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Posted on April 10, 2020

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Hello everyone!
I've finally decided to take my supposed TCG projects in the back burner; naming PotC and Gundam TCGs to give way to Shizen. You might be thinking, another nature TCG?—yes, that's what inside my mind too. But who wouldn't love nature, anyway? Besides, I think majority, if not, all of the nature TCGs are either dead or deader than dead. ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ

I'm working on it slowly whenever I take a break from all of Gleam's transition and coding stuff to refresh my head, so there will be no definite prejoin date at the moment. But! Donations are all welcome so we'll have a certain amount of decks to release for prejoin. We will also give potential members the chance to vote for the prejoin decks.

[EDIT: 2020/05/30]

I'm 99% done with the backend!
All that is left for me to do when the backend is 100% done are the decks. So far there's a pile of 70+ decks waiting to be made, once I'm done with them, I'll open up the voting phase. Those decks that will be voted most during this phase are the ones released for prejoin. I'm targeting to release 50 decks for prejoin, so anyone who are interested to join Shizen, please don't hesitate to vote for these decks!

Deck Voting!

Although there are only 4 decks to be made, I will now open the voting phase for prejoin decks! I will finish the remaining 4 donated decks today, so you can still vote for these in the upcoming days. If you want to start voting now, you can do so here! Everyone will have four days to vote for the decks they want to see for prejoin, so I suggest to vote for these decks everyday. The voting period will end on July 30, 2020 at 11:59PM PHT!

And that's it, minna! Please be reminded that you can only vote once a day, with 1 different deck per drop down. If the form is not working, kindly let me know. I've already tested it myself so I don't think there would be any. And lastly, if everything goes well this week, Shizen will be open for prejoin beta-launch this August 1st! ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ♪

Sorry, there are currently no active games to this date from the weekly and bi-weekly sets.
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