Our first long wish!
Posted on February 27, 2021

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Masteries: Aki (bwbordercollies, lions, molds, northerncardinals); april (deadsea, deserts, halloween2020, hermitcrabs, honeybees, lunamoths, mars, nemophila, oleanders, ragdolls, redspiderlilies, tigers, tuftedtitmice, volcanoes); Ashley (lapislazuli, saturn, sphynxcats, succulents); erin (bismuth, turquoise); Lina (bettafish, koi); Mio (bigsur, carrots, leafsheeps, nebelungcats, peacockspiders, philippines); Mysti (leaves); Ria (axolotls, bamboo, lava, lightning, nebulae, ragdolls, snowflakes); saya (carrots); yasu (cheetahs, cheetahs, dandelions, emperorpenguins, fennecfoxes, lions, polarbears, redfoxes, redpandas, rubies, spring, whitetigers); Zenit (sky, wasps) — Keep up the good work!
Level Ups: april (Sapling > Bud); erin, yasu (Root > Sprout) — Good job, congrats!

This is the first time we got a pretty long wish from saya, hahahah! And for that, everyone can take a maximum of 4 cards per deck for her wish only. I checked the comment section and there are already who pulled from those, and unfortunately there's nothing much I can do for that. When the placeholder says to wait for my further updates, it means the overall updates (wishes, deck releases, TCG upgrades, and everything else), not just the things like event achievements.

For this week, Yuuchin's cards has been reset for Week #15!

As you can see too, I have prioritized to release our themed decks first as those were already behind schedule. I apologize if some of you were waiting for a specific deck that were supposed to be released this update, but have to be delayed.

TCG Plug

I would like to plug saya's wonderful videogames TCG too; Sidequest! The TCG is currently undergoing heavy construction, information-wise, but it is now accepting pre-prejoin deck donations. So if you are interested in joining the TCG pretty soon, don't hesitate to send in your donations! I'm pretty sure saya will reward everyone who donates when the TCG is open for prejoin. If you have questions though, feel free to ask her directly. Sidequest will get her space on our Discord server soon, so for now all inquiries are best asked directly.

Closing Notes

There's nothing much for me to update too since I was warped in the drawing zone the past few days. I will try to make 8 more decks this weekend hopefully, as March is coming—which means, more deck donations, hahaha. That will be all for yours truly today, I will see everyone next Saturday, March 6th!

I will be postponing the monthly game set until the next update since we're going to have a double monthly rewards wish by then. I don't want you guys to eagerly play the monthly set this week when the double rewards gets activated for the next week. And that's it! Thank you! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. Mysti and EmelieI wish for choice cards spelling FEBRUARY!   
  2. sayaI wish for choice cards spelling HAPPY1STBIRTHDAYNICKY!   
  3. rian, Gem and aprilI wish for 3 choice cards from any Pink decks!   

New Releases

Click here for your deck release pulls.
Sorry, there are currently no active games to this date from the weekly and bi-weekly sets.
  • 210312 Aki
    - Wishes #72 (2021-02-27): ferrets01, ferrets03, classictabbycats05, sunflowers06, ducks06, champignons14, sunflowers09, fujiyama06
    - Wishes #73 (2021-02-27): champignons15, champignons16, champignons18, peaches06, fujiyama07, cockatoos19, cockatoos20, ferrets11, classictabbycats06, slovenia01, sunflowers13, classictabbycats07, peaches11, ducks08, slovenia09, fujiyama08, slovenia13, slovenia16, ducks13, ducks19, fujiyama09
    - Wishes #74 (2021-02-27): waterlilies03, waterlilies04, pinkbeaches01
    - Deck Release (2021-02-27): spiderwebs01, spiderwebs02, valentines202101, valentines202102
    - Maker Pull (2021-02-27): christmas202001, newyear202101, valentines202103

  • 210308 Lee
    Deck Release (2021-02-27): spiderwebs01, spiderwebs02, valentines202101, valentines202102

    Wishes #74 (2021-02-27): axolotls01, axolotls02, cherryblossoms01

    Wishes #73 (2021-02-27): northerncardinals08, norwegianforestcats20, peacockspiders03, peacockspiders05, classictabbycats04, norwegianforestcats18, classictabbycats05, classictabbycats06, classictabbycats07, fujiyama16, tigers01, tuftedtitmice04, northerncardinals09, tuftedtitmice05, fujiyama17, fujiyama18, northerncardinals10, fujiyama19, northerncardinals11, blackcats01, jellyfish04

    Wishes #72 (2021-02-27): fujiyama13, norwegianforestcats14, barnowls20, ragdolls16, tuftedtitmice03, ragdolls17, norwegianforestcats16, fujiyama14

  • 210305 Lex
    Deck Release (2021-02-27): newyear202104, spiderwebs11, valentines202105, valentines202118
    Wishes #72 (2021-02-27): fujiyama06, earth04, brownbears12, earth11, hibiscus03, islands14, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels04, wulingyuan07
    Wishes #73 (2021-02-27): earth15, earth19, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels01, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels06, wulingyuan04, islands15, islands18, earth20, hibiscus04, islands20, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels08, whitejapaneseraccoondogs01, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels19, whitejapaneseraccoondogs11, cheetahs11, wulingyuan14, wulingyuan11, philippines04, cheetahs01, pinkbeaches04, wulingyuan17
    Wishes #74 (2021-02-27): pinkbeaches06, pinkbeaches17, gladiolus13

  • 210302 Suza
    - Wishes #72 (2021-02-27): norwegianforestcats01, earth01, brownbears02, carrots02, lunamoths05, carrots03, earth03, sky03
    - Wishes #73 (2021-02-27): lunamoths07, lunamoths11, cherryshrimp01, cherryshrimp03, sky06, lunamoths17, lunamoths18, seaturtles13, brownbears03, lions06, seaturtles16, seaturtles20, earth07, lavender04, carrots08, sky07, lavender07, lions08, carrots09, sky13, sky15
    - Wishes #74 (2021-02-27): axolotls01, axolotls08, pinkbeaches01
    - Deck Release (2021-02-27): christmas202008, christmas202009, newyear202108, valentines202110

  • 210301 Gem
    - Wishes #73 (2021-02-27): hibiscus08, amazonrainforest06, nemophila18, pinkbeaches09, graywolves11, hibiscus11, amazonrainforest18, sunsets03, hibiscus18, hibiscus12, northernlights09, sunsets13, northernlights13, northerncardinals15, lakes04, wulingyuan11, sunflowers16, pinkbeaches17, northerncardinals05, lakes09, graywolves15
    - Wishes #74 (2021-02-27): pinkbeaches10, pinkbeaches18, gladiolus01
    - Wishes #72 (2021-02-27): amazonrainforest02, wisteria07, hibiscus06, amazonrainforest09, sunsets20, lakes11, northernlights13, wulingyuan09
    - Deck Release (2021-02-27): spiderwebs11, spiderwebs17, christmas202003, valentines202119

    Thank you!

  • 210301 Zenit
    - Wishes #72 (2021-02-27): bettafish04, oleanders12, brownbears15, brownbears16, marguerites20, mantis10, oleanders15, rubybonnets18
    - Wishes #73 (2021-02-27): cheetahs04, brownbears03, alpacas03, alpacas04, rubybonnets02, cheetahs13, mantis07, mantis09, brownbears04, marguerites03, brownbears07, marguerites09, cheetahs05, oleanders07, brownbears14, rubybonnets09, oleanders11, marguerites14, cheetahs07, peacockspiders07, rubybonnets16
    - Wishes #74 (2021-02-27): gladiolus09, rosequartz01, rosequartz02
    - Deck Release (2021-02-27): christmas202013, newyear202117, spiderwebs02, valentines202107

  • 210228 Caitlin
    Deck Release (2021-02-27): christmas202018, newyear202117, spiderwebs17, valentines202101

    Wishes #72 (2021-02-27): starfish04, emperorpenguins10, brownbears09, redfoxes01, seaturtles11, arcticfoxes12, cherryblossoms11, cherryblossoms15

    Wishes #73 (2021-02-27): honeycombs15, arcticfoxes15, pears06, peaches02, newyear202111, islands17, seaturtles15, tuftedtitmice18, brownbears12, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels08, redfoxes02, seaturtles15, honeycombs09, ducks12, arcticfoxes16, honeycombs06, northerlights17, rain20, arcticfoxes20, koalas02, newyear202108

    Wishes #74 (2021-02-27): rosequartz19, rosequartz12, pinkbeaches04

  • 210228 april
    - Deck Release (2021-02-27): valentines202107, spiderwebs13, newyear202110, christmas202009
    - Wishes #73 (2021-02-27): leafsheeps04, rain15, alpacas04, alpacas05, fujiyama07, rain16, waves01, waterlilies05, hummingbirds03, rain18, rain20, waterlilies06, leafsheeps05, hummingbirds04, waterlilies07, fujiyama08, hummingbirds11, waterlilies08, peaches07, lakes02, fujiyama09
    - Wishes #74 (2021-02-27): waterlilies02, waterlilies03, axolotls03
    - Wishes #72 (2021-02-27): leafsheeps03, olives05, hummingbirds02, rain11, hummingbirds01, rain14, waterlilies01, fujiyama06

  • 210227 Lina
    - Deck Release (2021-02-27): spiderwebs01, spiderwebs02, newyear202101, valentines202101
    - Wishes #74 (2021-02-27): sphynxcats11, sphynxcats18, waterlilies03
    - Wishes #73 (2021-02-27): cherryshrimp11, starfish09, lapislazuli12, lapislazuli14, cherryshrimp13, starfish12, oleanders20, sphynxcats04, leafcutterbees06, galaxies05, grasses05, sphynxcats07, hibiscus03, redfoxes09, galaxies06, venusflytraps08, mainecoons05, mainecoons11, hibiscus06, ducks02, venusflytraps09
    - Wishes #72 (2021-02-27): starfish06, waterfalls05, leafcutterbees05, starfish08, lapislazuli08, waterfalls08, oleanders12, sphynxcats02

    I just mastered things I wasn't even collecting, lol. Thank you! And the holiday decks are super cute.

  • 210227 Kayori
    Wishes #72: graywolves06, orangeclownfish01, orangeclownfish02, peacockspiders11, peacockspiders15, strawberries03, summer07, summer12
    Wishes #73: cavalierkingcharlesspaniels02, cherryshrimp01, fujiyama04, graywolves08, graywolves10, islands03, orangeclownfish04, orangeclownfish05, peacockspiders16, peacockspiders17, rosymaplemoths01, rosymaplemoths03, strawberries04, strawberries08, summer13, summer15, tanzanites03, tanzanites05, volcanoes01, volcanoes11, wisteria01
    Wishes #74: gladiolus02, rosymaplemoths09, rosymaplemoths10

    Deck Release: christmas202004, newyear202109, spiderwebs14, valentines202119
    Thank you!

  • 210227 Emelie
    - Deck Release (2021-02-27): valentines202107, valentines202108, christmas202013, newyear202114
    - Wishes #74 (2021-02-27): waterlilies01, waterlilies02, cherryblossoms02
    - Wishes #73 (2021-02-27): cherryshrimp16, lilacbreastedrollers10, redpandas02, redpandas04, fujiyama11, volcanoes13, volcanoes03, goldenbrushtailpossums20, goldenbrushtailpossums19, lightning04, winter03, lightning13, cheetahs02, lilacbreastedrollers15, fujiyama12, cherryshrimp12, sunflowers02, winter04, cheetahs01, sky03, sky01
    Wishes #72 (2021-02-27): fujiyama05, lilacbreastedrollers03, lilacbreastedrollers05, goldenbrushtailpossums16, goldenbrushtailpossums18, fujiyama10, cherryshrimp09, cherryshrimp10

    Thank you :)

  • 210227 Ria
    - Deck Release (2021-02-27): valentines202104, newyear202104, christmas202009, newyear202101
    - Wishes #74 (2021-02-27): cherryblossoms11, cherryblossoms13, gladiolus01
    - Wishes #73 (2021-02-27): cherryblossoms04, dandelions08, pears01, pears02, cherryblossoms06, dandelions13, cherryblossoms08, succulents03, cherryblossoms09, cherryshrimp05, cherryshrimp08, succulents04, cherryshrimp10, dandelions17, dandelions18, cherryshrimp11, succulents06, amazonrainforest02, succulents07, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels03, sky02
    - Wishes #72 (2021-02-27): amazonrainforest01, cherryblossoms02, cherryblossoms03, cherryshrimp01, succulents02, dandelions05, cherryshrimp04, jellyfish01

  • 210227 Mysti
    - Wishes #73 (2021-02-27): kingfishers17, nemophila16, nemophila03, nemophila04, fujiyama10, valentines202101, cliffs19, lilacbreastedrollers19, pinkbeaches09, cliffs20, kingfishers04, valentines202113, kingfishers18, molds02, fujiyama11, fujiyama14, valentines202119, cliffs04, cliffs05, kingfishers12, fujiyama09
    - Wishes #72 (2021-02-27): cliffs02, waves14, pinkbeaches06, kingfishers15, fujiyama17, waves07, kingfishers14, fujiyama15
    - Wishes #74 (2021-02-27): pinkbeaches14, pinkbeaches17, gladiolus02

  • 210227 Kupo
    - Deck Release (2021-02-27): christmas202007, newyear202103, newyear202117, valentines202103
    - Wishes #72 (2021-02-27): fujiyama06, whitejapaneseraccoondogs13, hibiscus12, whitejapaneseraccoondogs15, hibiscus15, ragdolls04, ragdolls05, fujiyama07
    - Wishes #73 (2021-02-27): hibiscus19, peaches02, whitejapaneseraccoondogs16, whitejapaneseraccoondogs18, fujiyama08, wisteria01, peaches05, tuftedtitmice03, hummingbirds02, tuftedtitmice04, whitejapaneseraccoondogs20, tuftedtitmice07, hibiscus20, ragdolls08, peaches06, fujiyama09, hummingbirds03, tuftedtitmice14, peaches07, snowflakes03, fujiyama10
    - Wishes #74 (2021-02-27): rosequartz04, rosequartz05, gladiolus03

    Thank you~

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