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Posted on January 23, 2021

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Masteries: Aki (autumn, cherryblossoms, edelweiss, giraffes, graywolves, honeycombs, lakes, nebulae); april (bigsur, bushvipers, gladiolus, horses, koi, lavender, lichens, marguerites); Ashley (bismuth, cherryblossoms, jellyfish, milkyway); Emelie (alpacas, dunes, whitetigers); Gem (bamboo, bushvipers, deserts, islands, seaturtles); Hotaru (obsidians); Kayori (barnowls, dandelions, hummingbirds, northernlights, rosymaplemoths); Kupo (bmbordercollies, earth, koalas, lunamoths, mantis, olms, rosymaplemoths, saturn, waterfalls); lagoonaris (autumn, milkyway, rain); Lex (bengalfoxes, crestedgeckos, dandelions, emperorpenguins, ferrets, leafcutterbees, lions, pumpkins, ragdolls, rain, winter); Lina (harvestmice, rubies, sky, spring); Megan (grasses, lava, lavender, orangeclownfish); Mio (cavalierkingcharlesspaniels, crestedgeckos, hummingbirds, mars, pears, sunsets, winter); Mysti (fairywrens, mars, obsidians, peacockspiders, polarbears); Ria (amethyst, arcticfoxes, butterflies, ducks, islands, milkyway, redspiderlilies, rosequartz, rubybonnets, snow, zebras); rian (cockatoos); saya (autumn, dunes, earth, graywolves, slovenia, sunflowers, volcanoes, wisteria); Suza (bengalfoxes, corals, goldfish, northernlights, rosymaplemoths, tanzanites, whitejapaneseraccoondogs); Zenit (bamboo, clouds, croatia, dandelions, gardenias, milkyway, orangeclownfish, orchidmantis, peonies) — Keep up the good work!
Level Ups: Lina, Suza (Lichen > Sapling); Mysti (Seedling > Lichen); Ria (Root > Sprout); lagoonaris, rian (Seed > Root) — Good job, congrats!

For this week, Yuuchin's cards has been reset for Week #10!
Regarding Yuuchin, I really don't like repeating myself as it's really tiring on my end... If you guys haven't noticed since the beginning of time, we have an on-site clock for Shizen's deadlines just below the calendar on the sidebar. PLEASE do not send any more trades to Yuuchin at past midnight (which is a Saturday) if it hasn't been updated yet! If ever I caught any of you breaking this rule again, I'm afraid I'll have to blacklist you from trading with Yuuchin—so please don't force me to do some disciplining. We're all grown ups so I expect we all act as one. Have some patience and wait for it to be updated, it's not like it'll be the end of the world that you have to grab whatever, please... just please!

Since we were on a short hiatus last December, we weren't able to host a theme deck. But I'm happy to announce that we'll be hosting two themed decks for now! It'll be the Christmas 2020 and New Year 2021 themed decks. For the Christmas 2020 decks, anyone can donate any images from animals, earth and plantae sets that shows the spirit of Christmas (e.g. a dog wearing a santa hat, etc.). Same goes with New Year 2021, but instead of Christmas, it should show the winter season instead—so it'll be more on landscapes and such.

If you want to donate for these two themed decks, you can do so here. Kindly please take note of the donation rules and guidelines before donating anything! It's still the first come first served basis and only 1 image per player per deck.

Closing Notes

That'll be all for today, it's really a busy Saturday for me too with relatives coming over. I haven't thought of a Valentine's Event as of yet, but hopefully the last week of January will give me the time I need to code things up. I'll see you all next Saturday, January 30th!Thank you! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. MeganI wish for 9 random pack from any deck!   
  2. Joy and RhannaI wish for 3 choice cards from any Yellow decks!   
  3. ranka and EimiiI wish for 3 choice cards from any Red decks!   

New Releases

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  • 210528 Nicolie
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): strawberries01, strawberries02, hibiscus01
    - Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): dandelions02, dandelions03, leafcutterbees01
    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): atlanticpuffins10, atlanticpuffins17, ferrets11, bushvipers05, obsidians16, spiderwebs03, northernlights16, leafsheeps04, mainecoons06
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): turquoise01, turquoise03, waterlilies01, waterlilies20

  • 210223 april
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): peaches02, peaches03, waterlilies04, waterlilies12
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): mars01, mars03, peaches01
    - Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): summer01, summer02, wasps01
    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): cinnabarmoths20, croatia09, orchidmantis12, lichens18, winter02, nebelungcats15, honeycombs08, northerncardinals20, lichens18

  • 210219 Haylee
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): leaves09, leaves10, peaches17, peaches18
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): hibiscus10, hibiscus11, peaches19
    - Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): summer06, summer07, sunflowers03
    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): wulingyuan20, olives20, gardenias08, lichens14, islands02, marguerites03, snowflakes19, mars10, ducks03

  • 210130 Mysti
    Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): saturn13, gold14, crestedgeckos18
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): northerncardinals08, northerncardinals17, hermitcrabs12
    Donator Pull (2021-01-23): waterlilies16
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): waterlilies05, waterlilies06, leaves02, leaves19

    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): edelweiss20, polarbears15, summer01, slovenia11, bluewhales20, tanzanites06, fennecfoxes06, slovenia04, wulingyuan13

  • 210129 Suza
    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): sunsets09, hibiscus09, koi09, virginiatigermoths12, clovers19, goldenbrushtailpossums10, grandopening05, rosequartz16, lions09
    - Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): sunflowers08, sunflowers20, summer08
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): hermitcrabs09, hermitcrabs10, peaches20
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): peaches08, peaches18, turquoise08, waterlilies08
    - Donator Pull (2021-01-23): peaches09

  • 210129 Lex
    Deck Release (2021-01-23): peaches06, peaches07, turquoise10, leaves14

    Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): waterfalls14, koi16, rubybonnets15, figs20, fennecfoxes15, rain01, seaturtles09, rain06, lunamoths04

    Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): summer02, summer03, sunflowers12

    Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): peaches10, peaches12, strawberries17

  • 210129 Aki
    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): peonies15, tanzanites11, waterlilies09, silver09, peaches03, nemophila20, bettafish04, milkyway18, barnowls17
    - Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): sunflowers04, sunflowers05, summer01
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): mars03, mars05, hibiscus03
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): leaves01, leaves02, peaches01, peaches02
    - Maker Pull (2021-01-23): leaves03, peaches04, turquoise01, waterlilies01

  • 210128 Lee
    Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): northerncardinals01, northerncardinals02, cinnabarmoths01

    Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): barnowls01, barnowls02, crestedgeckos01

    Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): whitejapaneseraccoondogs19, forests05, slovenia04, tanzanites03, philippines16, mars13, glaciers04, crestedgeckos05, northernlights19

    Deck Release (2021-01-23): waterlilies01, waterlilies02, leaves01, peaches02

    Event Achievement: ec-january2021

  • 210127 Megan
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): leaves10, leaves11, waterlilies12, waterlilies13
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): northerncardinals17, northerncardinals18, strawberries01
    - Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): sunflowers13, sunflowers14, summer01
    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): whitetigers13, silver18, mantis10, cherryblossoms16, galaxies06, succulents14, gladiolus12, carrots06, barnowls06

  • 210127 Caitlin
    New Decks: leaves01, leaves17, peaches01, peaches15, turquoise09, turquoise11, waterlilies01, waterlilies02
    Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): edelweiss17, lava20, olives16, nemophila06, jellyfish15, cinnabarmoths09, redfoxes06, wisteria16, lilyofthevalley09
    Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): marguerites11, marguerites12, sunflowers01
    Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): rubies04, rubies07, rubies19

  • 210126 Zenit
    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): rain08, fog03, snowflakes17, ducks03, carrots19, bamboo13, mars05, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels12, rosymaplemoths10
    - Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): marguerites01, marguerites02, wasps19
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): redspiderlilies14, redspiderlilies15, rubies17
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): leaves10, peaches04, turquoise15, waterlilies02

  • 210125 erin
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): turquoise01, turquoise02, waterlilies01, waterlilies02
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): strawberries05, strawberries06, redspiderlilies02
    - Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): saturn01, saturn02, barnowls06
    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): lakes15, nebelungcats02, axolotls17, olives08, halloween202004, waterfalls20, virginiatigermoths03, geysers20, hummingbirds19

    so for yuuchin, i'm trying to make sure i understand correctly bc i don't wanna get banned (,A,). yuuchin gets updated on saturdays, so folks have been requesting past midnight bc that's technically a new week? so instead we wait until after it's updated for the new week?

  • 210124 samantha
    - Event Achievement: ec-january2021
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): turquoise03, turquoise11, waterlilies05, waterlilies17

    [EDIT: 2021-01-30]
    Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): whalesharks07, nebulae04, crestedgeckos09, leaves03, galaxies07, zebras02, bushvipers15, whalesharks04, rubybonnets02
    Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): gold01, gold02, summer01
    Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): rubies08, rubies09, strawberries15

  • 210123 Lina
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): leaves01, peaches01, turquoise01, waterlilies01
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): redpandas01, redpandas03, hibiscus01
    - Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): barnowls17, barnowls18, dandelions07
    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): lightning10, fairywrens03, blackcats09, peacockspiders06, wasps05, ducks15, slovenia15, philippines15, pumpkins07

    Thank you!

  • 210123 Emelie
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): leaves18, peaches16, turquoise14, waterlilies12
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): bettafish01, bettafish02, redpandas01
    - Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): goldenbrushtailpossums01, goldenbrushtailpossums02, summer01
    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): nebulae19, nebulae06, saturn09, redfoxes19, bmbordercollies15, whalesharks03, mainecoons01, bluewhales11, axolotls19

    Thank you^^

  • 210123 Kayori
    Wishes #57: arcticfoxes04, fossils13, islands09, lakes09, milkyway02, nemophila09, strawberries02, whalesharks07, whitejapaneseraccoondogs17
    Wishes #58: crestedgeckos05, crestedgeckos07, summer01
    Wishes #59: hermitcrabs04, hermitcrabs05, rubybonnets02

    Deck Release: turquoise01, turquoise02, waterlilies10, leaves04
    Donator Pull: turquoise03
    Thank you!

  • 210123 saya
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): leaves11, leaves12, turquoise17, turquoise18
    - Donator Pull (2021-01-23): leaves13

    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): goldenbrushtailpossums05, marguerites07, gladiolus04, croatia13, rainbow20, halloween202005, lilyofthevalley02, northerncardinals07, silver07
    - Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): goldenbrushtailpossums13, goldenbrushtailpossums14, crestedgeckos13
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): mars06, mars10, peaches13

    <3 thnx

  • 210123 Kupo
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): peaches03, peaches13, waterlilies11, waterlilies15
    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): spring06, barnowls14, leaves04, gold16, summer07, cherryblossoms02, leafcutterbees10, bismuth20, goldfish03
    - Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): crestedgeckos06, crestedgeckos08, sunflowers15
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): hibiscus09, hibiscus16, peaches09

    Thank you~

  • 210123 Ria
    Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): norwegianforestcats20, rosequartz18, rosymaplemoths08, lapislazuli17, giantpandas17, fennecfoxes15, giantpandas05, gardenias07, cherryshrimp19
    Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): saturn01, saturn02, gold01
    Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): rubies02, rubies03, cinnabarmoths01
    Deck Release (2021-01-23): leaves01, leaves02, turquoise01, turquoise02

  • 210123 lagoonaris
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): leaves01, leaves02, waterlilies01, waterlilies02
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): redspiderlilies07, redspiderlilies08, mars01
    - Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): barnowls01, barnowls02, saturn01
    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): redspiderlilies10, butterflies13, silver17, glaciers04, olms02, northerncardinals08, oleanders08, lavender15, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels06

  • 210123 Gem
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): leaves07, leaves19, peaches02, waterlilies14
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): northerncardinals10, northerncardinals14, hibiscus13
    - Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): summer14, summer18, sunflowers02
    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): leafcutterbees13, ducks11, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels06, rain02, forests13, rubies12, lunamoths13, lions01, cavalierkingcharlesspaniels05

    Thank you!

  • 210123 Hotaru
    - Wishes #59 (2021-01-23): peaches01, peaches20, bettafish03
    - Wishes #58 (2021-01-23): barnowls01, crestedgeckos01, dandelions01
    - Wishes #57 (2021-01-23): bushvipers18, tigers02, croatia07, ragdolls12, clouds03, peacockspiders16, earth20, snowflakes10, figs08
    - Deck Release (2021-01-23): turquoise01, turquoise20, peaches05, leaves05


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