Happy 8th! ヽ(´∀`ヽ)
Posted on March 20, 2021

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Masteries: Ashley (bmbordercollies, corals, galaxies, lichens, mars, whitetigers, wulingyuan); erin (fog); Kayori (rosymaplemoths); Lex (cavalierkingcharlesspaniels, galaxies, glaciers, philippines); Lina (fairywrens); Mysti (molds, nemophila, rubies, sunrises); saya (alpacas, blackcats, caves, figs, galaxies, jellyfish, spiderwebs, turquoise, whalesharks); Zenit (alpacas, emperorpenguins, hermitcrabs, snowflakes) — Keep up the good work!
Level Ups: Lex (Sapling > Bud); Mysti (Lichen > Sapling); Zenit (Bud > Flower) — Good job, congrats!

For this week, Yuuchin's cards has been reset for Week #18!

I'm still looking for deck makers if any of you are interested. But do keep in mind that I have high standards for decks, so unless I see a test deck that will only require 1-3 revisions upon checking, you may not get the position. It is best to send a test deck that has been corrected and evened out before sending them to me. ;)


Today, me and my husband is celebrating our 8th year anniversary as couples. Oh the time flies so fast! So for that, I'd like to share this love and happiness to every Shizen players. Every one can take a maximum of 4 cards per deck for the HAPPY8thANNIVERSARY freebie! —

Event Achievements

I finally managed to make the March 2021 event card! Bah... also the milestones sent to our drop box has been made and handed out. Let me know if you miss any milestone.

Event achievement: ec-march2021

Closing Notes

Not much of an update for this week, except that deck making for Shizen is getting slower and slower... (q_q);; Will try to make some decks this weekend, hopefully! That will be all for today, I will see you all next Saturday, March 27th! Thank you! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. Aki, Mysti and SuzaI wish for 8 choice pack from any deck!   
  2. aprilI wish for 3 choice cards from any Blue decks!   
  3. Lex and NessaI wish for double game rewards from the Set B set!    No need to refresh the rewards page!

New Releases

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Sorry, there are currently no active games to this date from the weekly and bi-weekly sets.
  • 210416 Aki
    - Wishes #81 (2021-03-20): halloween202009, halloween202010, pears17, pears19, waterlilies15, waterlilies17, leaves08, leaves09
    - Wishes #82 (2021-03-20): starfish03, starfish07, opals02
    - Deck Release (2021-03-20): mushrooms01, viruses01, sweden01, sweden02
    - Maker Pull (2021-03-20): mushrooms02, sweden03, viruses02, geodes01
    - Freebies #5 (2021-03-20): halloween202016, halloween202018, jupiter03, jupiter04, classictabbycats09, leaves18, jupiter06, orchids14, leaves10, obsidians18, obsidians20, orchids15, leaves16, leaves17, orchids16, starfish08, starfish09, orchids18, classictabbycats10
    - Event achievement: ec-march2021

  • 210325 Lex
    Deck Release (2021-03-20): geodes12, mushrooms14, sweden17, viruses19

    Event achievement: ec-march2021

    Wishes #82 (2021-03-20): bmbordercollies06, bmbordercollies08, fujiyama19

    Wishes #81 (2021-03-20): nebelungcats20, slovenia02, slovenia10, hibiscus06, hibiscus11, cheetahs04, cheetahs08, bushvipers12

    Freebies #5 (2021-03-20): whitejapaneseraccoondogs18, nebelungcats01, bushvipers02, bushvipers03, fujiyama01, slovenia08, nebelungcats05, hibiscus05, nebelungcats11, nebelungcats15, slovenia03, bmbordercollies19, slovenia06, bmbordercollies20, mars03, cheetahs03, slovenia19, bushvipers14, fujiyama11

    happy anniversary!

  • 210324 Zenit
    - Wishes #81 (2021-03-20): classictabbycats09, classictabbycats10, saturn04, saturn11, butterflies11, butterflies12, corals02, corals03
    - Wishes #82 (2021-03-20): corals04, corals06, lakes02
    - Deck Release (2021-03-20): geodes20, sweden07, sweden18, viruses05
    - Freebies #5 (2021-03-20): virginiatigermoths01, classictabbycats05, nicobarpigeons07, nicobarpigeons08, classictabbycats13, corals08, classictabbycats14, virginiatigermoths02, corals12, saturn16, saturn19, butterflies03, virginiatigermoths06, butterflies08, butterflies13, corals16, corals18, butterflies17, classictabbycats16
    - Event achievement: ec-march2021

  • 210323 Suza
    - Wishes #81 (2021-03-20): carrots17, carrots20, cherryshrimp08, cherryshrimp09, lakes11, lakes13, slovenia03, slovenia07
    - Wishes #82 (2021-03-20): lakes14, lakes15, islands05
    - Deck Release (2021-03-20): geodes08, geodes18, sweden08, sweden18
    - Freebies #5 (2021-03-20): cherryshrimp10, lakes16, cherryshrimp14, cherryshrimp15, cherryshrimp20, butterflies08, butterflies04, hibiscus01, lakes19, slovenia17, emperorpenguins07, butterflies10, slovenia19, brownbears10, brownbears13, brownbears15, orangeclownfish02, butterflies11, honeycombs01
    - Event achievement: ec-march2021

    Happy Anniversary!

  • 210323 Kupo
    - Deck Release (2021-03-20): geodes02, geodes14, sweden05, sweden19
    - Wishes #81 (2021-03-20): plankton13, wisteria17, rosequartz16, rosequartz18, bushvipers04, bushvipers05, slovenia06, slovenia08
    - Wishes #82 (2021-03-20): fujiyama13, fujiyama14, islands06
    - Freebies #5 (2021-03-20): bushvipers14, fujiyama15, peaches10, peaches11, fujiyama16, slovenia18, strawberries04, bushvipers17, fujiyama17, sunflowers04, sunflowers06, islands10, slovenia20, peaches14, strawberries05, strawberries08, peaches15, strawberries11, fujiyama18
    - Event achievement: ec-march2021

    Thank you!

  • 210322 Gem
    Happy Anniversary! :D

    - Wishes #81 (2021-03-20): bmbordercollies20, sunflowers04, sunflowers09, cheetahs08, cheetahs14, turquoise03, turquoise09, caves06
    - Freebies #5 (2021-03-20): northerncardinals18, wulingyuan04, peaches06, peaches15, wulingyuan09, leaves08, cheetahs05, cheetahs14, wulingyuan05, snow09, snow11, bmbordercollies08, waves04, sunflowers15, bmbordercollies17, snow18, wulingyuan12, bmbordercollies14, fujiyama17
    - Wishes #82 (2021-03-20): nemophila13, bmbordercollies03, bmbordercollies05
    - Deck Release (2021-03-20): sweden12, sweden20, geodes15, mushrooms03
    - Event Achievement: ec-march2021

    Thank you

  • 210322 Lina
    - Deck Release (2021-03-20): geodes01, geodes02, mushrooms01, mushrooms03
    - Event achievement: ec-march2021
    - Freebies #5 (2021-03-20): northerncardinals15, waterlilies18, jupiter13, jupiter15, fujiyama07, comets08, comets05, northerncardinals20, islands16, islands17, tornadoes09, jupiter18, bushvipers01, tornadoes10, ferrets09, ferrets10, tornadoes11, tornadoes13, fujiyama08
    - Wishes #82 (2021-03-20): islands07, islands08, fujiyama06
    - Wishes #81 (2021-03-20): jupiter09, jupiter11, waterlilies16, waterlilies17, cockatoos13, cockatoos14, northerncardinals12, northerncardinals13

    Thank you! Happy Anniversary!

  • 210322 erin
    happy anniversary! congrats on 8 years!

  • 210321 april
    - Freebies #5 (2021-03-20): mushrooms03, bamboo12, leafsheeps11, leafsheeps13, fujiyama11, mushrooms18, comets05, mushrooms05, bamboo18, bengalfoxes01, bengalfoxes02, waterlilies16, waves05, comets06, mushrooms07, comets07, waterlilies17, waterlilies18, fujiyama12
    - Wishes #82 (2021-03-20): fujiyama10, lakes05, starfish01
    - Wishes #81 (2021-03-20): alpacas20, olives19, mushrooms01, mushrooms02, bamboo08, summer04, summer11, waterlilies15
    - Deck Release (2021-03-20): geodes11, mushrooms06, mushrooms11, sweden14

    Happy anniversary, Aki!

  • 210321 Mysti
    - Donator Pull (2021-03-20): geodes19
    - Deck Release (2021-03-20): geodes07, geodes10, viruses03, viruses05

    - Wishes #81 (2021-03-20): geodes11, geodes15, valentines202116, valentines202117, spiderwebs04, spiderwebs05, roses13, roses20

    - Wishes #82 (2021-03-20): starfish12, starfish14, viruses19

    - Freebies #5 (2021-03-20): starfish04, lilacbreastedrollers13, spiderwebs11, spiderwebs13, classictabbycats07, geodes08, starfish08, starfish05, ragdolls11, valentines202110, valentines202109, valentines202111, valentines202104, geodes02, roses14, geodes05, ragdolls01, roses18, classictabbycats11
    Event achievement: ec-march2021

  • 210321 Emelie
    - Deck Release (2021-03-20): sweden02, sweden10, mushrooms02, mushrooms14
    - Wishes #82 (2021-03-20): starfish01, starfish03, rain02
    - Wishes #81 (2021-03-20): classictabbycats10, classictabbycats13, halloween202018, halloween202019, valentines202104, valentines202105, sunflowers17, bengalfoxes04
    - Freebies #5 (2021-03-20): honeybees01, valentines202114, spring01, spring02, honeybees02, honeybees08, valentines202115, honeybees09, valentines202116, bengalfoxes05, bengalfoxes07, starfish04, harvestmice01, bengalfoxes08, starfish05, starfish06, starfish07, rain03, newyear202101
    - Event achievement: ec-march2021

  • 210321 saya
    - Wishes #81 (2021-03-20): northerncardinals10, northerncardinals17, comets11, comets16, heathers10, heathers14, pinkbeaches19, pinkbeaches20
    - Wishes #82 (2021-03-20): bluewhales11, bluewhales17, rain01
    - Freebies #5 (2021-03-20): heathers04, heathers05, pinkbeaches02, pinkbeaches10, sky17, pinkbeaches08, comets01, heathers12, waterlilies13, lionsmane04, lionsmane17, lionsmane20, virginiatigermoths19, comets02, heathers13, comets04, bluewhales20, waterlilies15, sky10
    - Deck Release (2021-03-20): geodes18, geodes20, viruses13, viruses14
    - Donator Pull (2021-03-20): viruses15
    - Event Achievement: ec-march2021

    thank you

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