Soft launch ヽ(´∀`ヽ)
Posted on August 08, 2020

Members: april, Asche, Erica, Ets, finnley, Hotaru, Joey, Jun, Kayori, Kupo, Lex, Lyn, Mari, Mio, Mysti, Nicolie, osaka, Ramona, tazzy, Whitney, Zenit — Welcome to the TCG!
Referrals: Aki (x15), Ets (x1), Jun (x2), Kupo (x1), Mio (x1), Nicolie (x1) — Thank you for promoting Shizen TCG!
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Games: Weekly, Set B

Good day to all, good news that the cron job for the automatic weekly update worked but with some light errors that I've missed due to switching from procedural to object-oriented programming. Those were the last minute revisions that I haven't got the chance to actually test.

Before anything else, and yes I've forgot while editing this post (time check 2:01AM), here's another new event cards for all of us!

Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members

The rewards for the higher and lower game wasn't automatically handed because of the new round's card number error. This is an easy fix so those who guessed correctly don't have to worry about it! I'll hand your rewards first thing in the morning (time check 12:47AM).

Since the prejoin beta testing week just ended, those who actually participated by reporting an error will receive some rewards and a Prejoin Beta Tester milestone card. I have listed the people on our Discord so if you are one of them and haven't submitted an image yet, kindly do so on our #dropbox channel. Also, we are now open for your deck donations!

The new level ups and new masteries sections fetched a bizarre array of things where it shouldn't be. XD I forgot to specificy what type it should fetch, so it went insane. It's no longer there now coz I had to remove them quickly LOL. For the other quick news section such as new members, referrals, and affiliates, they worked perfectly fine. As for the pulls, I haven't pulled anything from this update yet so I won't be able to see if things works. If you encounter an error or things didn't log on your permanent logs and stuffs like that, just post them on our #error-report channel! Thank you very much! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. KupoI wish for 7 random pack from any deck!   
  2. MioI wish for double game rewards from the Weekly set!    No need to refresh the rewards page!

New Releases

Click here for your deck release pulls.
Sorry, there are currently no active games to this date from the weekly and bi-weekly sets.
  • 200902 Ets
    - Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): rubies10, pumpkins15, arcticfoxes16, begonias19, geysers03, lava08, clovers06
    - Deck Release (2020-08-08): bismuth13, bismuth17, seaturtles13, seaturtles17
    - Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members

  • 200824 Lyn
    - Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members
    - Deck Release (2020-08-08): barnowls18, barnowls11, bismuth01, rubybonnets12,
    - Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): rainbow03, venusflytraps18, dunes19, redspiderlilies12, whitetigers19, pumpkins07, emeralds05

  • 200822 Nicolie
    Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): forests02, giraffes03, redfoxes16, jellyfish18, axolotls05, autumn17, forests01
    Deck Release (2020-08-08): bismuth01, bismuth20, barnowls05, barnowls18
    Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members

  • 200822 Whitney
    Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): dunes14, barnowls07, venus02, rubybonnets20, lava04, rainbow09, lapislazuli13
    Deck Release (2020-08-08): barnowls15, barnowls14, seaturtles14, seaturtles09,
    Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members

    Thank you!

  • 200822 Asche
    Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): redpandas16, cherryblossoms04, bettafish10, succulents03, nebulae01, jellyfish01, redspiderlilies13
    Deck Release (2020-08-08): seaturtles16, seaturtles19, bismuth01, bismuth06
    Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members

  • 200822 Hotaru
    - Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): clovers13, dunes03, oceans06, oceans10, dunes04, redfoxes01, forests03
    - Deck Release (2020-08-08): bismuth01, bismuth20, barnowls05, rubybonnets07
    - Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members

  • 200814 Bun
    Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members
    Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): barnowls20, clovers17, whitetigers15, rubybonnets08, autumn11, moon09, edelweiss02
    Deck Release (2020-08-08): barnowls01, barnowls02, seaturtles01, seaturtles02
    Donator Pull (2020-08-08): seaturtles03

  • 200811 Zenit
    - Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): northernlights17, geysers06, jellyfish19, lavender13, redpandas11, redspiderlilies02, arcticfoxes11
    - Deck Release (2020-08-08): barnowls07, barnowls11, bismuth14, seaturtles18
    - Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members

  • 200811 Megan
    Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members

    Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): forests15, cherryblossoms04, milkyway17, barnowls10, waterfalls15, dunes17, succulents15

    Deck Release (2020-08-08): rubybonnets14, rubybonnets19, seaturtles07, seaturtles17

  • 200810 Lex
    Deck Release (2020-08-08): seaturtles02, seaturtles11, bismuth05, bismuth09,

    Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members

    Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): dunes03, waterfalls14, venus08, bismuth08, clouds13, redfoxes09, jellyfish14

  • 200809 osaka
    Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): moon02, cherryblossoms07, pumpkins19, clovers07, axolotls05, fossils11, lavender13
    Deck Release (2020-08-08): barnowls05, barnowls18, seaturtles04, seaturtles14
    Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members

  • 200809 saya
    - Deck Release (2020-08-08): seaturtles01, seaturtles02, rubybonnets01, rubybonnets02
    - Event achievements (2020-08-08): ec-10members, ec-20members
    - Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): venusflytraps14, northernlights17, bettafish12, deadsea06, nebulae08, redpandas19, begonias17

  • 200808 Joey
    Deck Release (2020-08-08): barnowls01, barnowls02, seaturtles01, seaturtles02

    Thank you!!

    [EDIT: 2020-08-11]
    Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members
    Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): axolotls12, seaturtles16, rubies15, venus08, redfoxes19, lava06, barnowls15

  • 200808 Kayori
    Wishing Stars:
    7 Random: clovers04, dunes20, nebulae20, pumpkins04, redfoxes17, venus14, venusflytraps07

    Deck Release: barnowls13, bismuth01, bismuth02, seaturtles19

    Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members
    Thank you!

  • 200808 april
    Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): succulents11, autumn20, bismuth15, oceans02, nebulae06, redpandas17, bismuth10
    Deck Release (2020-08-08): rubybonnets01, rubybonnets16, barnowls07, barnowls19
    Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members

  • 200808 Mari
    Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): mainecoons17, lava16, redfoxes08, edelweiss11, lavender05, bamboo07, bismuth11
    Deck Release (2020-08-08): rubybonnets01, rubybonnets02, seaturtles01, seaturtles02
    Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members

  • 200808 Aki
    - Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): barnowls04, clovers14, succulents10, venus11, geysers08, butterflies07, fossils01
    - Deck Release (2020-08-08): seaturtles06, seaturtles18, bismuth12, bismuth14
    - Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members

    Thank you for the patience guys! I do hope before grand opening, Shizen is already 100% stable. (و ˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

  • 200808 Kupo
    - Deck Release (2020-08-08): seaturtles16, seaturtles17, barnowls08, bismuth06
    - Wishes #1 (2020-08-08): venus18, bamboo04, seaturtles20, lightning06, glaciers03, lava18, axolotls04
    - Event achievements: ec-10members, ec-20members

    Thank you!!

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