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Posted on November 14, 2020

Members: Naomi — Welcome to the TCG!
Masteries: Aki (hummingbirds, jellyfish, philippines, sky, strawberries, venus, venusflytraps); april (rosymaplemoths, snow); Drew (bismuth, butterflies, deadsea, grandopening, koi, prejoin, spring, stars); Gem (oceans, tigers); Hotaru (giantpandas, winter); Joey (blackcats, crestedgeckos, deserts, lightning, peonies, seaturtles); Kayori (axolotls, blackcats, leafcutterbees, lightning, lilyofthevalley, olms, orchidmantis, peonies, redspiderlilies, seaturtles, snowflakes, spring, stars, succulents, venusflytraps); Kupo (fossils, gardenias, marguerites, riversoca); Lina (figs, moon, rainbow); Mio (deserts, dunes, giantpandas, glaciers, mainecoons, rubybonnets); Mysti (deadsea, sunsets, winter); Ramona (corals, dandelions, forests, gardenias, leafcutterbees, mainecoons, snowflakes); saya (clouds, ferrets, geysers, leafcutterbees, mountains, peacockspiders); Suza (arcticfoxes, begonias, blackcats, cinnabarmoths, dunes, fog, grasses, lilyofthevalley, philippines, plankton, prejoin, venusflytraps, wasps); Zenit (forests, gold, moon, prejoin, seaturtles, spring, whalesharks) — Keep up the good work!
Level Ups: Aki (Lichen > Sapling); Drew, Hotaru, Joey (Sprout > Seedling); Ramona, Zenit (Seedling > Lichen) — Good job, congrats!
Referrals: None (x1) — Thank you for promoting Shizen TCG!

First of all, Yuuchin's cards has been reset for the new week!

And then, as the title says, we are hiring for an additional 1 deck maker to get on board. Deck makers are rewarded with 2 cards per deck made plus an additional 1 from the deck once it's released. This was supposed to be announced two weeks ago but I kept forgetting, LOL. If you are interested, kindly send me a message on Discord. ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

As for our Halloween event's Candy Shop, it has been closed on November 13th at 11:59PM PHT. So if you have candy leftovers that you weren't able to exchange until the deadline or purchases that were made on the 14th are no longer valid. Kindly let me know your purchases from the 14th if you have some so I can remove them from your logs. Many thanks!

Closing Notes

I'm still groggy hahaha. That'll be all for a quick update today. I'll see you all next Saturday, November 21st! Tata~! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. LinaI wish for choice cards spelling HURRICANE!   
  2. AscheI wish for 3 choice cards from any Black decks!   
  3. saya and LexI wish for double game rewards from the Set A set!    No need to refresh the rewards page!

New Releases

Click here for your deck release pulls.
Sorry, there are currently no active games to this date from the weekly and bi-weekly sets.
  • 210111 Whitney
    Deck Release (2020-11-14): emperorpenguins02, emperorpenguins06, islands02, islands18
    Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): giantpandas11, giantpandas12, koalas07
    Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): hummingbirds18, hummingbirds19, cinnabarmoths10, cinnabarmoths11, giantpandas17, alpacas15, alpacas16, giantpandas18, earth07

    Thank you!

  • 201205 Nicolie
    - Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): emperorpenguins02, emperorpenguins17, fog06
    - Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): orangeclownfish07, emperorpenguins06, stars08, stars14, prejoin04, fennecfoxes03, milkyway15, prejoin10, emperorpenguins19
    - Deck Release (2020-11-14): emperorpenguins05, emperorpenguins13, gladiolus05, hibiscus13

  • 201121 Mysti

    - Deck Release (2020-11-14): islands08, islands16, gladiolus03, hibiscus20
    - Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): blackcats19, blackcats09, emperorpenguins14
    Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): philippines09, clouds13, stars11, spring05, islands15, nicobarpigeons05, stars05, autumn17, nicobarpigeons19

  • 201121 Megan
    - Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): giantpandas01, giantpandas02, emperorpenguins13
    - Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): cinnabarmoths19, hummingbirds01, rainbow04, rainbow14, giraffes02, cinnabarmoths20, ragdolls01, snow14, giraffes13
    - Deck Release (2020-11-14): emperorpenguins09, emperorpenguins19, islands08, islands19


  • 201120 Aki
    - Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): lunamoths06, sunsets13, nicobarpigeons05, nicobarpigeons07, begonias09, peacockspiders02, begonias16, lunamoths07, sunsets16
    - Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): blackcats06, blackcats09, moon01
    - Deck Release (2020-11-14): islands01, islands02, hibiscus01, hibiscus02
    - Maker Pull (2020-11-14): islands03, gladiolus01, emperorpenguins01

    Phew! I just realized I forgot to play for this week. LOL!

  • 201119 Drew
    -Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): goldfish08, emperorpenguins19, emperorpenguins04, arcticfoxes03, arcticfoxes08, riversoca19, harvestmice16, hummingbirds19, redfoxes02
    -Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): emperorpenguins01, emperorpenguins10, moon20
    -Deck Release (2020-11-14): emperorpenguins06, hibiscus01, islands15, islands18
    -Donator Pull (2020-11-14): emperorpenguins07

    Thank you!

  • 201118 Gem
    - Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): blackcats02, emperorpenguins14, koalas12
    - Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): amethyst17, clouds13, redfoxes15, corals09, spring17, clouds07, corals05, spring02, redfoxes04
    - Deck Release (2020-11-14): islands15, islands17, gladiolus02, gladiolus14


  • 201117 Suza
    - Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): harvestmice01, gladiolus01, redpandas08, redpandas11, gladiolus02, glaciers02, koalas05, grandopening06, venus01
    - Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): koalas06, koalas07, emperorpenguins01
    - Deck Release (2020-11-14): gladiolus03, gladiolus04, islands08, islands18
    - Donator Pull (2020-11-14): gladiolus05, hibiscus08

    Thank you so much!

  • 201117 Lex
    Deck Release (2020-11-14): emperorpenguins14, emperorpenguins19, hibiscus13, islands09

    Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): harvestmice03, autumn09, prejoin10, prejoin17, begonias03, clovers01, autumn20, dunes15, dunes19

    Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): norwegianforestcats02, norwegianforestcats03, emperorpenguins02

  • 201116 saya
    - Deck Release (2020-11-14): islands07, islands12, hibiscus11, hibiscus12
    - Donator Pull (2020-11-14): islands13

    - Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): koalas02, koalas03, emperorpenguins01
    - Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): bismuth04, summer08, summer09, grandopening11, koi04, clovers16, grandopening15, northernlights01, northernlights18


  • 201116 Zenit
    - Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): jellyfish15, leafcutterbees01, northernlights02, silver04, jellyfish16, leafcutterbees02, begonias08, northernlights07, silver06
    - Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): silver09, silver14, giantpandas01
    - Deck Release (2020-11-14): emperorpenguins02, emperorpenguins09, gladiolus06, islands17

  • 201115 Eimii
    Deck Release (2020-11-14): gladiolus01, gladiolus02, hibiscus01, hibiscus02

    Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): cherryblossoms05, saturn03, cherryblossoms06, saturn04, koi07, mainecoons01, blackcats03, lavender15, jellyfish02

    Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): blackcats04, norwegianforestcats01, fog02

  • 201115 Ramona
    Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): lightning06, summer06, emeralds04, emeralds06, lightning07, glaciers02, glaciers03, northernlights05, northernlights08

    Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): emperorpenguins01, emperorpenguins02, norwegianforestcats03

    Deck Release (2020-11-14): emperorpenguins03, gladiolus18, hibiscus14, islands12

    Thank you :)

  • 201115 april
    - Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): fog03, fog04, norwegianforestcats03
    - Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): goldfish09, mountains19, rosequartz06, rosequartz07, goldfish10, oceans12, oceans14, mountains20, glaciers18
    - Deck Release (2020-11-14): gladiolus01, gladiolus02, emperorpenguins04, islands11

    Thank you! 🌿

  • 201115 Kupo
    - Deck Release (2020-11-14): gladiolus14, gladiolus16, hibiscus03, islands08
    - Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): bettafish20, nebulae01, northernlights12, northernlights13, orchidmantis05, orchidmantis09, bengalfoxes01, moon18, bengalfoxes06
    - Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): moon03, moon16, giantpandas13

    Thank you!

  • 201114 Lina
    - Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): giantpandas11, giantpandas13, emperorpenguins02
    - Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): whitetigers07, hummingbirds02, northernlights15, northernlights20, whitetigers15, peacockspiders01, giantpandas06, giantpandas10, peacockspiders20
    - Deck Release (2020-11-14): emperorpenguins01, emperorpenguins20, islands01, islands20

    Thank you!

  • 201114 Kayori
    Wishes #36: butterflies04, butterflies11, clouds01, fossils14, rain04, rain05, saturn06, saturn07, whalesharks04
    Wishes #37: koalas01, koalas02, giantpandas02

    Deck Release: emperorpenguins12, gladiolus10, hibiscus05, islands03
    Thank you!

  • 201114 rian
    Wishes #37 (2020-11-14): emperorpenguins01, emperorpenguins03, norwegianforestcats05
    Wishes #36 (2020-11-14): hummingbirds17, hummingbirds18, strawberries18, strawberries19, lapislazuli13, nicobarpigeons11, lapislazuli14, nicobarpigeons13, rubies13

    will come back for deck release, thank you!

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