • 210523 Eviantus
    - Deck Release (2021-05-22): acorns16, bluebells17, fjords18, pomegranates19
    - Wishes #110 (2021-05-22): eclipses07, geysers06, northerncardinals02, eclipses08, lapislazuli01, geysers07
    - Wishes #109 (2021-05-22): eclipses09, eclipses12, geysers09, geysers10, northerncardinals04


  • 210522 Caitlin
    New decks: acorns01, bluebells01, fjords03, pomegranates03
    CROCUS: cheetahs04, yorkshireterriers04, yorkshireterriers05, cheetahs06, mountains20, islands07
    5 choice: pears12, pears19, lavender09, lavender11, butterflies05

    Thank you! <3

  • 210522 saya
    - Deck Release (2021-05-22): fjords19, fjords20, bluebells15, bluebells13
    - Donator Pull (2021-05-22): fjords18, pomegranates20

    - Wishes #109 (2021-05-22): liverleaves09, liverleaves10, typhoons14, ayamcemani03, ayamcemani04
    - Wishes #110 (2021-05-22): ayamcemani01, liverleaves07, typhoons19, ayamcemani06, sun08, liverleaves08

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