Here comes Halloween
Posted on September 26, 2020

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Masteries: Aki (deserts, fog, forests, goldfish, spring); andrea (lightning, stars); april (begonias, forests); Bun (begonias, bettafish, dunes, giraffes, jellyfish, seaturtles, whitetigers); Drew (autumn, cherryblossoms, clouds, forests); Hotaru (lightning); Kayori (bettafish); Lex (bismuth); Mari (begonias, succulents); Megan (marguerites); saya (deadsea, fennecfoxes, lava, redpandas, rubies); Zenit (geysers, tigers) — Keep up the good work!
Level Ups: Drew (Seed > Root); Mio, saya (Root > Sprout) — Good job, congrats!
Games: Weekly, Set A

Hey guys, sorry for the late decent update! I was at my sister's since Wednesday so I wasn't really able to get online like the usual. Anyway, I'll keep it short. I think I'll be able to code the most needed bits for this year's first event until September 30th. So I'm going to open up the event registration starting today. I'm still working on the event information though, so please visit the event page again sometime before October 1st.

If you have questions regarding the event that I haven't covered yet to the current event information, please do ask as soon as possible so I can add them up before the event starts. ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Because I'm a little lazy busy, I get Liffy to manage the weekly updates. Sometimes Liffy can be very playful... or mean, she mixes things up and around. So, if you see something wrong, just let me know via Discord, okay? Thank you! ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

Oh and by the way, since it's currently midnight where I live, I won't be able to edit this post to bring you a more decent update until later today. So please wait for me for further updates! I'll keep everyone posted on Discord once this placeholder has been edited. Tata~!

Wishing Stars

Kindly take a total max of 2 cards per deck if there are no restrictions indicated.

  1. WhitneyI wish for choice cards spelling BUTTERFLY!   
  2. april and MioI wish for 3 choice cards from any Green decks!   
  3. LexI wish for choice cards spelling SEPTEMBER!   

New Releases

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Sorry, there are currently no active games to this date from the weekly and bi-weekly sets.
  • 201017 Asche
    Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): bettafish04, mountains18, mountains19, axolotls11, succulents18, ragdolls04, fossils02, axolotls12, milkyway06
    Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): mountains15, mountains17, succulents16
    Wishes #35 (2020-09-26): axolotls13, succulents20, redpandas04, seaturtles02, horses15, milkyway07, bettafish06, horses18, ragdolls05
    Deck Release (2020-09-26): sky10, sky19, whalesharks01, whalesharks02

  • 201005 Mysti

    - Wishes #35 (2020-09-26): riversoca16, oceans16, grandopening04, lunamoths18, grandopening20, lunamoths16, barnowls06, oceans04, riversoca03
    - Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): barnowls04, lunamoths19, lunamoths10, plankton16, grandopening12, grandopening19, snowflakes05, barnowls14, milkyway03
    - Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): lunamoths15, lunamoths08, emeralds02

  • 201005 Nicolie
    - Deck Release (2020-09-26): sky04, sky09, whalesharks05, whalesharks12
    - Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): bettafish18, nebulae13, arcticfoxes04, bettafish20, peonies01, waterfalls15, arcticfoxes18, waterfalls17, venusflytraps13
    - Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): clovers06, clovers17, venusflytraps01
    - Wishes #35 (2020-09-26): waterfalls04, bettafish07, peonies05, arcticfoxes06, waterfalls20, moon07, bettafish14, peonies11, arcticfoxes14

  • 201004 Ariad
    - Deck Release (2020-09-26): lunamoths13, lunamoths16, sky06, sky10
    - Wishes #35 (2020-09-26): fennecfoxes01, fennecfoxes02, rosymaplemoths11, rosymaplemoths19, glaciers19, orchidmantis12, butterflies10, butterflies18, orchidmantis17
    - Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): mountains17, lunamoths07, lunamoths08
    - Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): butterflies06, butterflies08, orchidmantis13, orchidmantis14, fennecfoxes05, rosymaplemoths02, fennecfoxes16, gold09, rosymaplemoths20


  • 201003 andrea
    Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): rainbow08, lapislazuli06, mountains10, mountains11, oceans06, redpandas08, jellyfish12, rosymaplemoths18, sky02
    Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): mountains09, mountains15, rainbow15
    Wishes #35 (2020-09-26): sky05, oceans09, redpandas10, mountains12, oceans20, mountains13, rainbow01, redpandas11, rainbow16
    Deck Release (2020-09-26): sky20, lunamoths13, whalesharks06, whalesharks19

  • 201003 saya
    Damn forgot to do this sorry for lateness:

    - Deck Release (2020-09-26): sky05, sky06, wasps06, wasps08 / Donator Pull (2020-09-26): wasps10, sky08
    - Wishes #37 (2020-09-26): saturn11, amethyst02, spring09, saturn12, amethyst03, moon09, rainbow07, oleanders13, rainbow08
    - Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): rainbow14, saturn17, saturn20, croatia07, amethyst19, croatia08, fossils02, oleanders12, sky01
    - Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): rainbow10, rainbow16, spring08

  • 201002 Gem
    deck release: sky12, sky20, wasps04, whalesharks17
    wishes #15: cherryblossoms01, autumn20, forests19, autumn18, lavender02, lavender03, forests20, jellyfish16, sky02
    wishes #16: forests01, forests05, spring12
    wishes #37: forests10, lavender08, spring14, autumn06, forests04, autumn01, cherryblossoms19, lavender14, cherryblossoms14

    thank you <3

  • 201002 Lex
    Deck Release (2020-09-26): sky10, sky14, lunamoths09, wasps18
    Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): nebulae06, nebulae07, seaturtles04, seaturtles05, fennecfoxes01, northernlights08, fennecfoxes17, northernlights10, jellyfish05
    Wishes #37 (2020-09-26): jellyfish08, nebulae09, peonies19, seaturtles06, fennecfoxes10, milkyway20, nebulae13, jellyfish15, seaturtles14
    Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): venusflytraps10, venusflytraps13, spring11

  • 200930 Whitney
    Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): butterflies02, venus04, butterflies03, blackcats04, venus18, horses03, fog04, blackcats10, milkyway01
    Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): spring01, spring02, emeralds03
    Wishes #37 (2020-09-26): venus19, butterflies10, redpandas09, butterflies15, horses09, mainecoons02, blackcats06, mainecoons03, horses11
    Deck Release (2020-09-26): sky01, sky02, whalesharks05, whalesharks10

    Thank you! The Halloween event sounds fun!! Thank you for granting my wish!

  • 200929 april
    - Wishes #37 (2020-09-26): spring15, peonies19, peonies05, lightning13, dunes09, moon06, blackcats07, dunes13, prejoin02
    - Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): clovers20, spring13, spring18
    - Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): barnowls14, dunes06, lightning10, lightning12, clovers03, clovers15, fossils16, blackcats04, milkyway01
    - Deck Release (2020-09-26): whalesharks02, whalesharks12, lunamoths01, sky04

    Thank you! I'm excited for the Halloween event :D

  • 200929 Megan
    - Wishes #37 (2020-09-26): blackcats13, lilyofthevalley14, redpandas01, whitetigers14, succulents20, autumn03, blackcats18, lilyofthevalley13, whitetigers08
    - Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): blackcats09, autumn14, autumn18, blackcats10, succulents14, whitetigers07, snowflakes02, succulents05, lilyofthevalley07
    - Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): mountains12, mountains14, succulents04
    - Deck Release (2020-09-26): sky06, sky07, whalesharks03, whalesharks05

  • 200928 Suza
    Deck Release (2020-09-26): lunamoths08, sky08, wasps08, whalesharks08
    Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): rubies12, rubies13, amethyst07, waterfalls08, silver03, silver04, butterflies08, lapislazuli03, amethyst09
    Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): emeralds08, bamboo08, rainbow08
    Wishes #37 (2020-09-26): lapislazuli06, silver09, lapislazuli04, amethyst12, rubies15, amethyst15, rubies16, silver10, orchidmantis08

    Thank you so much!

  • 200928 Drew
    -Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): bismuth18, bismuth19, mountains15, mountains16, glaciers16, glaciers18, fog02, lava01, sky01
    -Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): mountains02, mountains07, emeralds02
    -Wishes #37 (2020-09-26): oceans11, oceans13, grandopening01, bismuth01, grandopening05, mountains09, bismuth02, prejoin11, prejoin12
    -Deck Release (2020-09-26): sky02, sky03, whalesharks01, whalesharks02

    Thank you! Looking for the event :3

  • 200928 Aki
    - Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): rainbow01, mountains03, norwegianforestcats04, mountains02, emeralds03, ragdolls16, norwegianforestcats05, ragdolls19, geysers01
    - Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): emeralds10, emeralds13, mountains04
    - Wishes #37 (2020-09-26): emeralds16, norwegianforestcats07, prejoin04, mountains07, norwegianforestcats09, mountains08, rainbow03, prejoin05, glaciers03
    - Deck Release (2020-09-26): lunamoths14, lunamoths15, sky02, sky03
    - Maker Pull (2020-09-26): sky04, wasps01, whalesharks01


  • 200927 Joey
    Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): cherryblossoms09, seaturtles08, seaturtles10, arcticfoxes03, whalesharks03, glaciers18, arcticfoxes04, glaciers19, cherryblossoms10
    Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): succulents01, succulents02, venusflytraps01
    Wishes #17 (2020-09-26): glaciers20, whalesharks05, prejoin09, arcticfoxes06, whalesharks06, mainecoons01, cherryblossoms11, prejoin11, cherryblossoms12
    Deck Release (2020-09-26): whalesharks07, whalesharks08, lunamoths01, lunamoths02


  • 200927 Kupo
    - Deck Release (2020-09-26): sky02, sky09, whalesharks07, whalesharks11
    - Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): begonias08, butterflies07, whitetigers07, whitetigers08, fennecfoxes09, redpandas08, fennecfoxes10, milkyway13, milkyway14
    - Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): emeralds02, emeralds06, rainbow03
    - Wishes #37 (2020-09-26): begonias10, fennecfoxes17, redpandas10, whitetigers09, fennecfoxes18, milkyway20, begonias14, redpandas11, whitetigers11

    Thank you~

  • 200927 Ramona
    Deck Release (2020-09-26): sky09, sky16, whalesharks03, whalesharks07
    Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): blackcats10, clouds11, arcticfoxes06, arcticfoxes08, grandopening02, grandopening03,
    forests03, blackcats11, amethyst01
    Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): forests01, forests02, bamboo19
    Wishes #37 (2020-09-26): clouds17, grandopening05, redpandas05, arcticfoxes09, grandopening06, amethyst18,
    bismuth19, arcticfoxes14, ragdolls12

    Thank you!

  • 200926 Lina
    - Deck Release (2020-09-26): lunamoths01, lunamoths20, sky01, whalesharks01
    - Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): nebulae07, venus02, succulents08, succulents09, nebulae08, stars20, jellyfish03, jellyfish04, milkyway01
    - Wishes #17 (or 37) (2020-09-26): jellyfish08, nebulae10, pumpkins05, saturn02, jellyfish17, pumpkins08, bamboo04, nebulae15, saturn03
    - Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): bamboo03, succulents14, succulents19

  • 200926 Hotaru
    - Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): rubies19, saturn01, saturn20, lunamoths04, redfoxes12, redfoxes11, fennecfoxes09, snowflakes18, sky19
    - Deck Release (2020-09-26): sky05, sky20, lunamoths13, whalesharks13

    - Wishes #37 (2020-09-26): snowflakes13, redfoxes15, grandopening20, saturn10, snowflakes11, lunamoths05, rubies01, redfoxes14, saturn15
    - Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): lunamoths01, spring20, succulents01

  • 200926 Ashley
    Deck Release (2020-09-26): lunamoths19, sky04, wasps12, whalesharks13

    Will take the wishes later when I have more cards. =)

    [EDIT: 2020-09-30]
    Taking ec-september2020, will take the rest of the freebies tomorrow, thanks!

    [EDIT: 2020-10-01]
    Wishes #37 (2020-09-26): jellyfish02, nebulae11, sphynxcats01, seaturtles10, nebulae12, milkyway20, cherryblossoms10, jellyfish19, cherryblossoms09
    Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): succulents01, succulents20, mountains11
    Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): nebulae05, nebulae06, seaturtles15, seaturtles20, jellyfish20, cherryblossoms20, jellyfish01, milkyway01, cherryblossoms15


  • 200926 Kayori
    Wishes #15: fog01, lava06, milkyway04, nebulae18, nebulae19, rubies06, rubies12, tigers02, whitetigers05
    Wishes #16: bamboo02, bamboo05, mountains01

    Deck Release: lunamoths12, sky15, wasps07, whalesharks17
    Wishes #37: bamboo06, deadsea02, deadsea04, moon20, redpandas02, tigers03, tigers06, whitetigers06, whitetigers08
    Thank you!

  • 200926 Mari
    Wishes #15 (2020-09-26): cherryblossoms06, venusflytraps10, venusflytraps11, amethyst08, amethyst11, rubies01, lilyofthevalley03, cherryblossoms07, milkyway06
    Wishes #16 (2020-09-26): spring04, venusflytraps14, venusflytraps16
    Wishes #37 (2020-09-26): stars03, lavender03, peonies01, stars05, edelweiss08, milkyway07, rubies02, edelweiss13, redfoxes04
    Deck Release (2020-09-26): lunamoths01, lunamoths02, sky01, sky02

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