Christmas break!
Posted on December 12, 2020

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Masteries: Aki (alpacas, deadsea, geysers, tuftedtitmice, winter); april (bettafish, fog, honeycombs, norwegianforestcats); Drew (arcticfoxes, horses); Gem (corals, redfoxes); Hotaru (emperorpenguins); Kupo (forests, orangeclownfish); Lex (barnowls, begonias, deserts, mountains, snow, sphynxcats); Lina (horses, stars); Mio (deadsea, earth, emeralds, grasses, graywolves, lilyofthevalley, mantis, plankton, rain, whitejapaneseraccoondogs); Nicolie (amethyst, edelweiss, emperorpenguins, fennecfoxes, gardenias, milkyway, prejoin, spring, stars); Ramona (fog, giraffes, lions, marguerites, whalesharks); Ria (clouds, giraffes, hermitcrabs, silver); saya (goldfish, hummingbirds, lakes, lilyofthevalley, obsidians, orangeclownfish, philippines, ragdolls, rosymaplemoths, tigers, wasps); Zenit (amethyst, giantpandas, lightning, rainbow, stars) — Keep up the good work!
Level Ups: Nicolie (Seedling > Lichen); Ramona, Zenit (Lichen > Sapling) — Good job, congrats!

Hey guys, I'm sorry this is a day late. Too much going on during the weekend and there's something I've been waiting for confirmation. Anyway, Shizen will be on Christmas break instead and this will be the last update for this month. Everyone can still trade with fellow players, submit their masteries and level ups. But any other activities such as games and doubles trade with Yuuchin will be at halt starting this Saturday, December 19th! There will be no deck releases and/or wishes to be granted as well. Unfortunately, me and the rest of my family will be out of town for the rest of the remaining weeks of December and I'd like to spend that with them, with no worries of any TCG administration, deck making and stuff like that. So I hope everyone understands! Everyone should spend the holidays with their loved ones too, after all this is a once in a year season, so let's make the best of it.

This is not good bye, though! Shizen will resume its activities on January 9th—I know that's a hella three-week Christmas and New Year break. For the first week of January, I'll be spending that doing administrative stuff at Shizen to check for new level ups and masteries for the entirety of the Christmas break since there will be no automatic update for the upcoming weeks. So I'll have to do them manually. XD

Of course, I will not disappear for these three weeks without giving every active members something in return! I will give out rewards once Shizen is back. I was planning to give it out this Christmas but I thought there wouldn't be any new decks by then, so I'll give them on January so a possibility of new decks will be included in your rewards.

For this week, Yuuchin's cards has been reset for Week #07!

Closing Notes

That will be all for today! I hope everyone have fun this Christmas season despite of COVID-19! Stay safe minna-san, and God bless! I will see you all next year, Saturday, January 9th, 2021 with a cherry on top~! Thank you! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. Hotaru, saya and LinaI wish for 10 choice pack from any deck!   
  2. ranka and NicolieI wish for double game rewards from the Set A set!    No need to refresh the rewards page!
  3. aprilI wish for choice cards spelling BLUEPLANET!   

New Releases

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  • 210528 Nicolie
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): obsidians01, snowflakes15, summer09, summer11, giantpandas03, snowflakes18, lilyofthevalley08, orchidmantis09, lilyofthevalley09, orchidmantis11
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): snowflakes10, snowflakes14, orchidmantis01, orchidmantis06, summer05, summer07, ragdolls03, ragdolls06, lilyofthevalley01, lilyofthevalley03
    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): olives12, olives19, slovenia12, bmbordercollies12

  • 210116 Emelie
    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): bmbordercollies06, northerncardinals06, slovenia03, slovenia06
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): bamboo01, alpacas08, dunes11, dunes16, alpacas09, halloween202001, giraffes01, halloween202002, whitetigers03, whitetigers02
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): alpacas03, alpacas05, dunes04, dunes05, whitetigers02, whitetigers03, pumpkins02, pumpkins04, moon01, moon02

  • 210111 Whitney
    Deck Release (2020-12-12): bmbordercollies07, bmbordercollies13, northerncardinals05, northerncardinals08
    Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): amethyst07, amethyst16, prejoin14, prejoin15, northernlights15, northernlights16, norwegianforestcats03, norwegianforestcats09, nebulae02, nebulae03
    Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): bmbordercollies04, bmbordercollies05, ducks12, amethyst17, grandopening05, koalas03, ragdolls02, giantpandas03, forests05, giantpandas04

    Thank you!

  • 210109 Aki
    Better late than never! (/n_n)/

    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): zionnationalpark14, zionnationalpark20, bigsur17, bigsur18, islands08, islands09, lakes05, lakes07, honeycombs07, honeycombs08
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): bigsur19, islands11, bigsur20, lakes08, pears02, halloween202001, halloween202002, islands13, lakes09, carrots01
    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): bmbordercollies01, bmbordercollies02, northerncardinals01, northerncardinals02
    - Donator Pull (2020-12-12): bmbordercollies03
    - Maker Pull (2020-12-12): bmbordercollies04, northerncardinals03

  • 210105 finnley
    i totally forgot this, i've been so out of it jsgfjksdgfjkd

    - Freebies: hermitcrabs13, northernlights02, rain02, sunsets19, venus02, +5 golds
    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): northerncardinals01, northerncardinals02, northerncardinals03, northerncardinals04
    - Event Achievement: ec-december2020
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): blackcats15, blackcats16, nebelungcats01, ferrets04, whitejapaneseraccoondogs01, nebelungcats02, norwegianforestcats01, redpandas10, redpandas18, norwegianforestcats02
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): ferrets02, ferrets03, blackcats11, blackcats14, redpandas07, redpandas08, redfoxes04, redfoxes05, whitetigers03, whitetigers04

    also taking this:
    Event Achievement: ec-january2021

  • 210103 lagoonaris
    Happy New Year everyone o/

    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): rainbow03, milkyway05, autumn03, deadsea01, redspiderlilies01, milkyway08, rain03, rain04, deadsea02, autumn04
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): milkyway03, milkyway04, rain01, rain02, moon01, moon02, rainbow01, rainbow02, autumn01, autumn02
    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): slovenia01, slovenia16, bmbordercollies01, northerncardinals01

  • 201226 Drew
    Still living the last hours of Christmas here. I hope you all had a wonderful festivities!

    -Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): hummingbirds14, hummingbirds15, croatia02, croatia03, riversoca03, riversoca08, redfoxes17, redfoxes18, emperorpenguins14, emperorpenguins15
    -Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): hummingbirds16, emeralds03, emperorpenguins16, redfoxes20, emperorpenguins17, emeralds07, croatia07, saturn05, sunsets15, croatia1
    -Deck Release (2020-12-12): northerncardinals11, northerncardinals09, slovenia08, slovenia20

  • 201225 erin
    claimed Event Achievement: ec-december2020, thanks~

    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): northerncardinals01, northerncardinals02, bmbordercollies01, bmbordercollies02
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): strawberries04, cherryblossoms03, rosequartz04, cherryblossoms04, redspiderlilies01, ragdolls03, strawberries03, autumn03, rosequartz05, autumn04
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): rosequartz01, rosequartz03, autumn01, autumn02, cherryblossoms01, cherryblossoms02, ragdolls01, ragdolls02, strawberries01, strawberries02

  • 201219 Lex
    Deck Release (2020-12-12): bmbordercollies12, slovenia04, northerncardinals19, olives11

    Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): bengalfoxes01, corals05, rosequartz11, harvestmice02, emperorpenguins06, corals19, saturn02, saturn07, harvestmice08, ferrets06

    Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): harvestmice05, harvestmice12, saturn08, saturn17, corals06, corals20, emperorpenguins12, emperorpenguins13, lions09, lions14

    Happy holidays! <3

  • 201217 Megan
    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): northerncardinals13, northerncardinals14, olives16, slovenia09
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): brownbears16, jellyfish15, tuftedtitmice18, deserts17, giantpandas03, jellyfish19, corals16, brownbears19, deserts18, tuftedtitmice19
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): brownbears11, brownbears12, deserts11, deserts12, jellyfish13, jellyfish14, tuftedtitmice14, tuftedtitmice15, corals06, corals07

  • 201216 Ashley
    Wishes 48: bismuth11, bismuth12, cherryblossoms19, milkyway12, milkyway13, plankton02, plankton16, stars01, stars20, venus13
    Wishes 50: bismuth03, milkyway02, bismuth06, cherryblossoms04, plankton10, cherryblossoms14, milkyway06, venus15, venus10, sphynxcats10
    Deck Release 12.12.2020: bmbordercollies12, bmbordercollies15, olives08, slovenia09

    Taking ec-december2020 as well, thanks!

  • 201215 Rheanna
    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): northerncardinals02, northerncardinals05, olives09, olives20
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): bluewhales02, snowflakes11, bluewhales05, honeycombs08, giantpandas02, snowflakes19, orchidmantis07, honeycombs09, amethyst18, orchidmantis08
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): honeycombs03, honeycombs16, snowflakes09, snowflakes16, bluewhales08, bluewhales10, orchidmantis05, orchidmantis06, whitetigers04, whitetigers19

  • 201214 Zenit
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): clovers05, clovers08, figs07, figs09, koalas03, koalas04, lunamoths16, lunamoths17, olms06, olms09
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): bamboo04, koalas07, rubies03, clovers09, peonies02, olms10, koalas10, peonies03, clovers10, croatia01
    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): bmbordercollies07, northerncardinals02, northerncardinals04, slovenia07

  • 201214 Suza
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): leafcutterbees20, rosequartz02, rosequartz04, northernlights01, northernlights16, giraffes13, giraffes15, corals03, corals18, whitejapaneseraccoondogs05
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): leafcutterbees16, redspiderlilies02, leafcutterbees19, giraffes10, peacockspiders15, redspiderlilies09, giraffes12, whitejapaneseraccoondogs02, peacockspiders19, whitejapaneseraccoondogs03
    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): bmbordercollies08, northerncardinals08, olives08, slovenia08

    Thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎄🎊

  • 201213 Ramona
    Deck Release (2020-12-12): bmbordercollies17, northerncardinals11, olives20, slovenia16

    Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): barnowls08, barnowls13, deserts01, deserts08, lilyofthevalley01, lilyofthevalley03, norwegianforestcats05, norwegianforestcats09, spring17, nebulae01

    Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): barnowls17, barnowls18, nebulae03, deserts09, prejoin05, lilyofthevalley07, lilyofthevalley09, norwegianforestcats12, norwegianforestcats13, deserts10

    Thank you :)

  • 201213 Hotaru
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): graywolves09, graywolves14, wulingyuan08, wulingyuan09, obsidians06, obsidians07, bmbordercollies03, bmbordercollies18, slovenia01, slovenia20
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): obsidians03, graywolves07, wulingyuan17, bmbordercollies02, alpacas02, graywolves13, obsidians04, wulingyuan18, bmbordercollies19, nebelungcats13
    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): bmbordercollies01, bmbordercollies20, northerncardinals05, slovenia05


  • 201212 Kupo
    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): bmbordercollies01, bmbordercollies02, slovenia09, slovenia10
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): nebelungcats13, nebelungcats15, norwegianforestcats14, norwegianforestcats16, brownbears08, brownbears11, nebulae06, nebulae07, bmbordercollies03, bmbordercollies04
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): brownbears12, nebelungcats16, nebulae09, brownbears14, spring04, nebelungcats17, nebulae10, norwegianforestcats18, oleanders04, norwegianforestcats20

    Thank you!

  • 201212 Kayori
    Wishes #48: croatia17, figs09, figs12, jellyfish06, koalas14, koalas18, northerncardinals04, northerncardinals05, oleanders19, snow20
    Wishes #50: giantpandas05, giantpandas06, hummingbirds07, hummingbirds08, jellyfish07, koalas19, koalas20, mantis01, northerncardinals06, northerncardinals07

    Deck Release: bmbordercollies01, bmbordercollies02, northerncardinals01, northerncardinals02

    Donator Pull: northerncardinals03
    Thank you!

  • 201212 saya
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): slovenia19, slovenia20, olives16, olives17, nebelungcats05, nebelungcats09, strawberries12, strawberries20, venus06, venus18
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): nebelungcats01, slovenia17, venus02, olives13, alpacas01, slovenia18, autumn14, venus03, olives14, autumn15

    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): olives18, olives19, slovenia14, slovenia15
    - Donator Pull (2020-12-12): olives20, slovenia16

    thank you <3

  • 201212 Lina
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): bluewhales19, snowflakes13, emperorpenguins05, snowflakes19, plankton09, plankton12, mars07, gardenias10, forests12, forests16
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): bluewhales16, bluewhales18, snowflakes04, snowflakes14, forests11, forests13, plankton05, plankton08, mars02, mars06
    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): bmbordercollies01, northerncardinals01, olives01, slovenia01

    Thank you!

  • 201212 Ria
    Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): ducks07, ducks08, emperorpenguins18, emperorpenguins20, milkyway06, milkyway08, oceans09, oceans12, rosequartz08, rosequartz11
    Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): begonias01, butterflies01, butterflies02, amethyst04, alpacas01, alpacas02, arcticfoxes01, begonias02, arcticfoxes02, sunsets03
    Deck Release (2020-12-12): bmbordercollies03, bmbordercollies09, olives01, olives07

  • 201212 Mysti
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): halloween202001, halloween202003, lakes12, lakes17, mars07, mars12, obsidians09, obsidians11, zionnationalpark01, zionnationalpark16
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): obsidians10, lakes08, wulingyuan02, halloween202010, zionnationalpark03, lakes06, mars08, obsidians12, halloween202019, zionnationalpark07

  • 201212 april
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): brownbears12, cherryblossoms07, bigsur02, brownbears14, redpandas09, cherryblossoms17, redpandas10, winter01, harvestmice08, harvestmice14
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): emeralds19, gardenias19, brownbears04, brownbears09, cherryblossoms04, cherryblossoms09, harvestmice06, harvestmice07, redpandas01, redpandas08
    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): olives03, olives09, northerncardinals20, bmbordercollies13

    Thanks! 💕

  • 201212 Gem
    - Wishes #50 (2020-12-12): honeycombs15, waterfalls03, hummingbirds06, waterfalls15, pears12, islands01, earth16, islands13, rosequartz17, earth06
    - Wishes #48 (2020-12-12): rosequartz11, rosequartz18, earth07, earth14, waterfalls01, waterfalls19, whitetigers06, whitetigers17, islands02, islands16
    - Deck Release (2020-12-12): northerncardinals03, northerncardinals12, slovenia14, olives01


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