Ready your costumes! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧
Posted on October 01, 2020

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Alas, October is here! New month and hey, Shizen's first yearly event: Halloween 2020. I've changed the layout to the Halloween special, which will last until the end of the month. So our moments with the pumpkins and zombies are pretty brief.

(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Aja! Before we start with the event though, please make sure that you've read the event information we have so far on the event page. The schedule has been set and two of the activities are currently closed. Those will open up according to its schedule, so please stay tuned for that. I will mention on Discord some event updates too (or on Twitter); I've mentioned on Discord that the event will start once I've posted an initial update, unfortunately not all of the participants are members of our Discord server so they may be missing some event information and clarifications.

Event Schedule

- Trick-or-Treating (October 1 - October 31): Event participants can start visiting the registered houses starting today until the end of the month. However, due to this activity that must be done daily, each participant can only visit a maximum of 5 houses per day.

- Ghost Hunting (October 1 - October 31): This activity will commence for 13 random days for the entire month of October. Please take note that you must found all 13 Halloween sprites in order to get the event reward bonus! If you miss one sprite or chance, you won't be able to get the bonus, so be careful and alert.

- Dig and Delve (October 3 - October 30): In addition to this event, we'll have some Halloween-themed automated weekly games that you're all familiar with. You won't gain any cards from these games except for candies that you can use to purchase the limited Halloween items.

- Candy Shop (October 31 - November 13): This is where you'll spend your candies. The shop will remain close until October 31 when the rounds of the event games are over. Event participants will be given 2 weeks to spend their candies.

If you have some questions regarding the trick-or-treating and ghost hunting activities, please don't hesitate to ask. You can send your inquiries to our Discord #event-help channel, direct message through our on-site messaging system or via email.

Event Achievement

Event achievement: ec-october2020, ec-autumn2020, ec-layout06

Closing Notes

I'm a little bit distracted while doing this update as I'm currently guiding my kindergarten to their Google meet and he keeps getting disconnected from the meeting. So I'm 100% sure there are things that I wanted to mention about the update but couldn't get them out of my head. ; w ; I will try to update you guys again about the event, today isn't just a good day for me at the moment. Anyway, I'll see you next on Saturday, October 3rd for the normal weekly update!

Let's have our trick-or-treating~! Ready up your pumpkin baskets and your treats! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Sorry, there are currently no active games to this date from the weekly and bi-weekly sets.

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