Everyone is on fire! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و
Posted on October 17, 2020

Members: Eimii, ranka — Welcome to the TCG!
Masteries: Aki (croatia, lightning, northernlights, rain, rainbow, stars); andrea (redpandas); april (blackcats, fennecfoxes, milkyway, nebulae, plankton, redfoxes); Drew (oceans); Gem (lavender); Joey (cherryblossoms, prejoin); Jun (butterflies, lightning, lunamoths, rubybonnets, stars); Kayori (bamboo, deadsea, deserts, edelweiss, fog, giraffes, glaciers, gold, lava, milkyway, redpandas, whitetigers); Kupo (butterflies, clouds, koi, rainbow); Lex (clouds, mainecoons, milkyway); Lina (bamboo, bismuth, emeralds, jellyfish, nebulae, pumpkins, venus); Megan (lilyofthevalley); Mio (autumn, butterflies, goldfish, prejoin, venus, whalesharks); Mysti (geysers, lapislazuli, oleanders, plankton, redfoxes); Nicolie (bismuth, clovers, nebulae, redspiderlilies, venusflytraps); Ramona (amethyst, autumn, bamboo, edelweiss, grandopening, ragdolls, redpandas); saya (corals, fossils, horses, lapislazuli, lightning, mainecoons, oceans, oleanders, pumpkins, silver, sky, snow, spring); Suza (bismuth, clouds, geysers, rainbow, waterfalls); Zenit (axolotls, bismuth, mainecoons, redfoxes, sphynxcats) — Keep up the good work!
Level Ups: Jun (Root > Sprout); Kayori, Mio, saya (Sprout > Seedling) — Good job, congrats!
Referrals: Megan (x1) — Thank you for promoting Shizen TCG!

We had a good week this time! A bunch of you were able to master a lot of decks, yay~! And we're already half-way our ghost hunting and Halloween event in general already. Time flies so fast, I haven't finished the Candy Shop yet LMAO. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و

Anyway, our Halloween 2020 themed deck was not completed for the first round by our event participants so we're going to open the second round for non-participants. The deck is currently 6 cards short, so I hope those who weren't able to donate would be able to. Just be reminded that you can only fill in 1 image for 1 empty card slot! Do not attempt to override the already donated images as this is a first come-first serve basis. The deadline for the themed deck donation will be on October 23rd at 11:59PM PHT.

Closing Notes

That will be all for today! I will be MIA starting today since my baby boy will be having his first birthday tomorrow, so I'll be preparing stuffs here in the house. I will try to poke in when I get the chance but I can't promise that I'll be able to fix or answer anything asap. Thank you! I'll see you all next Saturday, October 24th! Tata~!ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

In celebration of my baby Reiji Basty's first birthday, everyone can get another set of freebies!!! — Get it here - 2 cards per deck only!

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. Megan and AmberI wish for 3 choice cards from any Orange decks!   
  2. Joey, Hotaru and KayoriI wish for 10 choice pack from any deck!   
  3. AkiI wish for choice cards spelling HALLOWEEN2020!   

New Releases

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  • 201127 Whitney
    Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): tigers05, tigers06, redfoxes05
    Deck Release (2020-10-17): earth01, earth02, giantpandas01, giantpandas02
    Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): oceans01, oceans11, spring03, spring06, fog16, fog18, emeralds06, emeralds14, barnowls17, barnowls18
    Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): northernlights04, barnowls19, milkyway10, northernlights06, fog19, milkyway11, oceans16, oceans17, spring07, amethyst02, spring08, emeralds20, amethyst03
    Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): prejoin12, cinnabarmoths04, amethyst04, prejoin13, cinnabarmoths05, forests01, forests03, spring11, amethyst08

    Thank you!

  • 201102 Nicolie
    Deck Release (2020-10-17): giantpandas13, giantpandas19, mantis05, mantis13
    Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): butterflies02, butterflies20, redfoxes06
    Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): blackcats12, butterflies07, butterflies15, barnowls03, barnowls10, marguerites14, marguerites20, horses06, horses09, grandopening07
    Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): horses11, bengalfoxes01, butterflies08, bengalfoxes13, barnowls08, barnowls11, marguerites13, redfoxes18, grandopening05, grandopening12, marguerites09, redfoxes02, horses10
    Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): grandopening02, clouds17, northernlights12, grandopening15, bengalfoxes05, redfoxes03, redfoxes07, bengalfoxes16, horses08

  • 201021 andrea
    Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): axolotls13, dandelions04, jellyfish06, jellyfish13, nebulae01, nebulae04, lunamoths01, lunamoths06, whalesharks01, whalesharks08
    Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): jellyfish16, nebulae05, nebulae08, lunamoths11, lunamoths15, whalesharks12, redspiderlilies05, northernlights02, northernlights03, redspiderlilies20, rain02, whalesharks20, rain06
    Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): lunamoths17, clouds01, lunamoths18, northernlights05, nebulae10, whalesharks16, whalesharks17, northernlights18, rain08

    [EDIT: 2020-10-26]
    Deck Release (2020-10-17): earth04, giantpandas11, harvestmice10, harvestmice15

  • 201020 Lex
    Deck Release (2020-10-17): earth12, harvestmice17, mantis04, giantpandas19
    Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): venus03, venus07, autumn01
    Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): cherryblossoms07, oceans15, emeralds10, emeralds13, peonies12, waterfalls01, peonies13, cherryblossoms08, redpandas03, venus12, lapislazuli04, waterfalls12, lapislazuli09
    Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): emeralds14, lapislazuli06, lapislazuli08, peonies14, peonies18, venus14, venus17, redpandas04, redpandas11, blackcats04
    Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): peonies20, blackcats10, blackcats11, cherryblossoms10, cherryblossoms13, venus19, spring05, lapislazuli11, spring18

  • 201019 Ramona
    Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): koi08, koi10, redfoxes20
    Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): axolotls12, axolotls18, bismuth05, bismuth08, koi12, koi16, moon08, moon10, mountains02, mountains10
    Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): bismuth11, mountains12, cherryblossoms04, cherryblossoms06, moon14, whitetigers02, whitetigers04, deadsea04, mountains13, succulents02, koi20, waterfalls02, snowflakes20
    Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): mountains20, riversoca03, mountains16, koi18, cherryblossoms07, cherryblossoms09, corals01, koi17, deadsea08
    Deck Release (2020-10-17): giantpandas01, giantpandas02, earth13, earth15

    Thank you & Happy Birthday to your baby boy :)

  • 201019 Zenit
    - Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): autumn03, autumn05, goldfish19
    - Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): fennecfoxes09, fennecfoxes14, giraffes15, autumn08, autumn11, norwegianforestcats05, norwegianforestcats06, waterfalls02, whitetigers08, whitetigers09
    - Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): whitetigers10, autumn13, waterfalls07, waterfalls08, fennecfoxes17, whitetigers11, norwegianforestcats19, oceans01, autumn15, fennecfoxes20, oceans02, norwegianforestcats20, goldfish20
    - Deck Release (2020-10-17): giantpandas08, giantpandas11, harvestmice10, harvestmice12
    - Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): norwegianforestcats07, norwegianforestcats08, waterfalls16, barnowls17, barnowls18, whitetigers19, whitetigers20, waterfalls17, autumn18

  • 201019 Eimii
    Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): fog01, blackcats01, bettafish07, cherryblossoms01, bettafish10, lavender05, lavender06, koi19, koi18

  • 201019 rian
    from my logs~

    - Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): rosymaplemoths16, rosymaplemoths17, orchidmantis07, orchidmantis08, snow05, snow06, rubies02, rubies03, ragdolls19, ragdolls20
    - Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): rosymaplemoths07, orchidmantis18, rosymaplemoths08, rosymaplemoths09, rubies01, redspiderlilies15, redspiderlilies17, redspiderlilies12, redspiderlilies08
    - Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): koi01, koi02, autumn17
    - Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): orchidmantis02, orchidmantis05, lapislazuli01, lapislazuli02, rosymaplemoths15, snow02, amethyst04, amethyst05, snow03, rain12, rosymaplemoths10, sky20, redspiderlilies20
    - Deck Release (2020-10-17): giantpandas15, harvestmice11, mantis09, earth02

  • 201019 Mysti
    - Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): moon10, cinnabarmoths05, earth14, moon19, cinnabarmoths17, earth12, emeralds09, rain15, rain08
    - Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): deserts06, deserts13, venus19
    - Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): cinnabarmoths14, rain11, corals03, emeralds12, moon11, milkyway07, emeralds14, nebulae07, cinnabarmoths06, waterfalls02, moon09, rain20, redspiderlilies08
    - Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): rain13, moon08, moon13, cinnabarmoths10, cinnabarmoths20, waterfalls11, waterfalls04, earth05, earth16, deserts03

    [EDIT: 2020-10-25]
    Deck Release (2020-10-17): earth04, earth07, harvestmice02, harvestmice19

  • 201018 ranka
    Happy Birthday to your boy!

    Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): autumn03, autumn10, butterflies06
    Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): harvestmice01, harvestmice02, rubybonnets04, rubybonnets09, bismuth03, bismuth04, redspiderlilies02, redspiderlilies03, lavender05, lavender06
    Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): amethyst01, amethyst02, cherryblossoms03, cherryblossoms04, barnowls02, barnowls01, prejoin03, prejoin04, nebulae02, figs02, figs03, lapislazuli02, lapislazuli03
    Deck Release (2020-10-17): harvestmice03, harvestmice04, earth01, earth02
    Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): rubybonnets13, harvestmice07, harvestmice05, mainecoons03, rubybonnets15, redspiderlilies05, redspiderlilies04, bismuth10, bismuth18

  • 201018 saya
    - Deck Release (2020-10-17): earth19, earth20, mantis06, mantis13
    - Donator Pull (2020-10-17): mantis16
    - Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): olms17, orchidmantis13, mantis09, olms18, nebulae07, redfoxes15, rain15, orchidmantis14, mantis08
    - Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): cherryblossoms06, orchidmantis07, olms19, cherryblossoms07, orchidmantis09, milkyway17, redfoxes04, redfoxes06, mantis19, olms20, figs10, mantis20, milkyway20
    - Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): figs01, figs02, mantis01, mantis02, olms01, olms03, orchidmantis05, orchidmantis18, cherryblossoms11, cherryblossoms17
    - Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): redfoxes18, redfoxes19, koi02

    Happy birthday baby Basty o/

  • 201017 Kayori
    Wishes #23: dunes02, dunes04, goldfish04

    Wishes #24: bengalfoxes06, bengalfoxes07, dunes10, dunes14, goldfish05, goldfish06, koi04, koi05, marguerites03, marguerites06

    Wishes #25: bengalfoxes08, bengalfoxes11, goldfish07, goldfish12, grandopening06, grandopening12, koi06, mainecoons20, marguerites10, marguerites16, norwegianforestcats01, norwegianforestcats02, sphynxcats10

    Deck Release: earth01, earth02, giantpandas10, mantis20

    Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): begonias01, grandopening16, grandopening17, mainecoons03, mainecoons04, norwegianforestcats03, norwegianforestcats04, sphynxcats08, sphynxcats11

  • 201017 Eimii
    Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): koi01, koi02, goldfish01

    Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): koi03, koi04, bettafish02, bettafish04, lavender01, lavender02, ragdolls01, ragdolls02, rain01, rain02

    Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): bettafish06, autumn01, lavender03, lavender04, orchidmantis01, waterfalls01, bettafish05, waterfalls02, rain03, saturn02, fog20, cherryblossoms02, fog10

    Deck Release (2020-10-17): giantpandas01, giantpandas02, harvestmice01, harvestmice02

  • 201017 Lina
    - Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): begonias16, corals02, lilyofthevalley01, begonias20, rubybonnets02, lavender02, corals19, fossils18, fossils08
    - Deck Release (2020-10-17): earth01, earth20, giantpandas01, harvestmice01
    - Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): deserts02, dunes01, lava01
    - Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): begonias10, fossils17, lavender03, lavender20, lilyofthevalley02, lilyofthevalley20, rubybonnets03, rubybonnets19, redspiderlilies01, redspiderlilies19
    - Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): lilyofthevalley03, saturn06, lilyofthevalley19, lavender05, corals03, milkyway05, lavender19, rubybonnets04, saturn19, fossils12, fossils10, redspiderlilies02, redspiderlilies10

    Thanks! Happy Birthday to the kid!

  • 201017 Aki
    Thank you, Lina! (/n_n)/
    I am foreseeing a bunch of masteries for this week again huehuehue...

    - Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): orangeclownfish04, orangeclownfish14, lava05
    - Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): cinnabarmoths13, cinnabarmoths20, lava17, lava20, orangeclownfish15, orangeclownfish17, oleanders06, oleanders09, gardenias02, gardenias05
    - Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): sphynxcats02, grandopening08, corals04, corals05, oleanders18, snow01, grandopening09, hermitcrabs04, gardenias10, hermitcrabs12, oleanders10, grasses02, grasses10
    - Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): corals06, corals07, plankton07, plankton08, hermitcrabs05, grandopening11, grandopening13, snow11, snow08
    - Deck Release (2020-10-17): earth01, earth02, giantpandas01, giantpandas02
    - Donator Pull (2020-10-17): earth03
    - Maker Pull (2020-10-17): earth04, giantpandas03, harvestmice01, mantis18

  • 201017 Megan
    - Deck Release (2020-10-17): giantpandas13, giantpandas14, harvestmice16, harvestmice17
    - Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): arcticfoxes14, harvestmice19, arcticfoxes15, snowflakes16, leafcutterbees02, deadsea15, harvestmice20, snowflakes11, grasses08
    - Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): harvestmice07, harvestmice08, snowflakes04, snowflakes05, arcticfoxes12, snow04, deadsea03, deadsea14, sphynxcats01, arcticfoxes20, tigers20, clouds02, clouds10
    - Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): harvestmice13, harvestmice14, moon18, redfoxes09, redfoxes18, redpandas10, tigers11, tigers18, snow11, snow16
    - Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): redfoxes04, redfoxes05, tigers07

  • 201017 Gem
    - Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): mountains17, cherryblossoms02, mountains14, redfoxes16, cherryblossoms17, jellyfish03, glaciers15, jellyfish10, glaciers08
    - Deck Release (2020-10-17): earth04, earth13, harvestmice12, giantpandas13
    - Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): jellyfish08, deadsea07, jellyfish14, cherryblossoms08, cherryblossoms13, waterfalls04, deadsea10, glaciers03, mountains15, mountains12, glaciers20, dunes02, dunes20
    - Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): jellyfish05, jellyfish09, cherryblossoms11, cherryblossoms12, deadsea03, deadsea19, mountains01, mountains19, glaciers10, glaciers17
    - Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): dunes01, dunes19, tigers06

    Thank you!

  • 201017 april
    - Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): virginiatigermoths12, grandopening05, leafcutterbees01, leafcutterbees13, virginiatigermoths14, whalesharks19, grasses06, grasses05, grandopening07, figs12, figs20, corals12, corals20
    - Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): autumn19, orchidmantis20, prejoin19, saturn06, whalesharks05, virginiatigermoths07, grasses04, figs04, corals03, saturn08
    - Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): autumn05, autumn06, pumpkins02
    - Deck Release (2020-10-17): earth03, earth04, harvestmice10, harvestmice12

    Thank you!

    [EDIT: 2020-10-18]
    Whoops, nearly skipped this one!
    - Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): virginiatigermoths17, leafcutterbees14, virginiatigermoths18, corals04, leafcutterbees15, earth02, earth05, corals11, figs18

  • 201017 Kupo
    - Deck Release (2020-10-17): giantpandas11, earth06, harvestmice07, harvestmice08
    - Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): tigers02, tigers04, goldfish02
    - Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): bamboo14, bamboo15, deadsea06, deadsea07, prejoin08, prejoin10, lightning05, lightning08, tigers07, tigers10
    - Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): goldfish03, bamboo18, lightning09, lightning13, arcticfoxes02, waterfalls01, tigers11, tigers12, prejoin11, bamboo20, deadsea08, prejoin20, deadsea09
    - Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): prejoin13, arcticfoxes03, tigers13, prejoin16, blackcats01, deadsea16, arcticfoxes05, deadsea17, tigers18

    Thank you! And happy birthday to your baby boy! We're almost birthday twins! ^__^

  • 201017 Suza
    - Deck Release (2020-10-17): giantpandas08, giantpandas18, earth08, earth18
    - Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): lava08, lava10, autumn08
    - Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): cherryblossoms04, cherryblossoms06, gardenias04, gardenias05, marguerites12, marguerites14, oceans04, oceans06, oleanders06, oleanders07
    - Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): cherryblossoms15, marguerites15, oleanders09, oleanders13, oceans11, edelweiss01, marguerites19, edelweiss02, saturn06, gardenias02, cherryblossoms09, gardenias12, oceans20
    - Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): oleanders16, oceans14, saturn08, oceans15, cherryblossoms17, gardenias01, gardenias10, saturn15, oleanders18

    Happy Happy Birthday to your baby! Many wishes to him for a healthy, happy and blessed year!

  • 201017 Joey
    Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): redfoxes13, redfoxes14, koi05
    Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): arcticfoxes12, arcticfoxes15, redfoxes11, redfoxes15, fennecfoxes12, fennecfoxes13, blackcats09, blackcats10, koi08, koi10
    Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): hermitcrabs14, hermitcrabs18, blackcats03, blackcats04, arcticfoxes09, waterfalls01, bettafish15, bettafish17, fennecfoxes05, arcticfoxes02, bismuth20, fennecfoxes02, redfoxes20
    Deck Release (2020-10-17): giantpandas01, giantpandas02, mantis01, mantis02
    Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): fennecfoxes06, fennecfoxes09, arcticfoxes19, arcticfoxes20, blackcats05, redfoxes07, redfoxes10, peonies15, blackcats08

    How exciting!! Happy first birthday!!

  • 201017 Asche
    Wishes #23 (2020-10-17): redfoxes02, redfoxes03, dunes02
    Wishes #24 (2020-10-17): fossils08, fossils17, ragdolls11, ragdolls12, redpandas12, redpandas17, milkyway14, milkyway16, giraffes05, giraffes12
    Wishes #25 (2020-10-17): bettafish13, giraffes01, jellyfish02, milkyway13, fossils14, milkyway12, giraffes14, redpandas15, dunes04, fossils12, redpandas20, ragdolls20, ragdolls10
    Deck Release (2020-10-17): giantpandas06, giantpandas13, harvestmice11, harvestmice14
    Freebies #4 (2020-10-17): arcticfoxes06, harvestmice03, harvestmice06, ragdolls13, bismuth01, giraffes15, giraffes16, milkyway19, ragdolls18

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